Monday, January 31, 2011

Picture Yourself Here

Snow getting you down?  Got the winter Blues?  Well, sit back and picture yourself here.  These are pictures I took in Naples, Florida this past November.  I figured we all needed a little pick me up right about now.  Click on the pictures to enlarge, then click one more time and they will get even larger.

See the shadows in front of the man in the picture below?  Those are a school of sting rays. 

Are you feeling a little warmer now?
Welcome Home,

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Life Is Good

Life Is Good.

Notice anything different in the picture below?

If you guessed that I was not wearing my sling, you are right!  I am being weaned from my sling.  I still have to wear it in public, like the grocery store, mall etc.  But at home I can leave it off.

I still can't raise my arm above my shoulder to blow dry my hair.  I still have therapy twice a week for the next two months , but things are progressing!

I case you were trying to read what my t-shirt says...

Yep....Life Is Good!
Welcome Home,

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Playing....playing with my camera.  Trying to learn how to use it.

I have it on manual...that is a step in the right direction :-).
Aren't these wooden birds cute?  I got them at a local nursery this Christmas and used them on my mantel.

The bowl was made by a Louisiana artist from reclaimed Cypress wood.

Hope you are having a great weekend!
Welcome Home,

Friday, January 28, 2011

A Sweet Gift

Do you all remember over a year ago, when I was a blogger for Home Goods?  You can see one of my posts here.  At that same time Jen was also a Home Goods blogger.  We both have moved on from that, but have stayed in touch through our own personal blogs.  Jen's blog is called The Cottage Nest.

Well, a while back I sent Jen something she needed, never expecting anything in return.  Imagine my surprise when the other day the mail lady dropped a package off from Jen!

This sweet bag that Jen made was found inside.  Isn't it beautiful?  But that's not all.  That was just the packaging!  Inside the bag was this...

A beautiful cowl that Jen knitted for me.  She said that she was filled with warmth at what I did and she hoped that this cowl she knitted for me would fill me with warmth.

Of course it does!  How wonderful it is to receive a hand made gift, straight from the heart, especially for me! 

Now if you don't know Jen, you need to go visit her here.  Tell her I sent you.  I know you will love her as much as I do.
Welcome Home,

Thursday, January 27, 2011

French Inspired Giveaway Winner

The winner of the French Inspired Home book giveaway was number 27.

Delores from Vignette Design was the 27th commenter on my giveaway post.  It you don't know Delores, you need to go visit her.  She has the most beautiful blog!  Congrats Delores.  I will be emailing you for your shipping address.

Thank you everyone for entering.  I have these giveaways to thank you for all of your visits and sweet comments on my posts.  You all are the reason I blog.
Welcome Home,

Friday, January 21, 2011

Some Small Changes

I have made a few small changes in one of my guest rooms.  Changed some pillows out.  Hung some pictures above the bed.  Swapped out lamps.

Here is the before.
Below is the after.  Different lamps, different pillows on the bed and the bench.  Paintings now above headboard.

Close up of one of the vintage Paul deLongpre prints.

The view from the hallway.

Small changes, that we actually made before my surgery and I forgot to show you!  Nothing was purchased.  These are just items that moved from one room to another or were in a closet waiting to find a home.
Welcome Home,

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Another Before Project

On my sidebar I have a list of projects I would like to do this year around my home.  I might not be able to conquer the entire list, especially since I won't be able to tackle most of the projects for 3-5 months, because of my healing shoulder. 

But it is fun to dream and look at inspiration pictures.

This project, is buying or making family room drapes, for both the window and the French door.

Here is my room today.

Our windows face a very private back yard, so we don't need the drapes for privacy.  I just think the room would look more finished and warm.

 I will probably end up making my own, since a simple panel is easy to sew and we have a discount fabric store near me.

Do you have drapes or blinds on your windows?

Welcome Home,

Monday, January 17, 2011

Lemon Tree Very Pretty

Last summer, I found a sad little bare root Meyer Lemon tree at Lowe's for 50% off.  So, I brought it home and planted it in my big blue glazed planter. 

I knew I couldn't plant it in the ground, because North Carolina gets snow and freezes, so my plans were to bring it inside for the winter.

It grew about a foot tall during the summer and in October we noticed some beginning blossoms!  We brought it inside and placed it in a sunny window in our dining room.  And before long the blossoms opened and the dining room was filled with a beautiful floral scent.

The blossoms started falling off and little green lemons started to appear.

So now it sits here, and we are anxiously awaiting our first lemons.  I understand it takes about 7 months for it to grow and ripen. 

On a totally separate note, I have graduated from a button down shirt into a t-shirt.  It takes a lot of work to get it on but I just feel better in a tee...

Still have bad hair days - due to not being able to blow dry, with one

Welcome Home,
p.s. to help with the Queensland Flood Relief in Australia, my friend Natasha (who lives in Australia) is offering an original painting as a giveaway with conditions - click on my side bar to learn more about it.

The Weekend Where Is It Winner Is....

So here is the answer to Weekend Where Is It?

The first picture was taken in Naples, Florida.  It is on Venetian Bay.  I was sitting in a restaurant at Village on Venetian Bay, when I took the photo.

The second picture is indeed Venice, Italy.  I was on a boat on my way to Murano Island to go to a Murano glass factory to see a glass blowing demonstration.

There were 68 comments and the winner of the Bird Mug giveaway is Jen of Jennifer Rizzo blog.  By the way, Jen is having a sale on her ETSY shop...

Congrats Jen!  I will be emailing you for your address.  Thank you everyone for playing! 
Welcome Home,

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Kodak (and Canon) Moment

Yesterday, the late afternoon sun created some great shadows in my backyard.  My red rooster popped brilliantly in the snow, so I thought I would take a picture.

I decided to try my new Canon that I have been trying to learn, and my old Kodak Easyshare.

Both cameras were set on the auto setting.

First the Kodak.

Next the Canon Rebel.

You can click then click again to enlarge.  Is there a difference in sharpness or quality?  I can't really see one.  But I imagine if I learn to use the Canon on the manual setting and learn about exposure, light, white noise, ISO and all of those other things, I could produce a crisper picture.

That is why I am doing a lot of reading on the subject.  I am having a hard time wrapping my creative side of my brain around the mechanical side of picture taking.  I can see a great shot - just can't figure out how to make the best of the shot.....YET.

But I will!
Welcome Home,
p.s. winner announced on Monday for the cup giveaway.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Weekend Where Is It? Plus Giveaway!

Weekend Where Is It?

I thought we would do another weekend where is it.  It has been a while!

I am going to show you two pictures.  One is in the US and one is in Europe.  Guess which one is which...

And to make things a little more fun, if you leave a comment on this post, whether it is right or wrong, you will be entered into a giveaway!

Winner will receive this brand new set of 4 charming bird mugs.  They have bugs and birds all around.  The handles are faux wood.

Now, on to Weekend Where Is It?  Which one is in the US and which one is in Europe?

Picture One

Picture Two
Have fun!  The winner will be chosen from the comments via Random Generator.  You don't have to be correct to win.  Winner will be announced Monday January 17th.
Welcome Home,

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Flea Market Dreaming on a Winters Day

This is what it looks like out my back window.

So, this is what I am doing inside....

Dreaming of warmer weather, a healed shoulder and a flea market outing.

What are you dreaming about today?
Welcome Home,

Monday, January 10, 2011

Another Project Planned for 2011

Another of the home projects I hope to tackle this year is my stairway wall.

This is how it looks now.

A little over a year ago Susan from Between Naps on The Porch, did a post on her stairway wall and gave some tips.  Here is her wall below - you can click on her name to link to the post.

Doesn't Susan's wall look great?  I plan on doing something similar with my stairway wall this year.  When I am able to tackle it I will do a before and after post.

Welcome Home

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Filling Time

What do you do, when you are not allowed to do anything?

I am very limited as to what I can do, while recovering from my shoulder surgery.  So, I thought this would be a great time to learn how to use the SLR camera I bought last March.

Yes......last March! I bought a Canon Rebel XSI.  I have a Kodak Easyshare, that I have used for years, and wanted to buy a SLR camera and learn how to use it.  But when it arrived, I was really intimidated by it.  F-Stops, Aperture, ISO, White Balance...all foreign to me.

So it sat.  And sat.

Today, I had Mr. Comforts of Home set it up on my tripod, so I could play with it without having to hold it one handed.

I purchased Understanding Exposure, by Brian Peterson and have been playing around.  Maybe by the time my shoulder is healed, I will know how to use this thing!
Welcome Home,

Monday, January 3, 2011

Decorating Projects For This New Year

Going to my first therapy tomorrow, and since I think I will be really sore after, I thought I would try to do a post today.

I have several decorating projects planned for this year.  Of course, most of them will have to wait until the end of March, when my shoulder is healed.

I am putting a list of projects on my side bar, and will do before posts about them during the next month. 

First up....The Loft/Library

Remember in this post, when I traded a mosaic bistro table and chairs for my friend to make me chair cushions and pillows?  Well, here are the chairs now below in my loft/library.

What still needs to be done....
1.  Paint round table base black to match cabinet and stain top darker to match wicker chairs.

2.  Find a black and red needlepoint rug to sit in the area.

3.  Hang art work on the walls.

I know I had shown you a library loft before with tons of bookcases, but you work with what you have, right?

I will bring you all along with me as I finish this space up.

See the rest of my project list on my side bar.
Welcome Home,

Saturday, January 1, 2011

I Am Doing OK

thanks for your well wishes.

i am doing OK.

this is a pic of me.....i will look like this for about a month.  you're are not seeing my head - because i can't blow my hair dry with just one arm, and the wrong arm at that!

i have some great new year plans for some remakes....before and afters.....and some giveaways.

don't give up on me....will be blogging soon.

happy new year!