Saturday, May 7, 2011

So Many Projects, Yikes!

Don't even look at my project list on my side bar.  It seems we are in the midst of more projects and I haven't made a dent on the ones on the sidebar. 

Besides making the drapes for the master bath, that I showed you in the previous two posts....

I am still in the beginning stages of painting the kitchen table and chairs.  We also have to cut down our bar stools to counter height, paint and recover those.  One has been cut so far.

Currently we are working on the pergola....still have to finish the flagstone floor, dig a trench to get electric out to the pergola and grill.

Mr. Comforts of Home is also building a screen to hide the air conditioner, trash can and such.

When it is finished, we have to plant these honeysuckle to climb all over it.  There will also be a potting bench in front of it.

So since you all said you like before and afters....stay tuned.
Welcome Home,


  1. That seems like our place. So many things going on. Don Jr more than enclosed our deck. It's a beautiful family room and I'm loving the extra space. We still have to finish it off and carpet, etc but it looks wonderful. Don't work too hard and DJ is enjoying doing my blog so we're both happy. Take care and have a great weekend.

  2. A lot of great projects Penny can't wait to see all the transformations! Your pergola looks beautiful! Happy Mother's Day, Martina

  3. The pergola area looks so good. I wish we had a nice place like that to use. So many projects and we have too many here, too. Doug finally installed another window unit upstairs and now he needs to put the trim back and then I will paint it. That room is a wreck until he finishes it. Have a wonderful Mother's day.

  4. Ooo, Penny, they all look like wonderful projects! Can't wait to see everything when it's finished. We're working on a back yard makeover ~ nothing too big, but a nice change.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Wishing you, a lovely Mother's Day Weekend.

  6. Penny, the pergola are is looking fantastic. You have so many projects going I hope you have time to relax out there. LOL
    Happy Mother's Day to you~ Sarah

  7. The pergola is so wonderful! I can just see those lattice panels covered with honeysuckle - how beautiful!


  8. Hi Penny!
    I have been missing for a while. Nice to get back and catch up a bit with friends! Whew. You have been busy! Love your new masthead photos. So pretty!
    Can't wait to see the pergola finished. Looks great so far.

  9. you ever take a breather? You always have something going on, it seems! I so admire you for it, too! Have fun!

  10. It looks like you've got a busy summer ahead. I love how your pergola is coming along!

  11. Penny, I am so glad to find even more fun blogs to read. Loving this.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  12. Hi Penny! Your projects are turning out lovely!

    I just wanted to wish you a Happy Mother's Day! I hope you have a great day!

    Johanna, Bittersweet Cottage

  13. Wow, you two certainly are busy! They all look like great projects. I particularly like the idea of the screen with honeysuckle climbing all over it and a potting bench in front.

  14. It's never ending. Keeps us out of trouble don't you think? Mimi

  15. Ah sweet Spring and all the yard work and Spring projects it inspires! My list stretches into infinity too. Looking forward to your after pictures:>) Hope you had a great Mothers Day!

  16. Good Morning Penny, I am very impressed with the progress on all of your projects. As each one is finished it has to be a real sense of accomplishment. Kudos to you both. Everything is looking beautiful. Don't strain your shoulder. Smile!!!
    Hugs, Jeanne

  17. You and your DH are both so accomplished. Your finished projects are always wonderfully professional looking. If I tried to cut down stools the legs would NEVER be even. Ask me how I know. HAHAHA.


  18. Always something brewing at your place! A privacy screen is a perfect way to cover up the necessary uglies. Wish more of us thought of these things. Those stools in gingham are going to be sweet.

  19. You are a busy bee, Penny! I loved all the sunny yellow drape plans and touches to your bathroom in the prior posts. Your backyard projects are really coming along so well --it will be so beautiful and functional when you and the Mr. are finished!

  20. I have so much to finish that getting to the start up is just plain aggravating! But I get to it, slowly lol!!! Guess we have a club going.

  21. Penny just love all the makeoves that you are working on and have completed!Here in my woodlands I'm a bit overwhelmed!I did want a firepit area for cosy evening sit outs and your project with the pit is wonderful!!
    Thank you for all the inspiation you post!
    Your are gifted with such creativity!
    I guess it helps you a lot with a handy dandy man!
    Wishing you a belated a Mother's Day greeting.I hope that you were pampered with tools put away and all that was in your hand was delicious chocolate!
    hugs Anna

  22. I just love your pergola and can't wait to see it done. I bet you will use that outdoor area a lot! Nice to have extended eating space outdoors too.