Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dreaming Of A Soothing Bedroom

In my last house, my bedroom was shades of yellow, red and white.    Here it is, in the picture below.

After we moved into this rental we are in, we bought a king size bed and a new linen covered headboard.  The queen size comforter no longer fits our new bed.

This created the perfect opportunity to change color schemes in the master bedroom when we move into our new house.  I have been thinking about doing soothing shades of blue this time.  I really like the picture below that I found on Houzz.

I love the different shades of blues.

What color is your bedroom?  Would you change it if you could?


  1. Our bedroom walls are a shade of green. I much prefer this blue in your photo though.. It's NICE!

  2. Blue seems to be really in these days. Our bedroom walls are painted dark gold. I'm more than ready for a change!

  3. The blue looks so soothing and peaceful. Our bedroom is a warm chocolate.

  4. My bedroom is lavender (of course!). I have a lavender gingham headboard and drapes from PB Kids, the furniture is cherry and all the accents are shades of lavenders, purples and dashes of light pink and blue. On the bed I usually have an ever changing array of quilts - both fabric and crocheted. I really love the space, I think its cozy and warm, yet refreshing!

    I really do like the soft teals and aquas that are so popular in decor these days. I would definitely go that way - if I didn't love my lavender so much :D

    You have lovely style, Penny, and I'm sure what ever you choose will be perfect!


  5. My bedroom is a sad shade of blah. I seriously need a change. I love everything else about it, except the color. In my younger years, I enjoyed the process of painting. These days, my joins and bones scream out in resentment whenever I attempt much painting.

    I happen to love blue in a room but have never used it (I'm a green kind of gal, and painted my dining room a restful shade of green a year or so ago), but I'm thinking if I ever change my bedroom, it will be in the blue family.

  6. HI Penny! I love blue too in a bedroom. Right now my walls are creamy and my accents are blue. I'm sure it helps me sleep better at night! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. I remember your old bedroom and I always loved the cheerful colors in there. Having said that, I understand the need to change every now and then...Our bedroom has linen white walls but the curtains, bed linens etc are shades of blue. I still need to do some work in there but I think we are happy with the colors...for now! I love your inspiration photo by the way!

  8. Penny, I like the look of your inspiration bedroom. Our bedroom has all white linens, wood floors, and walls in a terra cotta color. I know you are enjoying the process of planning for this new home.
    Congratulations on the feature that you mention in the post below.

  9. That is a pretty inspirational pic! I've had my bedroom the same colorscheme for so long that I may change it up one day. I just know what a can of worms I will be opening up if I do though. I have to be committed to it!

  10. Loved your master in your other home Penny and I love the inspiration room too! I know whatever you decide it's going to look beautiful!!

  11. Our bedroom has blue-ish gray walls and cream carpet. I've changed the bedding from blue and white to gray and white for now. In the winter time, (starting last week), I have a few red accents to warm things up a little.
    Your inspiration photo is lovely, as is the yellow and red bedroom. Isn't it wonderful to play with colour and texture?

  12. Both ideas are pretty Penny! I can't wait to see what you do with your new house.

    My bedroom is blue right now - and if I could change it, I WOULD! I'm not really a blue person - but this blue is a grey blue, which I liked the minute I started putting it on my walls...but that was a few years ago. I love the bedspread and matching curtains that I have in there - creme background with pale yellow-gold flowers, pale blue flowers and pale green leaves. And I have other rooms that must be painted before the MBR gets another color! You know how that goes. :)

    Jan ♥

    ps...I closed All Ways Designing and this is my new blog now...please stop by, won't you?

  13. I love that bedroom! And I can't wait to see your new room. Ours has very gentle sage green walls and the fabrics are a bit deeper sage green with some raspberry/red floral accents.

  14. Hi, Penny,

    Beige carpet, soft sand walls, off-white antique furniture and closet doors and moldings, mossy green and white Jacobean floral on pale aqua ground for bed linens and coverlet. Curtains are also white.

  15. Blue is one of my favorite colors and my present bedroom is in blue, tan and cream colors. I love it! Our Colorado house master bedroom was recently painted in a dark tan hue and has tan and speckled brown carpeting. It's very nice. I think we are switching to a king size matress there, also, so I will have to decide what color(s) I want to use...perhaps aqua or teal?

  16. Your bedroom and the inspiration picture are both beautiful, Penny! Our walls in our current home are neutral and I brought the color in through the drapes, bed crown panels, bedding and some of the furniture {Duck Egg color}. In our old house I had SW Martha Stewart Milk Pail which was a gray green. I loved that color. We decided to paint next year since we have to have someone do it, I'm debating going back to that color.

  17. You are so full of inspiration and ideas Penny. For me the bedroom is all about comfort and soft colors, a soft retreat if you will.

    Have a great weekend.

  18. I love both rooms, Penny. I know you will make every room in your new home special.

    Our bedroom is a very soft yellow with white trim. The focus wall behind the bed has been painted with white stripes. Our linens are whites and creams. Those are my favorite colors, and I can't imagine ever changing my colors in that room.

  19. Blue can be either calming or depressing...I have troubles with blue. You won't, though. Yes, I'd change my bedroom if I could, but there is always the problem of what to do with the furniture while painting and the room is large and filled with too much. It's a revolting beige.

  20. Our bedroom has been red and cream for several years. I have thought about changing colors but I'm so attached to some of the fabrics that I haven't made the change. I love the blues in the photo. It's a very soothing room.
    Have fun!

  21. That blue room is gorgeous. I love the color blue, it is very relaxing.


  22. I think blues are pefect in the bedroom!!

  23. What a shame your old comforter won't fit - it's gorgeous.
    Love the blue and white room you've featured.
    Our bedroom is in blue and white, and the ceiling is painted like the sky! I wouldn't change it all it is so restful and comfortable :o)

    Rose H

  24. Well, to be painfully honest, my bedroom isn't actually decorated. (Wince). The walls remain a gray-lavender from the previous owners. (Blush), but the floor is my doing. It was an unfinished room and I had no budget to put down flooring over the plywood subfloor, so I painted it! Pale yellow with blue and green spatter and a stenciled border. I still don't know what color I'd paint the walls, but the decor is quite cottage/shabby chic. I just know I want clean/fresh/serene.

  25. I love the blues Penny and just switched to blues for wintertime in our room. I love that ceiling!

  26. Hi Penny, I just caught up with your posts I have missed. How did that happen. I am so interested in the progress you are making getting into your new home.

    I like wicker any color. The new wicker that is not really wicker is so expensive. Starting over is no small expense. I do admire the iron furniture as a second choice.

    I am not surprised your prints were seen in a magazine. It looked awesome.

    Shades of blue is a lovely thought. Our bedroom is a bronze gold color. I am still happy with it though. I do have a brand new beautiful quilt and you reminded me that I haven't shared it yet. What ever you do I know it will be beautiful.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Penny.
    Blessings, Jeanne

  27. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Penny!
    be a sweetie,
    shelia :)

  28. Love the blues too. My bedroom kind of looks like your old one. Yellow walls, black and cream toile red accents. Have a great Thanksgiving. Mimi

  29. Our room is shades of warm browns, beiges, and cream...(bamboo beach is the color from Vista paint)
    I like the blues, but felt with blue it gets that cold feeling...
    Gray would be good, use that on the wall with blue touches, then you can change out pillows, covers the seasons change. Just depends on your gray.
    Enjoy your new space....

  30. Penny, late getting here but wanted to add a comment. Our master is about the same blue as this and although I painted it several years ago I still love it. Forget the name of the color but think I had them mix it to match Farrow & Ball's Light Blue - it's a warm blue and very relaxing in a bedroom - quite different in daytime compared to night which is nice too.

    Mary X