Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Next Chapter

In my last post I told you that we are House Whisperers and have bought and sold many homes over the years.  Now we are taking a little break.

Kelly asked if being House Whisperers was what we did for a living, or if it was just a hobby.  Well, both actually.  Mr. Comforts is an engineer and works full time.  I work on the houses full time, and he works on them during the weekend.

We are giving ourselves a year to decide if we have one more house in us to buy and sell or if we are ready to settle into our forever home.  I will let you in on how we will make our decision as we go along.

We have decided to rent a home for a year.  No pressures, no fixing up, no knocking down walls, no painting, no potagers or pergolas to build.  Not even any repairs!
The deck above is on the front of the house.  The picture below shows the view from the deck.
The home we are renting is in a mountain community about 15 minutes from our last home.

These pictures are of the outside.  The house we just sold was 3600 sq. ft. and this one is about 2000 sq ft.  Luckily for us, it has a huge storage basement.  I will show you inside pictures in a few days, but today I thought I would show you the outside.

It is a 3 bedroom 1974 ranch home that has been totally remodeled, including the new front deck.  We are the first to live in it since the remodel.  Above you can see how steep the driveway is.  That has taken a little getting used to!

Above is a picture of the road we live on.  It ends right there, with only one more house next to ours.

This is the view in the other direction.  In another few weeks when the leaves are full, you won't be able to see the neighbors.  They are a couple of acres away.
Welcome Home,


  1. The pictures are so gorgeous! You must have a great view from each window of your home!

  2. Love Love Love!!! What a beautiful place!

  3. Just relax and enjoy the view. I think your permanent home should be closer to me!

  4. Redoing a home can be exhausting - we finished ours (which is now for sale) and my husband is not ready to tackle another one, especially while working more than full time.
    You've settled into a beautiful area - enjoy, relax, and DON'T PICK UP a hammer or paintbrush.

  5. Penny, I haven't been posting regularly and I didn't know you sold you last home! All the work you did! I'm sure though that this home will suit your needs also and that you will make it fabulous! Good luck on your decision. John and I are moving this weekend and next to an apartment while we wait for our new house to be done in October! Fun, fun!!

  6. It looks like a lovely location. (Here it would be a definite liability as no one wants hills like that or driveways going straight up in winter. But oh the views!) It must be hard not to fall in love with a home after you've brought it "into itself." How wise of you to rent for a year before you make your decision. I'm thinking that the lake may be getting closer. ☺

  7. Hi Penny,
    It looks so peaceful! I bet its just beautiful for taking walks. Wow a year off of no construction. I think your are going to be designing a lot of mosaic's with all your free time.
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  8. Enjoy your sabbatical from home repairs and projects Penny! This looks like a great home to take some time off in and I know you won't be able to stop yourself from decorating it for your own enjoyment. In Michigan I would look at that driveway and think about how hard it would be to get up and down in icy weather. I don't suppose you have to worry about that so much down south, but it's a steep one!

  9. Penny
    Your rental is in a lovely location and how nice you are moving in right after the re-do.
    It will be a great place to relax and enjoy life until you and your hubby makes more definite decisions
    for your future.
    Blessing to you!

  10. Oh my gosh what a gorgeous view you have,, I would seriously live on that deck all the time. I look forward to seeing the inside.. Just found your blog today.

  11. Hi, Penny

    I just love your rental home. What a great view. I love homes with a view, its very peaceful. You must be in NC in the mountain area, right? Its lovely there.


  12. Beautiful setting Penny! I agree, relax now, and take it all in. What is meant to be will happen. I think it is a great venture and journey you have taken on so far.

  13. Well I can tell you this, you are so lucky to have the flexibility to move from home to home and decide which one you want as your forever home. I love how private your home is and all the trees! I'm such a tree lover. I love how a house looks peeking out from the trees. Can't wait to see the inside.

  14. We have a move coming up as well... as soon as Hubby retires in November and then we need to sell our current home. Probably will be moving to another state, and hopefully a house that is a bit smaller... I really want to downsize and not have so many sq. feet to maintain. I'll bet that in time this smaller home grows on you!

  15. OMG Penny! I miss a few days and you up and move!!?? Wow!! I remember your last move. I had just started following along with a tad bit before that. It was fun to see which houses you were looking at and how you fixed up the last one which was beautiful. A true dream home. I can not wait to see you and your hubby create magic in your new home though I know you said you are just renting and it needs nothing but I still can't wait to see how you make it your home. Congrats!!

  16. Oh and I agree with Kim your permanent home should be near her too so that way I can visit you both when I am in town!;)

  17. Hi Penny
    It's hard to keep up with you, moving again! When you said you were moving I got excited thinking maybe you were going to move near your son and you might be moving near to me. I don't blame you wanting to stay in the mountains. It's so beautiful up there.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  18. Oh Penny, what a lovely view. I could stand a year of NO maintenance. Smile. The weeds are winning around our garden. Enjoy the good life this coming year and do more for the fun of it. Looking forward to seeing you soon.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  19. Hi Penny!
    This house looks lovely.
    I only moved three times in my life.
    This house would make me move a fourth time.

  20. I did not know you moved Penny!
    The views from this home are just lovely. I would love that! Enjoy and relax and take in all that fresh mountain air.
    Keep us posted on your next move, or not!

  21. I think you've earned a summer of lazing on that deck, reading, sipping, dreaming and dozing. The only hammer you should pick up is the one you use with your mosaics.

  22. The views are just stunning, Penny! It would be lovely to have no one living nearby! You must be awfully busy but I hope to see pictures of the inside soon!


  23. Gorgeous!! It's lovely. Are you enjoying a smaller house, or missing the space? I love your deck.

  24. I'm already loving your temporary home and can't wait to see you next week and let my house "whisper" to you.

    Hugs, Gretchen

  25. Hi Penny! Oh, I've been reading your posts and catching up! You've moved?! You moved from that gorgeous house? You little stinker. :)
    Well, I wish you the best and you probably do need a break because I know you've been working so hard on the house you've just sold. I know the folks who bought it are totally in love with it! Rest up, decorate fast and show us! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  26. It looks like a lovely place to take a year off. :) Whatever you decide to do next, I'm sure it will be lovely. I have really enjoyed seeing both of your last two homes. Good luck with settling in.

  27. Enjoy your time off from remodeling. You two are probably not going to know what to do with yourselves on weekends without house projects to have to tackle. I love all of the trees around your rental and can only imagine how pretty it will be in fall.

  28. What a lovely house Penny. We could use a break from fixing up ourselves. I keep thinking this one will be our last and it never is...

    Enjoy your break and put up your feet and relax.

  29. Wow, what a gorgeous spot. You are my idol -- I'd love to do homes and move on. What a great way to get a constant decorating fix :)

  30. What a beautiful place! What fun to be able to decorate it. I loved your previous home and can't wait to see what you do! Best wishes to you!

  31. Of course I knew it was coming but I'm still picturing you in that lovely house you've left! Having seen it BEFORE you worked your magic on the interior and the garden, then at completion after so much hard work, it's sad to think someone else now has the front door key! Hopefully they will love it too, take care of it, and appreciate the love you and Mr. Comforts put into it.

    Love this rental in our beautiful NC mountains and hope to sit a while on that deck with you - we'll listen to bird songs not hammers, ha! ha!

    Looking forward to seeing what you've done inside - hope you have a studio space and will be getting messy with mosaics again soon!

    Love and hugs - Mary

  32. The views and the steep driveway remind me of our Mt. House setting. It really looks like a wonderful spot. You'll have lots more time for your booth now too.


  33. Penny, what a lovely home! I have enjoyed reading your "House Whisperer" posts! Isn't it wonderful to have a year to just relax and enjoy?

  34. Looks great Penny~you and your hubs are adventurous some, and I love doing that~selling, buying fixing selling buying...someday I will want a forever home too.

  35. With a view like that, I think I'd stay! You deserve a year off!

  36. Well Penny, here is one more thing we have in common. My husband is also an engineer! I look forward to watching your process this coming year.