Friday, March 30, 2012

What's Growing

Took a stroll around the yard today.  Here is what's growing in my area.


Candy Tuft



Garlic in the Potager

Thyme, French Tarragon, Oregano and Chives.

Has anything started blooming in your yard and garden?
Welcome Home,


  1. I would be so excited to see so much growth in our yard. We have some stuff blooming. But now our temps have taken another nose dive, so not sure what will happen out there.

  2. Pretty much the same as you except no iris so far. I can't believe how the trees have already leafed out!

  3. We have Iris in bloom and several kinds of greens in the kitchen garden. Much needed rain has arrived tho so it is really soggy.


  4. Everything is up and growing but the only blooms are the tulips and daffodils. My weeping cherry tree is done blooming and never seems last for long.

  5. My iris have bloomed too. Thats always a god sign that spring is here for sure.

    Is that Candy tuft hard to grow?? does it come back every year?

    all your blooms look sooooooo pretty

  6. Lovely garden, Penny.

    We stared an herb garden a little over a year ago, also. It is such a delight to go out and pick fresh herbs.


  7. I still have camellias and azaleas blooming and the Bridal Wreath Spirea is starting to bloom. My lilac needs another week or so. Love Spring!!!

  8. No.

    Wow! The herb bed looks amazing. Are you doing a lot of cooking with fresh herbs these days?

  9. My garden is waaaaay behind yours, but I posted a little bit of what's happening in it today.

    Your herb bed is gorgeous. I can almost smell it from here.

  10. I love your garden blooming! I didn't know we could grow lilacs here in the South. I'm going to have to look for one.


  11. Hi Penny! OH, thank you from the bottom of my heart! You are truly the smartest one about what to do on our blogs! I did just what you said and now I'm back in my comfort zone! Thank you again.
    Now, whew, your garden is looking lovely!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. Wow -- you are way ahead of us here, Penny. Everything is flourishing! I can't plant annual flowers untill mid May, but my herbs are startting to come up.

  13. You have some awesome gardens Penny! Oh my what do you do with it all? Love it!

  14. Your flowers are all so pretty! You're so lucky to have an herb and vegetable garden.

  15. Wow! Everything is so far along! Beautiful garden Penny. Earl and I were just talking about some improvements we want to make this spring on our garden. I do believe the planning is as much (or more) fun than the work that goes into it:>)

  16. What's growing around here?
    We are well into our third week of rain.

    Last week, parts of the area had over 2.5 inches in a single day. The back yard is a swamp! I keep waiting for the frogs to arrive.

  17. Spring!!! Yippee!!! I love your garden. So many beautiful colors. Life is good, isn't it!

  18. Very nice garden. But it reminds me, I forgot to plant the garlic, yikes! I'm wondering if it's too late... Can't wait to see more of your garden, so get out there and take more pictures! please... haha...

  19. Oh, Penny! Your green and blooms make me swoon! I can't wait to plant garlic this fall. Your looks fabulous!