Sunday, October 31, 2010

So, Where Was It?

So Where Was It?  Forty one of you commented on this Weekend ~ Where is it?

Of the forty one, 19 guessed correctly.  Here are the pictures again.  This time, you will see the whole picture without any cropping.  (All can be enlarged by clicking on them).  They are in the same order as the original post.

This first picture was taken in Avignon, France.

This next picture is taken at the Biltmore Estate at Antler Hill Village in Asheville, NC

This final picture was taken in Rome, Italy at an open air market near the Trevi Fountain.

Come back next weekend for another game of Weekend ~ Where Is It?

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Weekend ~ Where Is It?

Where Is It?

This weekend we are going to make it a little tougher.  I am going to show you THREE pictures.  One in the US, one in Italy and one in France.

You tell me where each of there are from.  This one is really a tough one!

 All of the pictures shown each week, will be pictures I have taken.




Which picture did I take in Italy, which did I take in France  and which did I take in the US?  I will reveal the answer on Monday.
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Thursday, October 28, 2010

This.....and this......

Been doing some of this.....

And enjoying a lot of this....

What are you doing today?
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Wonderful Fall Evening

This past weekend, we decided to break in our new outdoor "living room" fire pit.  So just as sun was setting and the air had that crisp cool fall feeling to it, we lit the fire. (hint: you can click on any picture to enlarge, and then click on the picture again to make it even bigger)

We sat outside by the fire enjoying a glass of wine and the setting sun.  Then I headed inside to make a tasty fall dinner.

This dinner is soooooo super easy, but definitely has a big Ta Da factor.

Take one package of fresh Reserva Buitoni Quattro Formaggi Agnolotti.

Some fresh sage.

Some Butternut Squash Soup.

Heat soup in one pan, keep warm.  In a small saute pan, melt butter until brown, being careful not to burn.  You do want it brown though to give it that nutty flavor.

When butter is brown, toss in 3-4 chopped sage leaves and saute on low 2 minutes. 

Cook the pasta according to package directions, then toss the pasta in the browned butter and sage to coat.

To serve, spoon some butternut squash soup into bottom of bowl - this will be your "sauce", so just cover the bottom of the bowl.

Add the pasta, drizzle the leftover brown butter on top.  Top with cracked fresh pepper and grated Parmesan cheese.

Pretty fancy for package food, huh?  And boy does it taste great!!
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Great Smoky Mountains Train Ride

This past week, Mr Comforts of Home and I played hooky and spent the day leaf peeping.

We did it a little differently though.  We took a train ride along the Tuckasegee River. The Great Smoky Mountain Railroad train.

On the way to the train station (one and a half hours away), it was foggy and a little rainy, but as you can see from the picture below, it was still a beautiful car ride.

Below is the train car we rode in.

Some pretty fall decorating at the train station.

Still a little overcast as we ride the train along the river.

This is the train wreck from the movie, The Fugitive.  It was filmed at this location, outside of Dillsboro, NC.

About mid afternoon the skies cleared.  It was a beautiful fall day.

Are there any special places you go to during the fall to leaf peep in your area?
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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Got Cappuccino? A Giveaway!

A month ago, my coffee maker died....So, I thought I would get a new one.  But I wanted an upgrade.  I love Cappuccino, Espresso and Lattes.  So I looked for a machine that would make coffee and Espresso combined.

We found one.  Bought it. Brought it home only to find out that the coffee side quit working after two days.  Though the espresso side worked fine. We returned it to the store.

We looked around for another combo and couldn't find one in our area.  So we bought a normal coffee maker.  We also bought a separate espresso machine.  And I am happy to say, that I love both of the machines.

In the meantime, I had entered a HGTV House Hunters contest online.  And guess what?  I won something!!!!

I won a combination Espresso machine and coffee maker.  It was delivered last week. 

Now since I already have a brand new espresso machine and a brand new coffee maker, I want to pay it forward....

I want to pass this brand new, never been open machine on to one of you!  Plus, the frother carafe that came with it.  Here is a picture I found online of one outside the box.

According to HGTV, this is a $155.00 value.

To enter, simply leave a comment on this post for one chance to win.  It is as simple at that.  Only one comment per person please.  Let everyone have a chance.

This contest will end on November 22 November 4th.  Winner announced Nov 5th.  It is my birthday present to you.

giveaway has ended.  winner will be announced Friday Nov 5th.  thank you for entering.
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Saturday, October 23, 2010

So, Where Was It?

You are getting way to good at this guessing game!  Out of 33 comments, 3 didn't guess, 2 guessed wrong and 28 guessed correctly.  Next week, I will try to make it more difficult.

The first picture is the US.  In fact it is a view from a piece of property we own, that we would love to build on someday!  It is in Bostic, NC.  These are the Blue Ridge Mountains, not the Smoky Mountains.  The two mountain ranges are near each other though.

The second picture was taken in San Mareno.   San Mareno is a country situated on the eastern side of the Apennine Mountains. It is an enclave, in Italy

Come back on Monday to enter to win an amazing giveaway!
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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Weekend ~ Where Is It?

Before we start this week's "Where Is It?", I thought I would let you know how this feature came about.

When I was in Italy a few years ago, I fell in love with the architecture, history, art and landscaping.  Then this past spring, I fell in love with France.  Same thing....the architecture, art, history and landscaping.

I wanted to move there...Italy or didn't matter.  It was just so beautiful.

To move to Europe, was just not practical for me.  So, I set my dream aside.  Then one day, I started noticing that I have wonderful architecture, history, art and landscaping around me right here in Asheville, NC!

I noticed a lot of similarities.  So, I wanted to let everyone else see, what I was seeing, in my own back yard.  And you know what?  I bet if you look, you will see beauty, history, art, architecture and landscaping that will rival Europe in your own back yard too!

So, now that you know the history...on to this weekend's - Where Is It?

I am going to show you two similar pictures. You tell me which one you think it is in the United States and which one is in Europe. All of the pictures shown each week, will be pictures I have taken.

Picture One

Picture Two

Which picture did I take in Europe and which did I take in the US?  I will reveal the answer on Monday. 

Two other mentions.
1:  I am having a HUGE Sale at Lavender Hill Studio.  Click on the link to check it out.

2:  I am going to have an amazing giveaway next week, so keep checking back in - or sign up as a follower.  You will be glad you did!

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Backyard Makeover

They other day I showed you a picture of a big machine in our backyard, digging up paths.

So here is how the backyard makeover has progressed so far.


Below, you can see some paths and "rooms" created before the stone was laid.

Below, you can see where the pea gravel has been place in the paths and the "rooms".

In the picture below, we the flagstone has been layed in the "dining" room, and the furniture has been placed.  You can also see the twig chairs around a fire pit in the "living" room.

A closer picture of the flagstone, below.

We want to build a pergola around the dining/kitchen area below.  To the left of the table where there is gravel, but not flagstone that will be where the grill/cooking area will be.

This is an inspiration picture below.  Though I would love to have a fireplace, our fire pit will have to do.  And our pergola, will not be nearly as fancy, I'm sure.

But with sunsets like this one that I took pictures of last night from our backyard, I am sure the pergola we build will be just beautiful!

We also will be doing landscaping, weed killing mulch spreading and grass seed spreading between now and next summer.  And I am sure a lot of dreaming during the snowy winter.

I love to dream....don't you?  Do you have a fall or winter project, indoor or out that you are dreaming about?  I would love to know all about it!
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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Where Was It? And The Blogger Brunch!

Did you know which picture was in the US and which one was in Europe?  There were 31 comments.  1 knew the answer and didn't guess.  15 of you guessed the first picture was the US...and you were right!!  15 guessed Europe.  You are getting better at this!  I need to be a little more tricky next time!  Here are the pictures again without the editing.

This first picture below (I am showing you is from a different angle - didn't want you to see the brick wall) was taken in Asheville, NC at the Screen Door - a wonderful shop filled with antiques and fun things.

The picture below is the uncropped version of picture two and it was taken in Montmarte, Paris, France in a charming little bistro.

Now on to a different subject.  The Blogger's Brunch at my house on Saturday was so much fun!  I can't believe my blogging friends traveled as much as 4-1/2 hours to come here!  We had bloggers from NC, SC and Georgia visiting.  Most had never met each other in person. 

You should have heard the laughing, talking, admiring and loving going on!  There were 15 of us.  I think that might be a record for a blogger get together...don't you?

We had quiche, salad, pumpkin bread, fresh strawberries and cantalope, along with coffee, tea, orange juice and grapefruit juice. 

Then we headed out antiquing.  We went to 6 antique malls!

Here are some pictures of the day.

Here we are.  From left to right.  Front Row - Sam, Penny Rhondi, Diane, Me, Donnie and Kim.  Back Row - Ulrike, Angie, Mary, Sherri, Jeanne, Jennifer and Melinda.

Here are two of the four quiches I served...(borrowed this photo from the other Penny....thanks!)

Below are Rhondi, Jeanne, Melinda, Dianne, Penny and Angie.
Below are some of the husbands that were kind enough to brings their wifes.  Mr. Comforts of Home took them out to lunch and then back to the house to watch football while we shopped.

Here some of us are at different antique malls...

Left to right Donnie, Rhondi, Jeanne and Penny.

Mary and Diane - Ulrike taking a pic.

Angie and Sherri below.

Mary and Ulrike...

and Jennifer....

I had a marvelous time and I am so honored that 13 of you would take time out of your busy lifes to spend the day with me.  Thank you will all of my heart!

If you want to see more pictures.  Click on the links under the group photo to visit the other blogs!

Welcome Home,

Friday, October 15, 2010

Weekend ~ Where Is It?

Weekend ~ Where Is It?

I am going to show you two similar pictures. You tell me which one you think it is in the United States and which one is in Europe. All of the pictures shown each week, will be pictures I have taken.

Picture One

Picture 2

Which picture did I take in Europe and which did I take in the US?

I will reveal the answer on Monday. I hope to also have a post on the Blogger's Brunch that is happening here on Saturday. 
Welcome Home,