Sunday, November 7, 2010

So Where Is It?

This week was a little harder I think.  There were 39 guesses.  22 of you guessed the first picture was USA and 17 guessed that the first picture was in Europe. 

The 17 that guessed Europe were correct!  Here is the info on the two pictures.

The first picture is in St. Remy de Provence in France.  This is the courtyard of the Maison de sante Saint-Paul de Mausole Asylum.  It was the place that Van Gogh came  
to be "confined" by his wishes in 1889.  He stayed here 10 months and painted 143 paintings and more than 100 drawings during that time.  Some of the more famous are, Starry Night and The Irises.

The second picture is in Asheville, NC.  Some of you were correct in guessing it is at the Biltmore Estates.  Every September they design a beautiful flower "carpet" using more than 100,000 beautiful plants, creating the look of an oriental rug.  (I think I am going to have to stop using the Biltmore Estates as a USA pictures - to many of my NC friends are recognizing it! - And one friend from Australia!!)

This is a lot of fun!  Thank you all for playing along. Come back next weekend for another Weekend ~ Where Is It?
Welcome Home,


Pondside said...

Well that was fun - and I do love to be right!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love your beautiful photos! Would love to visit the places in Europe! Hugs! ♥

KarenHarveyCox said...

Hi Penny,
It is amazing how similar they look isn't it? Well, you are one of the friendships that I discovered early on when I began blogging, and certainly one of the friendships I cannot live without. You are always the first one I visit when I sit down to read blogs.


Donnie said...

Hummmm...I think I'm 0 for 0. That was fun though.

Kristen White said...

Beautiful pics...what gorgeous flowers too!

Kathleen said...

Oh my I love the beauty of these photos!!! K ;)

Blooming Rose Musings said...

Your pictures are wonderful. Such beautiful gardens. You have invented a wonderful game that everyone is enjoying.

My Carolina Kitchen said...

What a coincidence. We stayed in a lovely house right down the street from the Van Gogh asylum when we were in St. Remy several years ago. The grounds of the asylum are gorgeous. We were there in the spring during the time the iris were blooming. What they did to patients of the era inside the asylum was very scary. I'm glad I didn't have a mental illness during the late 1800's.

Love the game Penny and it looks like everyone else does too.

Erin@likegrandmas said...

Yes! I got it!

see you there! said...

My record remains unbroken. I believe I have guess wrong every single time. It is fun to see the comparisons tho.


Darla said...

It is fun, that's for posting it!

Jeanne said...

Darn, I was wrong. My first instinct was to go the other way. I guess I should follow my instinct. I had a feeling that most of your first pics were Europe and that you might be tricking us. Wrong again. BUT, you still might do that huh? Big smile here. I am loving these challenges Penny.

Have a wonderful day.
Love, Jeanne

Sherri said...

Finally I picked right!! What fun this game is!

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Beautiful pics and a fun game...hope I get here in time to play! Happy Fall!


Sandi McBride said...

I was wrong, lol! But it's good to see the complete picture, or as Paul Harvey would have said, "the rest of the story"

Sarah said...

Beautiful gardens, Penny. It's amazing how similar they look. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos. ~ Sarah

FarmHouse Style said...

Both photos are stunning, Penny.

I had the good fortune to visit the Biltmore house once when I was 17. I can still see it's magnificient beauty and grandeur. Now that I am "all grown up" I think it is time to pay it another visit and bring along my Big Girl camera:-)


Kathleen Grace said...

Oops, there goes my streak of good guessing!