Monday, October 31, 2011

What Should I Do?

While I am waiting for the dark stain to come in so I can finish my hutch, I started working on the French Settee.

Since I have never done an upholstery job of this size before, I am carefully removing each piece of fabric and gimp to use as a pattern when I put it back together.  In the picture above you can see the front of the back has the fabric removed.

I started removing the one gazillion, billion staples with a screw driver and pliers.  It was taking forever.  I thought there must be a "tool" for this, and guess what?  There is!!  So I ordered it and am waiting for it to come in.

Now, I have two projects on hold :-)

In the meantime, I have been looking for inspiration on what fabric to use on the settee.

Should I use a linen like material?

or a toile?

How about a check?

I love the look of the patterned fabrics, but the neutral linen type fabric would go with everything...

If you were doing this, what would you do?

Oh!  I am taking tons of pictures of this, because a few of you have asked for a tutorial.  So when it is finished, I show you step by step how I did it.
Welcome Home,


  1. I'd go for the toile, but that's just me. :) I think a neutral linen would probably be the smartest thing to do, because you can easily swap out pattern with a pillow or two, if you like.

  2. I love both toile and checks -- how about one for the piece and the other for accent pillows :)


  3. Hard decision. I like all those ideas especially the check.

  4. I would go with a solid linen and then use pattern on your pillows. You're going to alot of trouble to reupholster this, so you want it to be as versatile as possible.

  5. I vote for the neutral linen in case you want to move the piece to a different room. Just more versatile.

  6. Wow, that is a lot of staples! I'd vote for the neutral linen too. I think it's more versatile and you can decorate with pillows or throws.

  7. Oh gosh Penny all of the above! I have started going neutral with my big pieces...that way when I want a change it's not so hard. Maybe the linen would be the best choice. You can put bright pillows on it...maybe in a toile or check. Or both. :o)

  8. I vote for a very neutral, tone on tone check. I don't find the linen as versatile as others do. The check will go just about anywhere! I'm SO enjoying your renos and re-dos - such an inspiration.

  9. OMG Penny I LOVE all the fabrics but the natural linen would go with anything, and you would be able to move it all around your house if you wanted to. You would also have a lot of fun using different pillows with it. Can't wait to see what you come up with I know it will be FAB! Martina

  10. Neutral and dress it up with accessories...pillows or a throw.

  11. You know what a sucker I am for brights Penny, but I absolutely love the natural linen I am seeing on these setees. You can dress it up with absolutley anything, and in the meantime it just looks so crisp and fresh. My second choice would be red with white dots, lol! Yup, that's just me.

  12. I love the idea of a neutral linen but I also like the checks. I know I am of no help!! I am sure it will turn out beautiful no matter!


  13. Staple removers are great tools to have. I have one and it makes the job so much faster.

    How about a linen or flax grain sack. I love these and have quite a few in my collection.
    Can't wait to see the finished projects.

  14. Love the checks myself and if you find a neutral check it's be the perfect compromise! Whatever you choose will be beautiful no doubt!

  15. I love toile, but am rather partial to the checks. I second Bervgirl, whatever you do will be wonderful.

  16. I love the settee!!! I would definitely go for the neutral linen. It isn't fun taking out staples but you will be glad you did.

  17. I can't wait to see what you do!! Knowing you, I bet it's gonna be fabulous. What a nice beginning;the settee looks pretty!

  18. When I saw your settee for the first time, my immediate thought was "toile or check" - either would look great!

    Debbie V.

  19. I think a large check would make an elegant statement given the lines of the settee.

  20. Of all these, I love the checks..:))

  21. I love Pondside's idea of a soft neutral check. That will work in any room. Also if you added toile and linen pillows with accent piping (like your curtains). I love Experiencing all the decorating in your beautiful home with you, Penny!

  22. Oh my, whatever you do, it'll be gorgeous! If it were mine, I'd choose the "toile or check."

  23. Hi Penny!

    My Mother taught me the basics of reupholstering and I've done several pieces of furniture including our antique sofa. I purchased a couple of books at Barns & Noble that were good guideline books for my brain.

    Fabric - anything neutral will last a long time in your decor - I did our antique sofa in a chenille type fabric, soft and sturdy.
    I think linear patterns are the most difficult. You have to constantly be keeping those lines perfectly straight. I only like linear in slipcovers... there's no pulling and stretching involved. A solid or pattern like toile is more forgiving.
    also check the "fray factor" of your fabric choice. If it frays to easily it may be a challenge. If your fabric wrinkles easily that could also be a problem.

    Take your time and think through what your steps should be in your process. Thinking ahead can avoid a lot of problems.

    Have fun and know that you will be so proud that you accomplished your project!

    Hugs, Sherry

  24. I'm voting for the natural linen although the checks really caught my attention. As others said, the natural color will blend in whatever room you decide to use it in.

    You are so ambitious!


  25. I would do checks! SEcond choice, natural linen. I am going to watch this carefully, I have a chair to work on. Hope you show us your new tool!!

  26. Hello Penny, I am writing this comment from Florida. We are spending the week here for two consecutive Gator games. We are enjoying two of our dtrs. who live in FL and four of our grands as well. Fun times.

    I would probably go for a linen look. No checks. This project of yours is inspiring. You go girl!
    Love, Jeanne

  27. Oh I can't wait to see the transformation. That settee is going to be gorgeous.

  28. Penny my choice would be the linen or the toille both are gorgeous!! What a lovely piece!

  29. I also vote for the linen.. for all the reasons the other have stated.

    good luck and cant wait to see the finished piece..

  30. What a job Penny! Personally I like the check, you are a French Country gal, and the thing with the check is you can add different patterns with it, for a pop of color. BTW Penny you are the lucky winner of my stencil giveaway! Congrats, looks like you will be busy for a while. Please send me your address and I will forward you info to cutting edge so they can contact you and you can pick what you want.

  31. Penny, I can't wait to see this completed. I know it will be wonderful!

    I would probably prefer it covered in something neutral, but not in linen, more like a cheneille, so soft and forgiving to sit on -- unlike linen, cheneille never shows wrinkles.

    Then I'd probably do a couple of throw cushions, one in the check and one in the red and beige toile. As several people pointed out, that way you don't have to reupholster the settee if you decide to change the color scheme in your room.

    But I know whatever you do will be wonderful. Can't wait to see it completed!

  32. I would go with the checks!
    But as others pointed out the natural would be more versatile.
    I can't wait to see what you choose, it is going to look gorgeous!
    I would love to come across a settee.

    Good luck!

  33. Linen or toile...the checks seem like more work for matching..but then, you are a perfectionist and I know that whatever you end up doing it will nothing but DEVINE!

    Your poor fingers! Been there, done that!


  34. I love a lot of the same patterns you do, Penny, and toile is no exception. But, I have to say I agree that I like the linen and I think it's because it would pretty much go anywhere.