Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rock Paper Scissors

The title of this post is:

Rock ~ Paper ~ Scissors

You will see why in a minute.

Here are two pictures of my front landscaping.  We have been working on it this summer.  You saw me dig up sod and spread over 70 bags of mulch this summer.

It is looking really good!  It will fill in more next year.

Have you noticed that I have not shown many pictures of my backyard or back porch?  Well, it is not the prettiest of places. 

Sure the Potager looks good....but not much else.  Here are some pictures of  the way the back yard and back porch look right now.

See the stack of furniture on the left of the back porch?  That is my outdoor dining table and chairs.  It is too big for the porch. 

So here is where the ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS comes in.

This is the rock we have picked out to become a outdoor dining patio.  It is going to go in our back yard between the two pine trees you see below.
In the picture above, you can see a group of chairs...somewhere near there will be a fire pit and gravel seating area.  This is where the PAPER comes in.

This is a rough drawing (courtesy of Mr. Comforts of Home) of how the backyard will look.

And now for the SCISSORS part of this post.

I am going to have to use scissors to trim the herbs and marigolds, so that when they lay gravel between the beds, the plants don't get hurt.

This is all taking place next Monday or Tuesday.  And we have been assured that the work will be done before my BLOGGER BRUNCH that is taking place on October 16th. 

By the way...we now have 15 bloggers coming to the brunch....anyone else out there want to come?  Email me!
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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Some More Fall Decorating

I went to the garden center the other day and picked up a few mums.

I love mums....

Don't you?

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Monday, September 27, 2010

So What Did You Do?

One of my sisters and her husband visited this weekend.  We went antiquing and we also went boating on a mountain lake.

The lake was called Fontana Lake and it is outside of Bryson City, NC.  We could not have asked for a better boating day.

I also did a little fall decorating to the mantel.

Sunday it was raining and cooler, so it is beginning to feel like fall here.

Now, to the answer to "Weekend, Where Is It?"

The first picture was taken in Provence France.

This second picture was taken in Flat Rock, NC at Sky Top Apple Orchard.

The majority of you were correct!  25 of you guesses Europe and 12 guessed USA. 

Come back next Friday for another Weekend, Where Is It. 

I was busy having fun with my sister this weekend and I see I have missed a lot of your posts!  I will catch up with you all later today.
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Weekend ~ Where Is It?

I thought I would start something new. 

Weekend ~ Where Is It?

I am going to show you two similar pictures.  You tell me which one you think it is in the United States and which one is in Europe.  All of the pictures shown each week, will be pictures I have taken.

Here is picture number one for this week.
And here is picture number two.
Which picture did I take in the US and which one did I take in Europe?

Have fun!

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Welcome Autumn!

Welcome to Autumn!  I am ready, are you?
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Monday, September 20, 2010

How To Add Tabs Under Your Header Tutorial

Attention Class....let's get settled in our seats....:-)

This is a step by step tutorial, with pictures, on how to add tabs under your header.  First you will read the step, then you will see a picture of that step.

Class is now in session.

Go to Dashboard
Click on Design (on the blog you want to add the tabs)
Your design or layout page will come up.  Click on the "Add A Gadget" button that is under your header (not the one on your sidebar)

A new screen will pop up.  Click on the "plus" mark next to "Pages"
The Configure Page List will pop up.  The only "page" that will be shown at this point is "home".

Click on "Save" at the bottom of that screen and the screen will close.  Your design or layout screen will be there.

Click on "Posting" at the top left of your layout screen.

Click on "Edit Pages" (not edit post).
Now click on "New Page".
You are now setting up a page.  For example, I titled this page "Tutorial".
At this point it is just like creating a blog post.  You add the copy and the photos you want and then click on "Publish Page" on the bottom left of the screen.
You will get a screen like the one below that says your page was published successfully.  You can now view or edit your page, just like you can a blog post.  When you are satisfied with your page, click "View Blog" and you will now see your new tab you created.  If you want to add more tabs....simply click on Edit Pages again and you can add another tab.

If you want to rearrange your tabs - by putting them in a different order, go back to your layout page and click on Edit on the pages gadget under your header.  See pic below.
When the new screen comes up, your tabs will be there.  You can drag and drop the page titles to move them in the order you want them.
Class is dismissed....:-)

disclaimer - I am not an expert on blogging or design.  These are just the steps I used to create my tabs.
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Sunday, September 19, 2010

What Do You Have For Breakfast?

So tell me, what do you have for breakfast?  Do you eat the same thing every day?

I am trying to find some easy breakfast ideas that are healthy.

Will you share with me?  Pretty please?

p.s. A lot of you want to know how to add the tabs to separate pages under your header, and Pat asked if I would do a tutorial post on how to.  Look for it in the next couple of days.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

French Breakfast Radishes

Fresh from my garden today.....French Breakfast Radishes...

Are these not the cutest radishes you have ever seen?  I am growing these in my fall garden.

This is what I have learned about these delicious radishes.

In France, they would be eaten as a mid-morning snack. The Pennsylvanian Dutch also eat radishes for breakfast, as do the Dutch, Japanese, Koreans and Russians.

This particular variety of radishes was brought to America about 1870; by the late 1880s, it was being offered in American seed catalogues.

The Romans would eat radishes for breakfast sometimes (though breakfast was not a big meal in the Roman world.) The Victorians would have them for breakfast with potted shrimp, toast and cress.

The Dutch in New York in the 1700s would have sugared tea, bread, butter and radishes for breakfast. American colonists would have them for breakfast.

I just have to say they are the best tasting radishes I have ever had.  Mild, with just a little "bite".  Perfect as an appetizer.

I am linking this with Southern in My Heart Inspiration Friday.  Click on the button below to be directed to Vanessa's blog and find more inspiration.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Potager ~ Fall Crop

Last February, in this post
I talked about creating a Potager (French Kitchen Garden) here at my new home.

Then in May in this post I showed you the beginning of the garden.

In this post in July I showed you veggies growing.

Well, now it is September.  Most of the summer veggies have been cleaned out of the garden and new fall crops have been planted.

The Garden Today.
The peas are starting to blossom.
The lettuce is starting to come up.
The green beans just perfect for picking for tonight's supper.
The broccoli is growing - no heads yet.
And the radishes are almost ready to start pulling!
We are going to enjoy this Potager a few more months, I think before the first frost.

Welcome Home,

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Gift Card Winner!

Before I announce the winner of the giveaway, I just want to take a moment to tell you all how much I appreciate you.  I appreciate your visits.  I appreciate your comments.  I love visiting your blogs.  This amazing world of BLOG has inspired me to write more, take more photographs (and I will tell you more about that in another post) and just be more creative.  I thank you for all of that!

Now on to the gift certificate winner.  There were 229 entries and number 15 was the winner drawn by Random.Org.

Number 15 is Vee from A Haven For Vee.  Vee said,

"You are unbelievably generous! I've been a fan since before I started blogging, which was three years last July. I was scouting around for quite a few months before I dared dip my toe in. I loved your work so much and your decorating style not to mention the trips you take us on."

Thank you Vee!  I am a big fan of yours too!  I will be emailing you to find out which Gift Certificate you want.

Thank you all again!
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Monday, September 13, 2010

Creating a Fall Wreath

I went to Michaels today to look for a fall wreath.  The one I fell in love with was $59.00!  Now that is a little a lot out of my budget.  So I walked around Michaels and picked up a few things.

A grapevine wreath for $2.50.  A couple of fall garlands for $3.50 each.  A couple of flower bunches for $3.50 each and a roll of copper ribbon for $4.99 (most of the ribbon, I will use for another project soon, so I think I used about $1.00 of it).

So for about $18.00 I ended up with this.

And you know what?  I love it more than the $59 one!  All I did was wrap the garland around the grapevine wreath.  Cut the flower bunches into individual blossoms and poked them into the wreath and created a bow, that I tied around the wreath.  No muss, no fuss.

Happy Fall, Y'all!

p.s. today is the last day to enter the $50 Anthropologie, Pottery Barn or B&N giveaway!  Click here to enter.
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Only Her Hair Dresser Knows For Sure

Well, and now all of you do too.... This is how I looked a few weeks ago.  Actually this is how I have looked for the past couple of years, because this picture was taken about 2 years ago.
Now, I have had thin hair for many years.  But I usually had it colored.  A few years ago, I decided to go natural.  I actually like the silver color. 

But for the last year or so, I have been getting offered SENIOR CITIZEN discounts!  For people OVER 65!  I am only 56.  Now as much as I enjoyed the savings, I decided that I didn't want to look 10 years older than I am.  So....
So....there you have it.  No more silver.  I decided to post this, so all of my blog friends that are coming on October 16th for the blogger brunch, wouldn't think they came to the wrong house!

On to a couple other subjects.  Melina, from Tales From My Empty Nest. Came to visit last Friday.  She brought me a wonderful bag full of sweet gifts!

See the black toile bag?  That is called a Flora Doora.  To find out more about these great hanging planters visit Flora Doora.

Melinda and I had lunch and went shopping in a neighboring town, called Black Mountain. 
Here we are in a wonderful store called, Maggie McKay.
The store also sold cute custom garden houses.  Don't you love that purple door?

Another wonderful thing happened this weekend.  Sarah from Hyacinths For The Soul had a giveaway a while back, and I won!  My package arrived on Saturday and it was filled with beautiful wrapped gifts.
French glasses, blue transferware plates, French cookies and candies and a sweet vintage tablecloth.  Thank you Sarah!

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