Monday, January 17, 2011

Lemon Tree Very Pretty

Last summer, I found a sad little bare root Meyer Lemon tree at Lowe's for 50% off.  So, I brought it home and planted it in my big blue glazed planter. 

I knew I couldn't plant it in the ground, because North Carolina gets snow and freezes, so my plans were to bring it inside for the winter.

It grew about a foot tall during the summer and in October we noticed some beginning blossoms!  We brought it inside and placed it in a sunny window in our dining room.  And before long the blossoms opened and the dining room was filled with a beautiful floral scent.

The blossoms started falling off and little green lemons started to appear.

So now it sits here, and we are anxiously awaiting our first lemons.  I understand it takes about 7 months for it to grow and ripen. 

On a totally separate note, I have graduated from a button down shirt into a t-shirt.  It takes a lot of work to get it on but I just feel better in a tee...

Still have bad hair days - due to not being able to blow dry, with one

Welcome Home,
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  1. Oh Penny!! I am so jealous! I would love to grow my own lemons. I have never seen a lemon blossom before, thanks for sharing!

  2. Love lemon trees...the shiny green leaves, the fragrant blossoms...I've been wanting to buy a lemon tree...I'm encouraged by your experience.
    So happy you are able to to get yourself into a more comfortable shirt!

  3. Never realized how beautiful a little lemon tree could be! I love the blue pot as well...
    Congrats on the T-shirt :-) Blow drying I sense, will be cause for celebration !!


  4. What a gorgeous little tree...I wonder if I could grow one here inside. Probably not since it is so gloomy here in the winter. I love it and hope you get lemons soon.

    I'm glad to see that your shoulder is improving. It must be nice to have a choice in what you wear. And I are a little too thin!! ;-D


  5. I'm a t-shirt gal myself. That seems to be my daily uniform. If I couldn't flat iron my curly hair, I'd be one unhappy gal. My frizzy hair is a frightful thing.
    Beautiful lemon tree. I imagine the scent is amazing!

  6. Hi there,

    This is my first visit with you. I found you at Elizabeth and Gary's blog. Yes, the Meyer lemon is a TRUE JOY. It will be so happy indoors until spring. This is one of my favorite house plants, as well as outdoor plants.

    I was doing a cooking show on NPR and I peeled a Meyer's lemon and slow dried it in the oven. The peels took on a true vanilla flavor and scent. The hostess on Good Food was stunned when she tasted it.

    So, when your sweet baby produces, be sure to save the peels to dry for cooking and tea.

    All joys,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  7. You definitely picked the right spot for your lemon tree. Glad you're coming along after your surgery. Take care.

  8. So glad you saved that lemon tree and the blue pot you have it in is gorgeous!

  9. Lemons trees produce all around us here, just not ours...hmm.

  10. The blossoms are pretty, I don't think I have ever seen a lemon blossom before. A friend of mine grows lemons on her little tree in the house. I'm always amazed that they get just as big and beautiful as the ones in the store, but they taste so much better, probably becasue you can use them when they are really fresh!

  11. What fun to have your own lemon tree. I've wanted to try growing one of these. Just may have to find one this spring. I'm sure the fragrance is fabulous.
    Glad you are moving along with the arm.

  12. Well, isn't that nice that the tree is doing well inside. I am sure it did smell good.

  13. I'm going to look for one of those - just imagining how good it smells was a boost on this grey day.

  14. Your little tree must make your house smell nice! And look at are the tiniest thing! Have you lost weight? Take care! ♥

  15. Hi Penny...Okay what did I miss being gone a month....what did you do to your shoulder??...not a torn rotator cuff I hope..
    Love the little lemon tree...which reminded me of when we lived in day after just moving there infront of my carport I noticed our tree had little lemons all over...I was so excited...I picked a bunch and brought them in...cut one open and nothing was inside...I was stumped...turns out they were baby grapefruit...
    I hated Florida.

  16. I've always wanted a lemon tree ..even if I only got one lemon from it it would make me happy!

    Glad to hear you are coming along well, Penny, and getting a little more mobility back!

  17. Hi Penny! Love that blue pot you put your little lemon tree in!

    Glad to see you are on the mend. My hubby is doing much better too; the first week was he!! but after that first week hurdle, he is so much better. He started his physical therapy last week - I'm sure you'll do that too, if you haven't already. It really will do wonders. Have a great week!

  18. I love those tiny lemons and can't wait to see them as big beautiful ripe neat about them and you, take care of yourself :D

  19. I had no idea you could grow a lemon tree indoors. Now, I want one.

    I'm happy that you're making progress with the arm.


  20. I can close my eyes and smell the scent of citrus blooms. It is definitely one of those memory scents for me.

    I'm excited about your lemon tree, and please give us growth updates of the lemons.

    My mother was thrilled when she could switch from button-ups to pull-ons when she broke her shoulder. She still has to think about it when she puts on and takes off her shirt, but she does it.

    I am so glad you are improving. I know you are the most glad of all.♥

  21. Your are going to love those Meyer lemons Penny. They are much different than the lemons in the store. Our tree, planted about 30 years ago, is prolific and does well in our temperate weather.

    Glad you've graduated to a tee and feel more comfortable.


  22. Hi Penny! I too have a Meyer Lemon Tree that I bought at Lowe's 3 yrs. ago. Unfortunately my lemons fell off after a little while. I just had a blossom and now fruit developed. I am hoping to move the tree and maybe more sun would help! Yours looks so healthy and wonderful! Good luck!!

  23. That is so fun I didn't know you could grow lemons inside!

    Sorry about your arm that just doesn't look very fun!

  24. I love your lemon tree. I wonder if I'd have enough sunlight here in a Michigan winter to grow one indoors? I'd like to try, and I think Wm. Sonoma catalog sells them.
    I'm with you on the t-shirts...praying for a speedy recovery!

  25. So pretty in it's blue home! I love lemon trees!

  26. Your lemon tree looks great, Penny! I've always wanted one but I don't think I have enough light in the house to grow one. Looks nice in the blue pot, and very healthy!


  27. Hi Penny! I am so jealous! When I lived in NC, I also had a lemon tree inside the house. But I guess I didn't give it enough sun because it lasted a little while, then died. I might try again someday!


  28. OMGosh, Penny...I just LOVE lemon trees. I must find one, too. Yours is sooo cute.

    I am thrilled at you being able to wear the tee. That means you are getting much better. So glad. and I wouldn't worry a bit about the hair. Bet it's cute as can be. :)
    xoxo bj

  29. Awww...your wee little lemon tree is GROWING! Yea!!! It's getting lots of TLC. ;) What in the world happen to your arm? Bless you heart! Hope you feel better soon! XOXO,Jenn

  30. Hello Penny, I should be in bed but I haven't been on my computer all day. I guess I;ll post something new in the morning. I am very happy to hear you are able to put a T shirt on. I know it has to be painful.

    I love your little lemon tree and I wish I had some nice smelling blooms in my house. Citrus blooms are so sweet. Keep it going and maybe some day you might have some lemons. Smile.

    Congrats to the sweet cup winner.

    Keep up the therapy.
    Love, Jeanne

  31. Hi there. Want to invite you over to participate in Cottage Flora Thursdays...looking for other bloggers that share an interest in cottage gardens & landscape. xoox

  32. I am an awful friend!! Just able to catch up and found you had been through surgery! I am so happy to now know you have no sling and are mending so beautifully. I apologize for being so lax in visits lately. Life has just been keeping me away from bloggie world. : (
    Your home is beautiful as always...your little guest room makeover is so pretty! You just have such a knack for design and making a lovely & welcoming home.
    Sue, who will be thinking about you and saying a little prayer that you heal completely and will be well!