Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I Was Featured on Freshome!

Kim, from Savvy Southern Style emailed me the other day and mentioned she saw one of my blog photos on Freshome.

It was a photo taken in my previous home of the botanical and bird prints I had place around my flat screen TV in this post.
botanical prints 10 Daring Decorating Trends Interior Designers Love

The cool thing is that the title to the post was called, "10 Daring Decorating Trends Interior Designers Love."

To see the feature article, click on the Freshome link above.  Thanks Freshome!  

And yes, I still have these prints and they will be hung in my new home.  Maybe around the TV again...maybe not.  It will fun figuring that out.


  1. Congrats, it's a beautiful room, and I love the way you decorated it.

    I am going over to look at the link now.


  2. So very awesome, Penny...well deserved!

  3. Congratulations Penny. That's super cool.

  4. Very well deserved Penny, but surely they should ask permission to use your photo?
    Rose H

  5. How cool!! Congratulations. :)

  6. Congratulations, Penny! I loved this look.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. I loved what you did with the prints too Penny - making a big TV screen look attractive is a difficult decorating project.

    I'm back to Venice posts now - OMG it was SO beautiful - I took hundreds of pics and it's taking me ages to edit as lots are really beautiful and deserve to be shared with the armchair travelers - I enjoy bringing them these scenes and they always seem to appreciate which is really kind.

    Mary X

  8. Yay...it's so fun to be featured. Congrats....:)
    I remember when you hung these prints..love it still.
    xo bj

  9. Congratulations, Penny. It was a great look.

    Did Freshome not inform you of the feature?

  10. Oooh, exciting, Penny! It is a wonderful arrangement. I love that look myself.

  11. Congrats Penny! I love the prints surrounding the t.v.!

  12. I can not wait to see what you do at the new house..I know red will be involved...have fun with the move and don't get stressed out with all the packing...we just finally packed up the last from the old house to get it ready to list it and I was given 2 days to decide what to do with 26 years worth of "stuff".....I will never move ever ever again....now to sit and wait to see if the house sells....but atleast I'm waiting in my dream home....I hope you can do the same...

  13. Congratulations Penny, your decor ideas deserve attention. I agree with RoseH tho, I'm surprised they didn't have to ask you if they could publish your pictures.