Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Chair Redoux

I finally bought paint brushes, staples for the staple gun and found my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and wax and the chair makeovers are done!

Below is a picture of the before.

I added a thicker cushion.  The original was only one inch.  The fabric is drop cloth, that I painted a blue line on to mimic vintage grain sacks.

I painted them with Old White, heavily sanded them and used clear wax.

I am working on the foot stool now.  It will be different than the chairs, they are not a set.   I am also working on a table.

Still haven't found my wax brushes :-(.
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Welcome Home,


  1. They look great. I don't use brushes for wax. Just rags.

  2. Very nice Penny. I can't wait to see your next projects.

  3. You did a great job, love the strip idea...very creative.

    I guess I should get a brush, so far I have just used rags for the wax.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  4. It's so hard to move and have everything all boxed and not know quite where it is. Hope that you find those wax brushed before you have to purchase any new ones!

    (Phew! I'm so glad to be able to comment here today. I noted that both you and Pat at Mille Fiore Favoriti enjoyed the cider. ☺)

  5. They look so much better in white with the dropcloth seats! Love the blue stripe, you could have fooled me that they weren't the real "grain sack" deal.

  6. Love them Penny. Will see you in July. We are off!

    Hugs, xo, Penny

  7. Glad that you were finally able to find everything. I hate to lose things! Your chairs turned out cute. Can't wait to see the stool next.

  8. Simple elegance. The stripe is perfect.

  9. Love those chairs! I just bought some old white too. Need to find some time to paint now. Mimi

  10. The blue stripe 'makes them'!!!!! Great job Penny - I love that chalk paint and will be wielding paint brushes when I get back........several items awaiting new coats!!!!

    Off soon - thanks for the good wishes e-mail.
    Love you, Mary X

  11. They look great, Penny! I am still looking for things I know I packed when we moved!

  12. What a difference in the before and after looks. The blue stripe is just perfect.


  13. Love them, Penny! You make everything look so good.


  14. They look great, Penny. Are they going to your shop?

  15. Those chairs turned out wonderful Penny! Awesome job!!

  16. The chairs look beautifully updated and shabby chic, Penny! I love grain sack the cushions!

  17. Very similar oak and design of some chairs I shabbyed only yours look so much better!!!
    Thanks for the paint and wax info, I will try that!

  18. great job on those chairs Penney.

    I never have shown mine- I keep forgetting..

    they started out a lot like yours.

  19. They came out wonderful Penny. Wish I could take lessons from you. I just love that chippy white.


  20. They turned out great! I love the lines of them and the fabric idea is brilliant!

  21. They look fantastic, Penny. I've not used the AS paint as yet. Maybe a little later. Right now, I am busy with yard work. :)
    O, and love you red boots...hope you have a cute either real short or real long skirt to wear with them. :)_)