Sunday, June 17, 2012

Walk With Me

I have been taking long walks everyday through the neighborhoods around my house.  This isn't a typical flat neighborhood with sidewalks, but a mountainous neighborhood with steep roads to climb.

Want to walk with me?
Up the first steep hill.

Adorable statuary in someones front garden.

One of the herd of deer I passed.  Normally I see the turkeys with their growing chicks and sometimes a white squirrel, but of course today I had my camera and didn't come across any more wild life.

Down a gentler hill.

Pretty flowers along the way.

A wooded view.

Back home, looking up at my deck from the road.  You can see how my herb garden and tomato plants are growing from here!

Thanks for walking with me!

P.S, I have almost reached 1000 followers!  Wow! I really appreciate every single one of you.  When I do reach 1000, I will have a giveaway.  Keep checking back!
Welcome Home,


  1. You have such a pretty place to walk. I have been driving to a park everyday except the two days I have Leila. Good to be moving again.

  2. Loved taking the walk with you and seeing all the pretty scenery!

  3. What a great walk. When we go to Pigeon Forge and stay in a cabin up in the mountains, taking a walk is one of my favorite things to do. Lucky you!

  4. Hi Penny! Thanks for taking me along. You are living in such a pretty area! I need to get off my most tiny (not) bum and get to walking! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. That walk must be a workout! My goodness, you really were close to the deer. She doesn't look too alarmed, but I would have been freaked. Your garden grows beautifully!

  6. It looks like a lovely walk, you got a gorgeous shot of that deer! Earl and I took an stroll last night after 9p. It had been a hot day but had colled down and there was a beautiful breeze. There is something about being out on a summer night that is just magic.

  7. This is my kind of neighborhood! What pretty sights on your walk!

  8. Your neighborhood looks beautiful! I love the winding roads with all the lush trees surrounding them. I walk every night in my subdivision (with my dog). I love it as a way to unwind after dinner. Mine has a few steep hills too. Don't love those, but consider them good for exercise I guess. Thanks for taking us along with you.

  9. I wish my daily walk had more hills, as that is such a good workout. I love your views and cool pathways, Penny.

  10. I've been walking around my area too, but it isn't quite so lovely and shady as yours. Today I only managed 20 minutes -- boy was it hot! Have a great week. Tammy

  11. I really enjoyed your neighborhood walk this morning Penny. As you know I routinely walk but my favorite walks are definitely in the wooded hills. It is hard going on the up parts but then I almost feel like I'm are floating on the down parts.


  12. What a wonderful place to walk and see the wildlife. I think your neighborhood could be it's own wildlife preserve.

  13. Hi Penny, You may already have it but I'm passing on the SUNSHINE AWARD. Doing this mostly just to let you know I'm one of the almost 1000 Followers (stalkers) you had for a long, long time. Your blog was one of the first I checked out everyday and inspired me to start my own blog. Hope to be reading your blog through the next 1000 Followers.

    Details about the Sunshine award on my blog and why I chose you as one of the 5 to pass it on. Thank-you!

  14. Thanks for taking me along. It was a nice walk - and I'm not even tired.

  15. A delightful walk Penny, I've so enjoyed your company!
    I just LOVE that statue too :o)
    Rose H x

  16. What a gorgeous place to walk Penny! I would have no problems walking every day!

  17. Yes! I would love to come along with's beautiful....
    congrats on your nearing 1000!

  18. i think i'd be out walking a lot, too. you certainly have a lovely place to stroll...or, work out!


  19. Hi Penny,
    What a wonderful walk...How fun to see a deer up close like that. I bet morning walks are so refreshing in the mountains a great way to start the day. You are so close to 1,000 followers how wonderful! I am so happy for you.
    I don't know if I have thanked you for your sweet note about the passing of my sister or not..but I do want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  20. What an absolutely wonderful walk...I miss being out walking so much, but in 6 weeks I' am hoping to be out there loving the view. Thanks for sharing yours, Penny

  21. Wonderful and scenic stroll Penny. That deer is beautiful!

  22. Such beautiful country there. You are blessed, Penny. :)
    I love your photos of the most interesting subjects.

  23. I love it all! Especially the runners....or anything with her ruffles!!!!! Love them! The red ticking reversible table runner seems to be my favourite!!!