Monday, March 28, 2011

The Best Laid Plans....

So, are you wondering how the kitchen area table and chair redo are coming along?

The top of the table is all stained and has one coat of poly on it.  It has been rainy and cold here for 4 days straight, so I have not been able to do the second coat of poly in the garage.  It is not suppose to get sunny and warm until this weekend, so I will be working on it then.
Another project we have started in the same area of the house is getting ready for new counter tops.

If you look closely at the picture, in the back corner of the kitchen, we had to remove the appliance garage, in order to be able to have the new counter tops installed.  Which means, we have to finishing tiling the backsplach of that area.  Which also means we have to find a new place to put the appliances.  But I have plans for that....and that will be a future post...think new pantry area.

When we moved in a year and a half ago, we were happy with the Corian counter tops.  It had an integrated sink, that was part of the counter tops too.  Well, the sink is chipped and stained badly.

The faucet, leaked and is actually falling apart.  The house is 10 years old, so that was to be expected.

So, we decided to bite the bullet and get new counter tops, stainless steel sink (to match the appliances) and a new faucet.

It will be about two weeks before it is done.  I will post pictures then.

In the meantime, I think I will take some time to read my stack of magazines, that I have not had time to get too!  OR I might start a 3rd project....hmmmmm.  That might be juggling a little too much.

What projects are you working on?
Welcome Home,


  1. A lot of work...but you will love it! I want a new faucet so badly, but it has to wait for a while...Can't wait to see what you picked out!!

  2. Penny, good luck with the new countertop! Are you using granite?

  3. Dang! Don't you just hate whent he weather doesn't cooperate for painting? We just got a new faucet for the same reason you are getting yours. Leaks. This one looks so much nicer! If I were you I would relax with those magazines;>) What am I doing? Playing hookey from a big homework project that is due tomorrow. Better get back to it!

  4. New projects are so exciting. I can't wait to see the finished table and your new countertops. What material are you using? Or are you keeping that a secret till the reveal? I really want to redo my kitchen.. maybe next year.

  5. Hi Penny! Your table is looking so nice.
    I'm proud for you getting new countertops and all! I've never had Corian, just good old laminate and then we got granite last year and I love it! I was a little afraid of it that it would be hard to keep but it's a breeze.
    I'm having a Show Us Your Favorite Cupboard Party on April 5th. I know your kitchen will be torn up but maybe you could come? I would love it.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  6. Can't wait to see what you are putting in! We put in granite 4 years ago and love it! Of course, we had cranberry laminate countertops before. Yuck! I am waiting for the weather to warm up so I can get out and do some sanding and painting too!~Hugs, Patti

  7. I'm crossing my fingers we can afford granite counter tops next year. I sure miss the ones we had in Arizona and curse and the ones I now have on a daily basis.


  8. I'll be looking forward to seeing how your kitchen redo turns out...I love those red bar stools of yours! We're hoping to have warmer weather return by the weekend, too...I've had enough of this cold rainy weather to last me awhile!

  9. We came back on Friday but didn't think we were bringing crummy weather with Your counter tops should look great.

  10. How exciting to get new counters and sink and faucet. We took our our appliance garage when we got our granite counters put in. I am so glad because I have more counter space now.

  11. YOu are going to love your new counters and sink. I have corian and really want to replace it with granite. Can't wait to see the finished project!
    Marianne :)

  12. Penny, it is going to look fantastic. I was thrilled to see your home featured on Open House. ~ Sarah

  13. Wow, Penny, you are underway!
    I've started a guest room re-do, but am having a hard time getting things done. It just seems so slow, as I never have a nice chunk of time to devote to it.

  14. The table is looking great. Sorry that the work on it will be delayed. Is it common for a house just ten years old to have the sink falling faucets falling apart? Whatever you and your husband decide to do, I know that it will be done well and look great.

    (The last coat of poly went on my table today so tomorrow I'll be slapping a doily on it and calling it done. John says no eating on it until the weekend. It isn't perfect, but it buys us some time. If I find an antique table as in old farm table with good bones, we'll buy that and put this one out.)

  15. sink falling faucets falling? I tell you one shouldn't comment this late.

  16. I love the table so far...the weather is so unpredictable. We are supposed to get snow tomorrow.

    I'm excited to see the new sink and counter tops. I can roam around Home Depot all day looking at them. I had my eye on Silestone, which has so many pretty pattern and colors as compared to granite. Someday we will do our counters, but for now it has been a big kitchen remodel at the lake.

    Can't wait to hear about your 3rd project!


  17. It is going to be beautiful Penny! I so enjoyed our lunch and shopping time together. Guess what? A group of us ladies on the retreat went to Bouchon's for an early dinner on Saturday, per your recommendation. It was awesome! We got there at 4:45pm and a line was already forming. We also ate twice at a lovely restaurant in Black Mountain called Que Sera. It was great!!! If I get back up to the area, I will get back in touch. You are a busy lady with your projects. Have fun! Love & blessings from NC!

  18. Your kitchen is going to be even better than ever. We have a stainless steel sink, double but both side are deep (had to look to find that) and one of those big loop type fauctets that allows you to easily get a big pot under it. One of the best things in our kitchen!


  19. Hi Penny,

    I can't wait to see the faucet you choose, I am in the market for a new one !!

    Also, I saw your comment over at Kim's...I would love it if you did a post on Savannah, we were down on St Siomon in November and took a ride up to Savannah for the day, would love to go back and stay there, I'd love to get some pointers....

    All the best,
    Kathy :)

  20. I have ceramic tile counter tops from a late 80's kitchen renovation that we did. They are in wonderful condition, so I can't justify repacing them as yet, but I would love a seamless granite if I did. I can't wait to see your new kitchen "after' photo!

  21. Hi Penny, the table looks fabulous. I love the look so much. Now, I am envious, I want new
    counter tops badly. Your kitchen is already beautiful and this plan will top it off. Since our house is four years old I am not ready to make major changes. One day. Smile

    Have fun with your new kitchen plans. a stainless steel sink will be beautiful and it will match.

    Take it easy some ok?
    Hugs, Jeanne

  22. You must be so excited. We ordered a new countertop for our master bath vanity. I can hardly wait until it is installed. I plan to do all of our bathroom counters, sinks and faucets, but this one is first.

    I can hardly wait to see your new kitchen. Your projects are so inspiring.

  23. Tried to comment, and got a *dreaded* Error message. -pout-


  24. Wow! You're creating a beautiful transformation. Projects are always fun and challenging. I'm looking forward to the "rest" of the project. hugs ~lynne`

  25. I'm trying to get up the nerve to paint/refinish an oak pedestal table (it's veneer).

    You give me strength. :)

  26. Ohhhh....looks like a lot of fun projects going on...can't wait to see what's happening!! We think that table (and chairs) will be fantastic Penny - love that inspiration picture!

  27. New counter tops are always nice to get, and granite is really nice. I'm sure it will look super when you are done.