Monday, June 20, 2011

A Stencil Tutorial

I had some of you ask, how I did the harlequin pattern on my kitchen table, or how to stencil.  So I thought I would throw together this simple step by step tutorial.

Click on any picture to enlarge.  Click again to enlarge it further.

First I painted 3 coats of the base color I wanted on the table and chairs.  I used Masion Blanche by Sherwin Williams.

Next, I found the exact center of my table to start the pattern.  I table the stencil to the center of the table with blue painters tape.
The stencil has small holes in each corner (registration marks).  After taping the stencil in place, I took a pencil and marked those holes, so that when I lifted the stencil to start the next section, I had a place to align the stencil.

I used a regular paint brush to stencil with.  I put a small amount of paint (Apple a Day, by Olympic Paints)on the brush, then wiped or dabbed most of it off onto a paper towel.  Then making sure my stencil was down securely, I brush in one direction over the stencil.

I moved across the table.  Then I worked my way up and down.

I finished, by sanding the whole table, taking more paint off in some areas than others.

Then I covered the entire table and chairs with Raw Umber glaze by Valspar.

Here are two chairs, the one on the left has been sanded and glazed.  The one on the right has not.

Here is the finished table I showed you a few posts back.  Today I am going to apply wipe on poly in a satin finished, to the top to protect it.

There you have it!  If you have any questions, leave them in the comments here and I will come back here and edit this post to answer them.

Edited to add answers to questions:
1.  Yes Vee, I will paint again :-) in fact I am working on more projects right now for my Flea Market Makeovers Blog.

2.  Bonnie, I let the paint dry at least 24 hours before I distress it. 

3.  Jeanne, I will be posting my first Flea Market Makeover on my Flea Market Makeover blog this week, and will announce the winner of the French Rooster Giveaway on that blog.  Sign up as a follower on that blog, so you will know when it begins :-).
Welcome Home,


  1. This turned out so adorable. I too, love to stencil.

  2. The hard part for me would be the antiquing glaze, I have never done it and I am always so afraid I am going to mess up my paint job I always chicken out. I really love the antiqued look though so I need to get brave and try this.

  3. Well done, Penny! Now tell us, after all the work on the table this time, will you ever paint it again?

  4. It looks perfect there - the colour, the stencil, the chair pads.

  5. I love this project, Penny! Isn't the stencil great? I used one with black paint for a little side table in my living room. It's a big stencil and I would definitely try it again on something bigger {like two bookcases I have in a spare bedroom}.

  6. I know this is the silliest question, but...when you are distressing you do wait for the paint to dry before sanding, correct? I know this is a "roll your eyes" kind of question. Thanks!

  7. I love how the harlequin design made your table look! Thanks for the turtorial!~ Hugs, Patti

  8. Good morning Penny, You did a fabulous job figuring this out so well. You aged it perfectly. I did go back and checked the post where you first posted the finished table and chairs. I wrote a comment but I wasn't sure you would go back and check for late comments. Loved your tutorial because it is easy to follow.

    Have you started your Flea Market makeover post yet?
    XO, Jeanne

  9. Hi Penny,
    Loving your table...I finished mine this weekend I used the chalk paint. I hope to take a few photo's with my phone..LOL
    Have a sweet day and hugs,Elizabeth

  10. Hi Penny
    Thanks for the tutorial on your table and chairs. That was quite a project and it turned out beautifully.
    Looks like you had a great time in NY. You seemed to have "done" it all!
    Have a great day.

  11. OOO, THIS is such a great tutorial, Penny.
    You did such a good job.
    My heart starts pounding the minute I pick up a blood pressure rises 30 points when I pick up my the time I get to my brush, I have to go to the bathroom...and then it all starts over again. I think doing a table this large would do me in, for sure.
    It is beautiful.
    I didn't realize you have another blog..will ck that out.
    xo bj

  12. And it's absolutely gorgeous!


  13. Penny, the finished project is just perfect - all that hard work was worthwhile, but please don't paint it least not this month, lol!!!!

    Way to go! Time off now so you can go treasure hunting.

    Did you bring back anything from the Big Apple?


  14. Love the color you stenciled....this is adorable. If you have time, visit my July 4, 2010 post to see that I did almost the same thing!

  15. Love the red! I have not stenciled anything in ages, so I enjoyed your step-by-step project.

  16. Your table looks absolutely beautiful, Penny! I've stenciled a chest, and a few other small to medium items, and U was surprised how easy it was once I learned how to dab on the paint in the right amounts.

  17. LOVE LOVE LOVE your table!!! I actually have that same stencil, we used it on a small side table but I sold it.

  18. You definitely have creative vision! It looks wonderful with your red china cabinet!

  19. I just love the table and chairs your dinning room looks beautiful!!!