Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pots and Pots of Plants

I can remember when I lived in New York state several years ago, Memorial Day weekend was the weekend to plant flowers in all of my containers.

So I thought of all of my northern friends this weekend and wondered if that is what you all were doing.

Here in NC, I am able to plant my containers a little earlier.  So I planted mine a few weeks ago.

I love vibrant colors, so most of my flowering plants are reds, purples and yellows.

Did you plant your containers this weekend?
Welcome Home,


  1. So bright and pretty, Penny, and I love your concrete containers! I've been dividing iris and moving beds around in the garden this past weekend.


  2. You know I did! Not in any containers so fine and lovely as yours, though.

  3. I didn't. It has been so rainy that the flowers I had already planted in the windowboxes on the porch are waterlogged and dying. I'm waiting for the monsoons to stop, then I have to weed and trim. Who knows if I'll even get anything planted this year? Maybe I'll just enjoy yours:>)

  4. Hi Penny. My planters have been planted for months. Now it's just trying to keep everything alive and healthy with our all too sudden summer heat.
    Beautiful pots. ~ Sarah

  5. Yes I did Miss Penny!! I did a big urn on a lonely side deck that has never gotten any attention~til now. I planted hot pink geraniums and purple wave pansies and some kind of white tiny draping flower thing. I love your head planter!!

  6. Our spring has been so windy and dry, I've not planted very much..and what I did plant is looking sad and pitiful. Will wait awhile longer...
    Your containers sure look pretty.

  7. Oh Penny, what a delightful post. My containers have been potted up since March here in North Florida...it feels like August here. I love the last container!

  8. I planted window boxes on Friday! Red geraniums, white snapdragons & purple wave petunias :)

  9. I only have one small planter on my front deck so far but I love that one that looks like a head wearing a purple hat. Really cool.

  10. Hi Penny,
    Yes, Gary and I planted this weekend we even planted up my Mom and Dads walk way of their house for them as a surprise.
    I love how your bar stools turned out! Your kitchen is beautiful!
    Have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth

  11. Beautiful pics Penny ~~ love your style(:) hugsPatty

  12. No pots planted but bushes were trimmed last week. We're having a late and wet spring this year. Maybe we should just grow moss.


  13. I live in Pa., but planted my containers WEEKS ago! I always plant early. I ahve alot of containers on my back deck and front porch and we have 9 window boxes on our 3 decks! So, I do alot of annuals:):) Yours look beautiful. We are having HOT weather this week, 96 today!!!!!!!!!! XO, Pinky

  14. STUNNING! You inspire me to get outside and spruce up my gardens!

  15. Your flowers are beautiful...I love that last container. Usually I plant right after Mother's Day, but the weather has been rainy and cold. This weekend I would have done some work at the lake but it rained constantly. Hopefully I will get my work done here this week. I miss the color!!


  16. I do mine on Mother's Day weekend, Penny. I'm on Long Island. I'm always so eager to get some flowers in that I go for the first weekend there is no more threat of frost!

  17. I planted my containers this weekend too! In spite of the heat! Yours look lovely. Nice to meet you and I am in the Asheville area too.

    Carolina Mts

  18. I don’t do container plants but I did put in our small basil and tomato garden…
    I was thinking how I won’t see a tomato until the second week of Aug. and was wondering if I moved south how much sooner I could plant and harvest…

    I had to LOL when I stopped here this morning…

  19. How so very pretty! Love the "hair" on your guy planter! tee hee!

    I planted mine several months ago - being in California affords us an early start. HOWEVER, I need to revamp those same pots now...so I will be doing some planting soon.


  20. I always have containers planted, but I am so far behind this year since we built the chicken pen and other things. However, I am going to be getting more plants soon! I like those bright colors too!
    Take Care,

  21. I did plants up some containers before leaving for the UK, the rest I'm working on now.......in this awful heat! I'm doing fewer annuals this year and we've skipped all the veggies for a change - will shop the local farmers' markets instead. Just too much going on with travel and such, I need a break!

    Know your beautiful garden is looking fabulous - hope it's cooler in the mountains Penny.