Friday, June 8, 2012

Marble and a Redo

I have been busy in the "shop/studio/basement".  Several years ago, when we lived in our old farmhouse in Tennessee (see here), we bought an old table with a marble top.  I think it might have been a cigar humidor at one time, but I am not sure.  We placed it in a corner of our powder room.

Fast forward several years, this same table was the inspiration for the vanities we installed in our previous home.  Here is that table in our home we just sold.

Now, looking towards the future, I don't think I will have a bath large enough to accommodate this sweet piece.  I think we will be scaling down in our next home and some pieces will just have to go.

So, I decided to redo this piece and put it in my booth to sell.  I loved the OLD marble top, and when we put it in our last bathroom, I bought a marble knob for it.

Here is the redo.

I painted it French Linen and dry brushed a little Old White on top, then coated it with clear wax.

I think it looks refreshed.  A little French...a little Swedish.

It will be in my booth at Needful Things Antique Mall on Sunday.

On another note....

Have you ever created something and just knew it was not right?  You might have shown - oh, let's say the whole world of BLOGDOM, and then knew in your heart it just needed to be FIXED?

Please say  Good!  I knew I was not the only one!

So a few days ago, I showed you a pair of chairs that I had painted and recovered.  I had replaced the 1 inch foam for 2 inch foam.  

Here is the chair I showed you.

Well, I hated the 2 inch foam.  I didn't like the wrinkles in front because of the thicker foam either.

So, I pulled a ton of staples back out, removed the foam,  then cut the foam in half with an electric knife.  Then I reupholstered the chairs.

But still, something was missing.  

 So, I added two more stripes to the fabric to make it look more like vintage grain sack.

Ahhhh!  Much better, don't you think?

Welcome Home,


  1. The little cabinet you redid looks really good now. I liked the chairs before but now they do look better.

  2. Penny,

    No....I have never done a project and redone it. Never ever. Except for the last 500 projects I've done :)

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!


  3. Love the new stripes. I don't do projects well at I just don't even attempt it.

  4. Love the table and yes, the chair looks better.

  5. Okay so I've been gone waaaaaaaaay too long.....Why are you moving...and to where...Your giving up that fabulous bathroom you designed....and by the love love those red cowgirl boots....very "you"

  6. Love how your little table turned out wearing the pretty shade of grey. I'm sure it won't last long in your booth! Yes, I've shown things on my blog that later I think.....what was I thinking? Sometimes it helps seeing it in pictures too. Ha! I like the chair cushion less thick too.

  7. That little table came out great, Penny! I'm sure it will find a new home. Yes, I have had projects like that ~ recently, in fact.

  8. I'm crazy about your marble top table. I seem to remember it in your bathroom in your Asheville house. Some lucky person will purchase it. And yes, the chair does look much better.

    There's just some thing charming about marble that I love. We have an old sewing machine base painted black with a marble top that we have in our kitchen at the end of one of the counters. It's made all the difference in the world in how the kitchen looks.

    Hope you have a great weekend Penny.

  9. Re-done a project? Oh yes, and cringed at the before photos out there on my blog. I think we've all done that. Shows that creating is a process!

    Sweet new piece - love the colour.

  10. Much better!
    I loved revisiting your Tennessee farm house, and quite agree with you about the kitchen - it was lovely.

  11. That's a sweet, little stand. The redo is great! I love the 'new' look of the chairs - it's just right!

  12. Hi Penny! What a cute little table and I know it will go to a good home. Love it's redo too. You are just so good - love what you've done to the seat cushion on your chairs. The added stripes look great.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. Love the tables new look Penny and I love how you added more stripes to the chairs fabric! It really does look like vintage grain sack.

  14. Oh, yes, the color makes it a lovely Swedish piece now. It is beautiful.
    I loved your chairs before but especially love them now. I think the added stripes were just what was needed.

  15. What is it about wood that we just can't help but paint? lol. Truly, a little paint freshens and brightens almost anything!

  16. The marble top table looks so pretty in its lighter color, Penny. The marble handle is a nice touch.

    I liked the chairs before but the new alterations make them perfect.

  17. Aha, yes the chairs are perfect now. We all have to tweak a bit at times.

    And, the table looks great, too. We have a similar small table, and our is a humidor. It is lined in copper. The best part is that it belonged to one of my grandfathers.

  18. Yes the chairs are improved and I really like the new look to the cabinet.

  19. Yes, it is improved, but is it just as comfortable?

    Sweet little marble-topped piece. I enjoyed looking at the farmhouse again and found myself wondering if that kitchen is still your favorite...

  20. I love the redo of the little cabinet! It almost looks like two pieces stacked.

  21. Hi Penny,
    Yes I have posted about something I
    made and then I didn't like it and remade it LOL. You are not alone. I love the three stripes on the fabric, very pretty!
    Your new red boots are amazing and if one day you go to put them on and they are missing, well I just might have them...LOL I have always wanted a pair of red boots.
    Have a sweet day and big hugs, Elizabeth

  22. Big improvement Penny~ been in the same boat...gotta fix it...or go insane. Love the little French Linen table.

  23. I can't get over what a difference that French Linen makes to this piece. I LOVE it! Kudos to you.
    And you were right about the foam cushions. They turned out fantastic with the one inch and the additional stripes.
    Have a good week.

  24. You are like me!
    I would have been doing the same thing.
    I love that little gray stand now. I feel like I know or have known what that little stand was originally used for... why am I thinking telephone... telephone sits on top and phone directory directly below on shelf?

    Maybe I am crazy!

    Your triple striped cushion now looks terrific, Penny!

    How is your antique booth doing? We had a slow month in May... not so much traffic there~


  25. The chairs look better and I love the table.Great job.

  26. I thought I liked the chairs before but now I see the improvement, you have such a good eye for things. Love the painted table.


  27. penny-everything you touch turns to a beautiful something! love the re-do & love the foam cut in half lol! looks much are right! xoxox chris