Monday, February 6, 2012

Making My Own Sunshine Today

You are my sunshine, 
My only sunshine,
You make me happy,
When skies are grey....

Having to make my own sunshine today...we have grey skies here.

I am also painting this beauty...

Come back in a few days and I will show you how it turned out.

Do you have sunshine today?  
How do you spell "Grey"?  or "Gray"?
Welcome Home,


  1. I spell it Grey - but however we spell it, a dull day is a dull day!
    I'm curious about your newest painting project.....

  2. Well proper nouns such as names (Earl Grey tea) are never changed to Gray, but both spellings are correct. Most people seem to use grey. I sometimes find myself using gray when writing about the color descriptions of French/Swedish style furnishings for some reason.

    It's a bit grey here this morning, but I see the sun trying hard to shine. Much better than over the dreary, drizzly, dark weekend. Tomorrow will be sunny when I drive to Durham for a little coffee and catching up with Vanessa who is back from Brazil. We may even go window shopping at Anthropologie - note 'window' here!

    Love and hugs - hope the sun comes out for you soon dear Penny. Looking forward to seeing your painting project.

  3. I spell it gray and it is gray here, too after a gorgeous weekend.

  4. I love that song!!! Hope you find a bright spot in your gray day, Penny!


  5. Are you teasing us again? Don't worry... I'll be back to see the results! :-)

  6. It is grey here too. We had the best weather this weekend! It's all gone now. Boo hoo. Ya know, I don't know if there is a right or wrong way to spell grey. I should look it up. Maybe they have different meanings.

  7. Because I am not British nor Canadian, I spell it "gray." Are you painting that piece gray?

  8. Penny,

    It is very sunny here today! The sunshine is deceiving though as it is very cold.

    Thank you for sharing your sunshine!

  9. I spell it grey, but there's none of that around here today - just bright sunshine outside. I like the idea of making your own, though.

    Looking forward to seeing your project.

  10. No sunshine here today...BLECH! It was so pretty over the weekend...where, oh, where did the sun go? Can't wait to see your finished project!

  11. We have sunshine and mild temps here today. Penny I can't wait to see how you transform that beauty!

  12. Penny, gray skies here today too, though we did go on our daily 3 mile walk. Started to sprinkle just as we arrived home. So now I'm catching up on visiting Comforts of Home. Love seeing what you've been up to. I noticed that I have a few daffodils up, but no blooms yet. The surprise in my garden today was the sight of a hyacinth in bloom. I wish I had an entire bed of these wonderful plants. May have to rethink my plan for next year.
    Looking forward to seeing the new piece. ~ sarah

  13. We had a sunshiney day here, of course, I was working in an office so i didn't get to see much of it! Lol, I love that dresser already, the tiny beading on the bottom is so pretty.

  14. Very gray here, too, Penny. That's the only thing that reminds me it is winter!!

    The dresser is going to be fabulous, I just know!


  15. Sunshine here today...and I spell it Gray....unless it is tea...then it is Earl Grey!

  16. We had sun here today, Penny! Although, I think that may be changing after tomorrow. Of course, I wouldn't even have known it as I was in my craft/sewing room all day and there's no windows back there. Looking forward to seeing that dresser!

  17. I love primroses and you certainly found a cheerful, beautiful one!!

    Can't wait to see what you do with the furniture beauty!!

  18. No sunshine here today. We're having rain and we need it. I think I use both grey and gray. After I've looked at those two words for awhile I couldn't decide, LOL!


  19. Grey...can't think why...I always worry about painting wood furniture, can't think why there, afraid it will look more shabby than chic! Can't wait to see how this turns out

  20. Sunshine today! It's always sunny when you're around, Penny. Can't wait to see the finished product.

  21. I can't wait to see the finished product. Believe it or not, we here in sunny Arizona also have a gray day. I see the sun trying to come through the clouds, but they just won't budge for it. It's supposed to be 69 degrees here today. I understand it will warm up to the 70s all the rest of the week.

  22. Hi Penny,
    Well now that's a question, I'm not the best speller, whats why I'm thankful for spell check..LOL
    But since you ask I spell Gray "Gray"
    Although I think you can spell Gray either way. Sure why not spell it the way you want too LOL.
    Have a sweet day and oh ya we are having rain today.

  23. You are my sunshine has been one of the favorite songs to sing around our home to our children! It always brightens a gray day and a gray heart! xo rachel

  24. I can't wait ot see the finished result for that chest!

  25. Love it Penny! The sunshine JUST came we are smiling along with you (singing too!) Can't wait to see what the dresser looks like ~ what FUN! As far as Grey or Gray....that's a funny story! My daughter has a science fair project about reusing Greywater/Graywater. When she was writing her paper it was spelled both ways on different websites ~ go figure! So, imagine trying to go through a paper and try to keep all of the "graywater/greywaters" spelled one way ~ ya right!!
    Have a super day!

  26. Ah, Penny, that little bit of sunshine is beautiful! It's been really gray and gloomy here too. Looking forward to seeing that piece of furniture when it's done!


  27. Hi Penny, I do love yellow too. We are having lots of sunshine but cooler weather.

    Your planters from your earlier post look so pretty. 'Penny' names should make them bloom very nicely. Smile!

    I know the dresser will look awesome. There is a part of me that makes me feel sad to paint over lovely wood. Silly me.

    Have a better than grey/gray day. I never seem to know which is the appropriate spelling. HA!

    Hugs, Jeanne

  28. It's grey here too, Penny. I enjoyed your sunshine post and now I am hearing the song in my head.:-)

  29. In my West Texas spelling, it is GRAY.
    And, I just WISH it was gray here today. We are still needing rain soooo much.

  30. In my Texas spelling, I spell it gray too! I'm sitting on the edge and can't wait to see what you'll be surprising us with, Penny!

  31. That piece is gorgeous already. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

  32. It's been pretty grey here. I like your sunny bloom, though!

  33. Keep singing! More storms are headed our way today.

    I'm now following you on Linky and would love for you to follow me. Thanks, Helen