Monday, August 27, 2012

House Hunting

A few posts back I mentioned that in my next home I wanted to create a lounge area next to my kitchen, instead of a eat-in area.  You can read about that here, if you missed it.

A few of you thought that meant I was designing a brand new home to build.  

That is not the case.  We have made the decision not to build a new home, but to buy an existing home and then customize it to make it ours.  So we are beginning our house hunt.

Do you all want to come along with me like you did for my last house?

Here are a few of the homes I have seen so far.  The pictures are from the MLS.
475 South Church Street Unit N, Hendersonville, NC.
This one is a condo, downtown above business.  Kind of urban chic.  We are trying to decide if we want to continue maintaining a yard or not.  Could you live in a condo?

218 Claymoor Court, Flat Rock, NC.

This one is a "stand alone" condo in a golf course community.  It is a single home, but there are association dues that you pay and the association maintains the lawn and outside of your home.

The first condo was lovely, but dark inside.  I need a light filled home.

The second one was really pretty with mountain views off the back deck, but the association dues were higher than we would like to pay.

On Wednesday, I am going out with my Realtor, to look at single family homes  as opposed to condos.  I will take pictures and share them with you.


  1. Yes, I could live anywhere if I had to. If money were no option, I'd go for the single condo where the yard work was done by someone else; however, perhaps hiring a landscaping firm would be far less expensive. Then one could have a single home and do the upkeep as long as one felt like it and hand it off later. This is soooo exciting! I know that you two are wonderful house hunters.

  2. Can't wait to see more! I'd love to tag along on your househunting trips. Thanks for giving us a sneek peek! I would choose the single condo. Too bad the fees are so high.

  3. Fun fun looking for a new home. So glad you are taking us along.

  4. When we become empty nesters (long way to go) I could definitely feel at home in a condo. I love them both. Glad your taking us along on the hunt!

  5. While I could make a home anywhere (and have!) I am still not ready for a condo. I still need to feel the earth under my feet when I step outside the kitchen. Good luck!

  6. Yes, I found that I can live in a condo, Penny! Although, there are pros and cons to it. There is the no maintenance for the exterior and the landscaping, but then you don't really have any yard to speak of, which I miss. Even a courtyard would be nice. Plus, because it is connected along the back to three other condos you lose windows so it cuts down on natural light. Good luck on your search! I hope you will find something that works for you.

  7. Take me along, Penny! I went with you on your last home search and I wanna come again! We lived in a condo for a year and a half before we bought our house. It was fun but I did miss having my own yard and a place for my little dog to play. I know you'll find the perfect one.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. Personally I think you're smart to steer clear of dark homes and high fees. We have a winter condo and after living in a stand alone home forever, condos can be noisy and everyone knows your business. Plus you pay a lot for maintenance and fees there too. And there's no place to grow anything like herbs unless you use pots, which I have, but it's not quite the same.

    The one on the golf course is cute. We've also lived on a golf course and you'll have golfers in your yard sometimes and their balls hit our roof from time to time. Gosh, I didn't mean to sound so negative. Sorry Penny. I guess I enjoy the privacy that a stand along home offers. I'm enjoying your house hunting.

  9. I lived in a condo off an on while we were building-moving in-selling-moving back to the condo lol
    I really enjoyed the yard and grounds being maintained. I have friends who live in Bermuda Run on the golf course and they love it. Their fees are also high, but its a quiet neighborhood and very well maintained in ever way, including security and the fact that security covers nose controlon all levels-kids,animals, or perish the thought-any disruptive adults..

    good luck and I hope you fins the perfect place.

  10. I've lived in some pretty rough places so I think I could live anywhere. But to flourish I need a bit of space to call my own, a bit of earth to putter in.

    It will be fun to tag along on your house hunt and see what you bag in the end.

  11. Hi Penny,
    Oh what fun!!! I can't wait to see what you choose.
    I think you will want some kind of yard, even a small one for your garden also something with some space around you. I love house shopping....
    Sending big hugs, Elizabeth

  12. Oh what fun......

    I with you totally when you say you need a light filled home. Big windows on every side with lots of light coming are always the first thing that goes down on a dream house list.

  13. PS. Interesting that you are also considering whether a yard is in the new plan... that's something hubby and I are wondering too. We're both finding that we'd prefer not to work in the garden these days, but to be in a condo? Not sure yet.

  14. I like the idea of the stand alone with the yard work done for you. I can't do a high rise type condo cause I need a little bit of outdoor space to putter around in!

  15. Yeah, I need a bit of outdoors myself. I could work with a large balcony or terrace.

  16. This is an exciting time for you! I look forward to joining your journey looking for the perfect (new to you) home. I think a resale will work out fine for you since you already have such a good ability to renovate and see beyond what is there.

  17. Oh Penny I can live my dream through you. I would LOVE to buy a house to renovate. Can't wait to see what's next!

  18. Good luck in your search, Penny!

    We were in the same situation of looking for a house and after seeing small ones we decided we lived in our present small city house long enough and bought a much larger house! Since we are moving close to our children and grandchildren I wanted room to have them all over for dinner and sleepovers, etc. I also wanted a backyard for the grands to play in, although not too large a property. We will be in a community with HOA fees but thankfully the fees are reasonable for what ammenities are offered. It will be a BIG change for us, but we are looking forward to it!

  19. Yes, yes I want to come along for the ride! I love looking at all kinds of homes! John and I lived in a townhouse for 2 yrs. and I couldn't wait to get back in a house! That is my opinion though. I missed my gardening so much and the outdoor living space a house provides. Good luck with your hunt! Have fun!

  20. I will definitely be waiting anxiously to tag along with you on this exciting journey! How FUN!

  21. So fun to go along with you! Thanks for taking us. Mimi

  22. I love looking at houses with, if it were me, being the olden age that I am, I would look for a 2 bedroom, 2 bath, little office space, ONE LEVEL, with either NO yard to maintain or one very VERY small. We could do yard work all day long back when we were in our 50' got harder each decade and now that I am staring 75 in the face, I want NO yard.
    I also want to downsize...our home is too big for 2 old people...

  23. This is a very exciting time for you Penny! I actually love house hunting. Best wishes to you and thanks for taking us along.

  24. Hi Penny, yes!!! I would love to see where you decide to live and the makeover process. You both are amazing with the challenges you take on for another makeover adventure.

    I'm not sure I would like condo living but the yard maintenance is a huge consideration. Our 1 & 1/3 acres is a lot of maintenance. I like it but Bill hates it so guess who does all the work except mowing.

    I'm off to your food Blog.


  25. Very exciting Penny! I look forward to coming along with you. We want to do the same thing in our kitchen area eventually. Our dining area which is open to the kitchen has a fireplace and will become our hearth room and we will expand the space on the behind it which is currently a covered porch and it will become our dining area which can expand into the hearth room as needed. I for sure don't ever want/need 2 different eating areas again. That was so wasteful for us.

  26. I wrote a long comment the other day here but notice it's not showing - Blogger brings such frustrations at times!

    Anyway dear, I think a downtown loft is only good if you want just a balcony - that's a huge difference from a yard or even a patio area. I'm with you on the garden maintenance - it's just so much work at this stage of life. We may think about selling up and moving to what are called 'patio homes' here. A friend just purchased one - really nice, one level, 2-1/2 baths, 2 car garage etc.

    I know you will find a special home - and then work your magic on it just like before!

    Good luck house hunting - wish I was there to tag along with you.
    Love, Mary

  27. Good luck on your house hunting. I look forward to seeing what you decide on for your forever home.

  28. We lived in an apt. for five years. It was very nice: spacious, light filled, the end of the building on the ground floor, so we looked out onto lawns and the park across the street, besides having three outside walls.

    But it was noisy -- can't always pick your neighbors. And all those windows gave light, it was true, but it was like living in a fish bowl.

    At the time, I was newly married and so thrilled to have a place of our own at last, I didn't even see the downsides. But after a couple of years, we'd both had enough and bought an old house which we spent the next ten years remodeling.

    I have never been happier or had more fun. I doubt if I will ever move out of this house, which is so truly ours, where we raised our daughter, and entertained our family and friends. I think you will have to carry me out in a box!

  29. Though I'd LOVE to have a city loft somewhere, I do think that I like the idea of a single family home - with a yard for the dogs. A condo is great for those who don't desire having a garden to tend to. Have fun house hunting!!! How exciting!!!!!!!


  30. I'm enjoying the house hunt. I could never live in a condo full time. I would miss puttering in the yard and my privacy. Most of the new homes being built here on the coast are right on top of one another. I could never live in one of those either!!