Friday, April 27, 2012

Lunch, Rain, Frame

I can't believe it is Friday already!  Where did the week go?

Well, I got a hair cut on Tuesday, had lunch with a new blog friend, Jeanne from Perfect Imperfections on Wednesday...

Ran errands in the rain yesterday, including stopping in at my booth at Needful Things to do inventory and fluff it up a bit.

Speaking of rain, it has been raining most of the week here, except for a few hours when Jeanne and I met for lunch.  The rain has caused most of the blossoms etc to fall off the trees onto our deck.

And with the rain, comes the fog... (see the deer in the picture below off of our back deck?)

This is the weather forecast for the next few days.  

My frame arrived for my new painting I spoke about in the last post.  Tomorrow is suppose to be sunny, so maybe I can get a good picture of it!

What did you do this week?
Welcome Home,


  1. Fluffing the house. My FIL is coming up today, tomorrow our oldest daughter graduates from college. My sister and her daughter may stop by. My niece lives in Hendersonville, NC and is up for a visit. Busy week!

  2. Yes, another week has flown by. No rain here and we really need some. Mid to upper eighties here this weekend after being so cold last weekend. I'll take it.

  3. I'm anxious to see the new frame and picture all put together. Your day and your weather sounds very much like mine yesterday. :-)

    How is your shop/booth going by the way?

  4. I love this photo of you and your friend.
    I think you are so blessed to have rain...we are praying hard for it out here in West Texas.
    xo bj

  5. Your weather forecast looks like ours - I guess both coasts are in for some soggy weather. It's so much fun to meet a new blog friends, isn't it?

  6. I can't tell you how much my husband would LOVE to live on your property! He loves the mountains and private wooded lots like yours. The deer would just be the icing on the cake! I love fog. Isn't that wierd to admit? ha! I bet it's very quiet up there during a foggy morning.

  7. I've been working on a painting as usual. I had to stop to work on a project for a towel company.
    I love the view from your deck. It's so peaceful!

  8. It is always so nice to meet new blog friends! Glad you are enjoying your new "home"!

  9. I would love being able to go out on my back porch and view animals up close and personal. You are one lucky lady, Penny! Sure wish we'd get some rain down's just plain ol' hot and HUMID!

  10. THAT is the view from your deck?? Penny, it's just lovely! Wow! the way..I have to say that I love your hair! It is gorgeous! was that about..a booth?
    I'm getting the itch for something from Penny again!! :)

  11. Glad you got to meet another blogger. I'm going to check out her blog. We had your rain all day yesterday and it was black outside. Love the deer. LOL I know they are probably driving you crazy by now.


  12. Always fun to meet a new blogging buddy! Those deer really are very nicely camouflaged. (For just a brief moment, I thought I saw a rifle leaning to the right. ;> )

    Me? I've been cleaning and culling and hauling and traipsing and I'm now enjoying a moment or two in Blogdom.

  13. They've forecasted pretty crappy weather for us, too, Penny, but the sun is out today. So I don't know what they are talking about. Can't wait to see your framed artwork!

  14. Doesn't a great haircut make you feel so good penny? looks great on you! I'm sure your lunch was wonderful...wish we could have lunch too-:) :) xo chris

  15. Hi Penny...popped over to say hi and see what you have been up to. Can't believe I missed your move! I'm going to stay for a bit and catch up. Sounds like all is well with you and you are keeping busy. The older we get, the faster time flies. Not that we're old or anything...have a beautiful weekend!

  16. I love seeing the deer on your property! They are so sweet {when they aren't making your garden a buffet!}. You had a busy week and I had a slow one and I'm happy it's Friday. The week got colder and colder and even though it's only in the 40's, I don't like it much. Plus, I came down with a head cold and all I want to do is get under the blankets in my bed and not come out for a few days!

    Happy Weekend, Penny! I hope your rain goes away!


  17. Deer might be pesky, but they do look pretty in the misty forest just off your deck. Your haircut looks great, and how fun to meet up with a blogging friend.

    I've been working in the library all week - subbing for the regular librarian. This weekend I need to get caught up on house stuff and hopefully spend some time in the garden.

  18. I've spent the week packing, which as you know isn't very much fun. :) I can't wait to see the frame for the painting. Stop by if you get a chance for a tour of my neighborhood before I leave - some really pretty homes.

  19. What a great view you have from your deck!
    It's been chilly here this week. I'm waiting for warmer temps so I can get out in the gardens and work.
    Isn't it wonderful to meet blogging friends?
    Enjoy your weekend.

  20. Good for you with meeting up for lunch with a blogging buddy. That's just lovely.

    Secondly - wow, your woods at the back of your property looks amazing!

    Greetings from New Zealand!


  21. Hi Penny! I'm back home now and just catching up on my favorite blogs. I'm so happy I got to meet you face to face! Thanks for the info on the shops down the road from Tobacco Barn. Tommy and I loved finding some new shops we didn't know about! Be blessed!

    Jeanne :)