Hi!  My name is Penny I am so happy to meet you!  

The Comforts of  Home is a way for me to share with you how to live a simple, comfortable life.

You see, several years ago, my husband and I worked very stressful jobs, with long 50 hour work weeks.  My job was in the newspaper industry and was filled with several daily deadlines.  My husband's job was in the resort industry, dealing with employees and guests 24 hours a day.

We thought the life we were leading was the only way to live.  Long hours of work, a late dinner then falling into bed only to wake and start all over again.  Then one day something happened.  My husband ended up in the hospital in the middle of the night, with chest pains.  Talk about a wake up call!

After an angioplasty and 4 stents, we realized that we had to find a less stressful, healthier way to live.

We put a plan into place.  My husband went back to a career he loved, I retired from the newspaper industry and we moved from Florida to the mountains of North Carolina.  Now I spend my days remodeling the houses we buy and live in for a few years before selling them.  House Whispering is what I do :-).

Edited to say...we have now moved to the foothills of South Carolina, where we still have 4 seasons, but not quite as much snow or cold weather as the mountains of North Carolina.

 I am not saying you have to uproot your entire life to find a simpler, more comfortable way to live.  If you have a stressful life and want to make changes, you can restructure your life where you live right now!

Finding time to sit and watch the sun set, noticing the scent of freshly cut grass.  Eating a tomato fresh from your garden, still warm with the sun.  Simple things....

Life's Simple Comforts.