Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Previous House Whisperer Room Makeover

I know I recently told you that Mr. Comforts of Home and I are House Whisperers.  We buy homes, Whisper to them, listen to what they have to say and fix them up.  Then we live in them for a few more years tweaking them until they perfect.

Each home has it's own story to tell.  You wouldn't invest $100,000 on a 3 bed 2 bath ranch in Hendersonville NC.  I mean you could, but you shouldn't.

Here is our home we lived in 2005 - 2009.  Some of you have been followers for years, but if you weren't you might have missed some of the remodeling posts on this house.

Please excuse the quality of the photos.  This was several years ago with a really cheap point and shoot with no editing and I don't have the originals anymore....

These are before and after master bathroom shots.
Before Tub Area
Notice the fiber glass HUGE tub and the wall at the foot of it that is blocking the shower area.

After Tub Area
We removed the HUGE tub and replaced it with a smaller, deeper soaking whirlpool tub.  The white blinds were removed and replaced with mahogany blinds on a remote control, so you didn't have to stand in the tub to open and close them, like you did before.

Before Shower Area

See the wall between the shower and tub?  And see that the shower is fiberglass?

Here is the after, with the solid wall removed and frameless glass and tile shower in it's place.  It really opened up the room and made it feel much larger than it was.

Here is the sink area before.
Basic stock cabinet and frameless mirror.

And here is the sink area after.

We replaced the sink cabinet with a piece that looks more like furniture and added the matching mirror.

It really didn't cost a lot to redo this bathroom.  We did all of the work - demolition, plumbing, electrical, tiling ourselves.  We did have the pros put in the glass shower surround.

Hope you liked seeing some House Whispering from the past....
Welcome Home,


  1. I remember! And I remember thinking why would they ever want to leave it just when they've got it looking so fine?! That's before I knew better.

  2. I am visiting your blog after your sweet comment on mine, I am about to look into your other posts. I noticed you write a LOT of blogs. How do you keep up on them all?!

  3. What a beautiful bathroom. You truly are house whisperers. The shower is beautiful.

  4. Beautiful! What fun to look back on old projects!

  5. I've followed you for awhile now and didn't know you were "house whisperer's" until this move. I thought you were "crazy" when you moved from the last one. But, I also wondered why you bought such a large home last time with only the 2 of you. You are a secret keeper too aren't you! Now we know!

  6. Loved this post Penny and would love to see more of them!

  7. i love what you did to that bathroom. It's so pretty and I'm sure it made a huge difference when it came time to sell the house!

  8. Amazing what you did with the bathroom!

  9. It`s so bright and open - a wonderful renovation. You are great house whisperers.

  10. I love it - especially the shower! You are rightly named, you two!

  11. What a tremendous improvement! The bathroom was lovely when you finished it!!!

  12. What a difference your hard work made in this bathroom. I'm sure that the new owners are really enjoying it.

  13. A very creative remodel of the bathroom. Makes me want to go re-do mine.


  14. Penny, you are absolutely right you and Mr. Comforts of Home are definitely house whisperers!! I saw the last home you had and it was amazing!!

  15. You do such beautiful work. You and your husband are truly house whisperers.


  16. WOW -- what a difference! I'd say that not only are you whispers, but you should have your own HGTV program :)


  17. Hi Penny, I sure have missed my visits to you. I'm home and happy to have more time on my computer again. Yes my visits to Dana and Shelia were so nice. A bonus in the blogging world.

    You bathroom makeover is wonderful. Do you miss that bathroom now? I hope you are happy and settled where you are living now. I bet you have a lot more time for fun huh?

    Wishing a great weekend to you and your hubs.
    Love, Jeanne

  18. Hi Penny! Oh, I love seeing all of the work before you've done. It's even better the second time! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  19. The shower is an amazing difference in light and the sink makeover is beautiful. We have some bathroom renovaton to do soon and I am hoping to replace our current counter with something more fun and quirky.

  20. In the past we have generally done all our home projects ourselves too... Saves a ton of money and allows a person to do so much more. This entire bathroom is gorgeous, Penny!

  21. It turned out beautiful Penny!

  22. I love this make over, Penny, especially the change the exceptional sink and mirror combination made! It is always wonderful when one can save money by doing all the work oneself. You also know the job will be doen right and the way you want it. You and Mr. COH have true house whisperer vision!