Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Oh Deer! And A Portable Potager.

Yes, Oh DEER!

I mentioned a few reasons why I couldn't plant a garden in my temporary rental home in my last post.  Here is another reason.
I took this picture last evening from my back door.  Every morning and every evening a herd of deer come through.  They are really pretty, but they also eat everything in sight.

Here is another shot from inside the house looking out my guest room window, where I now have my computer.  See him/her - there in the middle of the trees?

As you know from a previous post, my FRONT deck is high off the ground, and I don't have to worry about deer getting on the front deck, so that is where I have created my portable potager.

This self watering gardening planter comes from Gardeners Supply.  I am not getting compensated for mentioning them on my blog.  I found this planter in their catalog before we moved and thought this would be a perfect solution.

I ordered casters with the planter, so I can move it around the deck, making sure it stays in the sun.  I can also wheel it inside if there is a threat of frost.

It comes with this grate that has channels in it that wicks up water into the soil, from the reservoir you fill.

I added some potting mix and my herbs and lettuce, and voila!

A portable potager.  I love this because it does have the reservoir so you don't have to water everyday, like you do most container gardens.  You simply pull down the little plastic spout in the front and fill the base with water from a hose.


You can get these with tomato planting kits too, including cages, but I decided just to go to the farmers market this summer for my tomatoes.
Welcome Home,


  1. Wow, they really do blend in , don't they?! Little buggers. I don't mean to alarm you, but I have found deer on my deck, which means they had to climb a couple of stairs. Hopefully, they won't want to climb all of yours. Love that solution you discovered and now will follow your link. Thanks for the tip!

  2. I love Gardener's Supply! It is one catalog (of the hundreds I get) that I actually read from cover to cover. I'm glad you haven't had to totally give up your garden and that is a perfect solution.


  3. We have deer, too and one of the reasons I am afraid to sink money into a garden for them to devour. I don't even plant pansies out front in the fall anymore because the come along and eat them and sling them all over my yard.

  4. Deer are such a scourge up here - there are no predators left, so they are now at unmanageable numbers. In our last house they came right up on the high deck and ate what they liked - I was stunned! I hope there's no way for them to get onto your deck!

  5. I love deer, but they sure can cause damage to trees, shrubs, etc. I have never heard of a portager, portable or otherwise. Very interesting! Guess you learn something new everyday!

  6. We live in town, so deer don't show up too often. But, my FIL has deer all the time. His yard is 3 levels and he has a creek at the bottom. They have been known to climb up to the top and eat the ivy off the tree right outside the sliding glass doors. Love that you have such a good view of them!

  7. Hi Penny,
    Its hunt'n time as my Dad would say! LOL
    Deer sure are cute but in numbers they sure can destroy.
    I like your idea of a container garden, you can always wheel the planter in at night.
    I will keep my fingers crossed for you.
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  8. Very cool potagers Penny. I have never seen these before. We have deer too but the grden is tucked into a spot that is a bit hidden. So far we have been lucky!

  9. Well we have every wild animal imaginable here EXCEPT deer thankfully! I know they are cute (after all we were all raised with Bambi!) but a true menace when it comes to growing anything. I hope so much your deer are afraid of heights Penny!!!

    Love the portable pottage garden - you should have everything ready for cooking soon.

    I'm planting basil today - also getting ready to start my morning glories and moonflowers along the front porch........love how they make a 'curtain' and smell so wonderful on a Summer evening.

    Hugs - Mary

  10. We don't have a garden for the exact same reason. Deer everywhere that eat everything in their path. Hubby has two tomato plants up on our deck just like last year and that's all he really cares about is that he has some fresh tomatoes. I'm not a planter but love seeing what you are doing in order to have a small garden. ":-))

  11. This is a great idea, Penny! The deer are beautiful but such a nuisance. We have them at the lake as we are near the woods but they have never ventured into my yard. Now, if I just had some protection form the bunnies!


  12. What a great planter. I just can't believe how much your pictures look like our Mt. House, deer and all. We discovered the deer don't seem to eat Iris, guess what is growing along the edge of our long driveway now.


  13. A gardener will always find a way. Your deck is high, but in our former home, I woke up one night to hear the clattering of hoofs on our deck and the deer ate all my tomatoes - they climbed 6 steps!

  14. That is a neat planter Penny! Love seeing all the deer! We have them here from time to time. MOstly raccoons though.

  15. Glad to hear it's worked out so well. It looks great. Here's hoping you don't have to share any of the harvest with deer. -David Grist, Gardener's Supply

  16. Hi Penny, remember when we planted veggies on our cabin deck? It worked like a charm. We too have deer and all kinds of animals so the deck was the answer. We are getting ready to plant now. Your veggies look yummy.

    We are looking forward to Sat.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  17. What a great idea. I have the perfect place for this and I think it would work well with lettuce! Thanks for the inspiration.


  18. Despite all the down comments Penny, I'd be delighted to share a space with the deer, and take delight in watching them even if it came at the cost of a beautiful garden. Love the potagers :o)
    Rose H

  19. Penny, what a wonderful idea!!

  20. Excellent idea! What are you going to do with all this free time? We did do a topsy turvy tomato planter last year and it worked really well. (But on hot days needed to be watered twice) Enjoy your year of leisure;-)

  21. This is such a smart way to "have your cake and eat it, too"....love this.

    I still am in shock that you sold that beautiful house you've worked so hard on. I just knew that was your forever home. I sure would like to sell mine and move into a mobile home that had fewer rooms to clean and less space to store....junk.:))

  22. Deer! :) Well your plants in pots are gorgeous. Do you miss your home you've just sold? I guess I'm just too sentimental about stuff! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  23. I've ordered from that company before. I forgot about them! They have everything, don't they? What a great idea to have a portable potager like that. I bet you're going to enjoy it being so close to your door too. That backyard looks steep! I don't think the deer would leave anything left of your garden if it was in the back yard.

  24. those darn deer! a problem everywhere penny. always love all your clever ideas penny. I have to tell you though...I am still in shock about you selling that wonderful home-lol! xo chris

  25. Wow..those are exactly what I need since PH doesn't want me to plant a full size garden OR even a little one. Says we have enough to water..and I suppose he is right!! (How'd I miss this post???)