Monday, June 20, 2011


Do you grow veggies?  How is your garden doing?  Mine is doing wonderfully at the moment.

I don't add pesticides to my garden.  My growing medium is soil, cow poo and blood meal. 

I try to be conscientious about what I eat. 

Chives, spring onions, oregano, tarragon, thyme, basil leeks and parsley

I try to eat organic if I can. 

French green beans

I try to grow my own veggies, or shop at a local farmers market.
Red peppers.

I am not into canning, but I do freeze excess veggies to savor in the winter in soups and stews.


French radishes, carrots and beets.
Rainbow Chard.

So tell you have a great recipe for zucchini?  Would you share it here?  I have an over abundance of it this year....
Welcome Home,


  1. Penny, your garden is so pretty. I love it. Wish we had one. When we went to Italy my son's mother in law fixed zucchini and I have been fixing it the same because it is easy and good. Just slice the zucchini lengthwise and place it in a baking dish and put some olive oil on them and salt and pepper and bake at 350 for around twenty to thirty minutes. Yum.

  2. Penny, I am so envious of your luscious garden!! Yummy veggies! ENJOY!

  3. Your garden is lovely! The tomatoes are amazing.

  4. I like Kims suggestion although I follow the same recipe but I sauteed rather than bake them. I still like a little bite to my veggies I dont want them too mushy but whatever works best.Your garden is gorgeous neat little rows...Enjoy!

  5. Hi Penny, your garden makes me so envious!! I would adore a garden like that, but I know the work involved, and I give you a ton of credit. I can only imagine the satisfaction of that harvest! Back when I didn't worry about my waist, I used to bread and fry slices in olive oil and make hot sandwiches, sort of like eggplant parm. My favorite way to eat it now is just cut in half and grilled using olive oil salt and garlic. Yum. I totally enjoyed seeing your plantings. And don't you just love using fresh herbs? Mine are all in pots, but they still taste great. Happy Summer!

  6. Hi Penny
    Your garden looks so abundant and beautiful too! You must get lots of delicious produce from it.

  7. I am actually starting to think you are blogging from heaven!!!!

    Beautiful :-)


  8. Your garden looks good! I'm fighting squash bugs right now - nasty things. I'm so happy to have lots of zukes this year - I've already shredded some and put them in the freezer.

    A reader left a really good recipe on my blog for zukes. It's zucchini sliced long drizzled with olive, 2 tblsp honey and topped with feta cheese, salt and pepper to taste. Delish!!

  9. Wow - your garden is very tidy and pretty! You put mine to shame - and I am frantically trying to put some order into things here before a certain blogger visits!

  10. Your garden is beautiful and makes me want to dig up some more sod next year!

  11. Your garden is gorgeous! I know this is probably a stupid question, but where do you get your cow poo? Is it from a bag from the store or straight from the cow next door? :)

  12. Penny, your garden looks so pretty! As for recipe, I actually just tried a new one using shredded zuchinni and loved it so muc that posted it in my food blog. Not sure if you like anchovies, but here is the link:

    Maria @ Linen & verbena

  13. Isn't gardening rewarding. Yours looks lovely. Mine started out looking just as yours and then came the bugs. I don't use any sprays so I have been trying the hot pepper mix to keep the bugs at bay. Do you have a solution that you use when the bugs come calling?
    As for a zucchini recipe I use to make a wonderful cocoa zucchini bread that even my youngest married son called to get the recipe for. He even when out and bought a food processor to make it. I will dig it up for you. It freezes wonderfully too.

  14. Your garden is beautiful! I tried to have tomatoes on the balcony this year but they had some powdery mildew stuff that killed them all. Weather has been weird this year and now it is too hot for anything survive. Not many things are grown locally; most is flown in from other countries. I do miss visiting farmer's markets in the States. My husband loves zucchini just simply sauteed with onions in olive oil and just a bit of water added to soften everything up nicely, salt and pepper to taste. I also do zucchini fries in the oven (I don't fry anything anymore). Enjoy the bounty of your lovely garden. Best wishes, Tammy

  15. It must be that mountain air! Your garden looks great. Mine is slowly coming along since we started all new beds this year. Now after seeing your lovely photos I better get out to my garden and get busy!
    Take Care,

  16. Our basil is just coming up and getting leaves, the tomatoes are in but no blossoms yet. We have a few herbs and pepper plants, but it has rained incessantly most of the spring and we are way behind on our planting!

  17. Good for you, to grow your own. I think more people should do so, especially with grocery store prices.. I have no clue how some people feed their families good food, the folks that live inner city anyway. No wonder they go to McDonalds all the time.. it's probably cheaper. Sorry for the food price rant....

    Your garden is lovely and zucchini is soooo good just sauteed and plated next to your favorite cut of meat.


  18. Our garden is coming along but not nearly as fast as yours. We do have a few tiny zucchini but the tomatoes are only blossoms as this point.

    Your whole garden looks wonderfully organized.


  19. Oh my that garden of yours is incredible and one I would dream of having if I had some space. I love to grill zuchini...cut lengthwise and brush with olive oil and garlic powder.

  20. Now I would love to have a over abundance of Zucchinnii, it just doesn't grow here, to cool at night by the ocean....

    Love your garden.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  21. I have a great zucchini recipe but it is a tad too long to place here. I'll email it to you. I've made it for maybe 40 years and it is always a hit!

  22. Your garden is gorgeous! I noticed the first zucchini blossom just yesterday, so we have a little more time to wait. But we're enjoying lettuce, radishes and strawberries at the moment.

    Here's a link to a recipe for a tian using zucchini, tomatoes and potatoes. It's delicious.

  23. Wow, what an incredible garden sanctuary you have!!

  24. Your garden looks very prolific and I'm sure you have many extras! Do you batter and fry the zucchini blossoms? It is a favorite thing for Italians to do and oh, so yummy! Some stuff the buds with cheese at first and some don't.

    When I have lots of small zucchini I slice them in rounds, and cook them in chicken stock and add a little rice and serve it as soup with grated Parmesan on top. Large zucchini I cut them in half, take all the seeds out and them stuff them as I would stuffed peppers and then bake them until the zucchini is cooked.
    I have even grated zucchini and added to chocolate cake batter! It made the cake very moist and you do not taste the zucchini at all!

  25. Your garden is looking lovely. I definitely love the raised beds.

  26. Wow, the potager is looking awesome Penny - great job!

    This is the first year we've decided not to grow veggies - our trip to the UK at planting time, Bob's heavy work/travel schedule, and the crazy weather made us rethink the garden this season.............and I'll be away again soon and getting someone to water in this heat is just about impossible! I'm already missing our usual veggies coming along - especially the tomatoes.
    Guess we'll be the best customers of the farmers' market on Sat. mornings. BUT, I am growing basil, can't manage without that outside the door!

    Happy gardening dear.
    Hugs - Mary

  27. I am soooooo impressed Penny with your garden! You have a green thumb too!


  28. Your garden is so beautiful! We have a small garden and many veggies in pots. Unfortunately we can't get our daughter to stop picking all the tomatoes (balls) LOL

  29. Doesn't that chard looks yummy :) The best part of summer is eating fresh herbs and veggies we think! Your garden looks awesome Penny - you'll be reaping in your bounty soon it looks like!!

  30. Hi Penny, I always love looking at your vegie patch and it's doing really great. I always used to have an abundance of zucchinis too, they would literally grow overnight. One day they'd be only little then 2 days later they would be a foot long! ok maybe a bit longer than 2 days but it sure felt that way. I love to slice them up and put them in a beef and veggie broth and I also cut the larger ones in half lengthwise and scoop out the insides and chop some of it up and add it to some fried onion, mince, herbs like thyme and rosemary with a beaten egg added to hold the mixture altogether and some salt/pepper. Then I would place this mixture back in the zuchini shells in a large dish with potatoes, carrots or whatever veggies you like and bake them in the oven. Like a baked dinner. At the moment my veggie patch is a little bare only because I've been too lazy to plant my winter crop! I might try and get to it this week! take care, Maryann

  31. I do have a garden but its not quilt as far along as yours. We've had so much cold weather here that we are late getting it in.

  32. Your garden is great and I love how you have laid out the beds. I confess to no garden. Bad, I know. But I love to watch and learn from others.

  33. I don't have a vegetable garden but I do love shopping at farmer's markets this time of year. I love fresh tomatoes. When I lived in New Jersey I loved their local beefsteak tomatoes. I don't have a recipe for Zucchini.

    Well, I hope that you have a lovely day. Your garden looks wonderful, I love how it is so tailored looking. Hmmm, now I am in the mood for a tomato sandwich.


  34. Penny, your garden is so lush and organized. I envy your green thumb.

  35. My dad always grew the best veggies. He always had a big garden right up until he became ill. What wouldn't give for one of his tomatoes (and him to share it with) right now!

  36. Your garden is lovely! The darn rabbits are eating my green beans. Your green beans are so healthy.

  37. What a beautiful garden! I showed my hubby your layout hoping to inspire for next year.

  38. Absolutely beautiful! I am so jealous- this is the second amazing garden I have seen this morning.

    Have a wonderful time with all of that fresh food!


  39. Zucchini Boats

    10 oz pkg frozen chopped spinach 5 drops hot sauce
    4 medium zucchini 1 2oz jar diced pimentos
    3 T finely chopped onion 1 T parmesan cheese per boa
    3 t butter melted
    1 cup milk. 1/2 c.( 2 oz shredded Swiss cheese)
    1/2 t. salt, 1/4 t. white pepper

    Cook spinach, drain, and press dry. cut zucchini in half length wise, remove pulp leaving 1/4 inch thick shells. Saute onion in butter, reduce heat to low . Add flour, stirring until smooth. cook stirring constantly until mixture is thickened and bubbly. Add spinach, swiss cheese and next four ingredients. Place zucchini shells in a 12 x8 x2baking dish. Spoon spinach mixture into shells, sprinkle with Parmesan cheese. Bake uncovered at 350 for 25-30 min or until throughly heated. don't overcook zucchini or it will be mushy.

  40. Oh Penny you are putting me to shame! What gorgeous gardens you have.