Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Great Smoky Mountains Train Ride

This past week, Mr Comforts of Home and I played hooky and spent the day leaf peeping.

We did it a little differently though.  We took a train ride along the Tuckasegee River. The Great Smoky Mountain Railroad train.

On the way to the train station (one and a half hours away), it was foggy and a little rainy, but as you can see from the picture below, it was still a beautiful car ride.

Below is the train car we rode in.

Some pretty fall decorating at the train station.

Still a little overcast as we ride the train along the river.

This is the train wreck from the movie, The Fugitive.  It was filmed at this location, outside of Dillsboro, NC.

About mid afternoon the skies cleared.  It was a beautiful fall day.

Are there any special places you go to during the fall to leaf peep in your area?
Welcome Home,
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  1. We like to go to the White Mountain Range in New Hampshire, but I am not riding the train up Mt. Washington even though I said I'd like to a few months ago. I'd rather take your beautiful train ride...it looks so beautiful!

  2. The countryside you passed through on the train is so beautiful. Funny, I posted a peep of our area myself. I never get tired of looking at pictures of nature.


  3. I have always wanted to do that one! We passed by Dillsboro on our way home, and I mentioned it to my hubby. I believe they also have a mystery/dinner one too which sounds like fun! Glad you had such a beautiful day to do it so you were able to share the photos with us.
    Take Care,

  4. Leaf peeping...I have never heard it called that..so cute! I would LOVE to go ride this train..what a fun day that would be. Your pictures are so pretty! We usually just get in the car or truck and go for a drive up into the mountains. :D

  5. Isn't a train ride just the nicest way to spend an afternoon? We don't have the extreme change in leaf colour here, but still, a drive up over the Malahat is always beautiful - sea, sky, towering trees.

  6. Thank you for sharing this, Penny. My husband has always wanted to do this.

    We try to visit West Jefferson each Autumn. We have been going there for twenty years, and we are never disappointed.

  7. hi penny,

    how cool! i love how through our blog posts we can share our parts of the country and world with one another. looks like a wonderful fall day!!


  8. I loved your pictures. That is how I would love to spend the day. I went on a train like that in Hood Oregon with my sisters. I hope to go up North and get some pictures next year to share, I didn't get a chance this year. It is a very popular thing to do in Minnesota.

  9. Beautiful photos! How long was the train ride?
    WE like to go to a local park, but we havent gotten there yet.

  10. How cool that the train from the Fugitive is there. I had no idea! Have watched that movie many times and now I will always think of your photo when I watch it again.


  11. We always see so much beautiful color everywhere around us we don't bother to go elsewhere. Those mountains call to my heart though. I would love to find a little cabin or lodge in the Smokey mountains this time of year and just drink coffee on the porch, hike and shop:>)

  12. I can think of no better way to see the fall leaves than on a train. What a lovely day, Penny.


  13. Your photos are beautiful, Penny! This is such a neat idea...taking a train ride one day just to LOOK!! I love it!

    I love The Fugitive movie and that train scene was one of the best. I could frame this picture... I am SO in love with Harrison Ford!!


  14. What fabulous photos! It sounds like the perfect trip...and the best weather to enjoy it! We are still at peak and I can't stop taking photos! lol Hugs! ♥

  15. We've taken that trip when it used to come out of Dillsboro. One time Don Jr rented the caboose for his wife's birthday party. We all had a ball. It's a lovely trip and you took some really good pictures.

  16. Cool!! We LOVE going to the Smokies. I didn't know anything about the train. I may have to check that out. :)

  17. I love to go to your area or along the parkway. Still not much color here. I am afraid everything is going to turn brown and let go before it is cool enough to change! How did your brunch go? So wish I could have made it. Just getting back and trying to do some blog catching up!

  18. I would love to do something like this sometime.

    We were sure that wasn't Illinois in the movie but never figured out just where.

    We like to drive the Great River Road along the Mississippi in Missouri and Illinois during Fall. We also like to take the Wine Road (hwy 94) in Missouri.

  19. Such beautiful pics Penny!
    Hubby and I were in the smoky mountains about 11 years ago and it sure was gorgeous!
    We love to go along the Great River Road between LaCrosse and near the Twin Cities. It's just gorgeous!

  20. Beautiful shots, my fave is the river:)

  21. Penny,
    We rode on the same train several years ago while staying in Murphy,NC. It is so much fun!

    Your pictures are beautiful and "whetted my appetite" for our annual "leaf viewing". We will be heading up to Hendersonville,NC on Saturday for some beautiful views, some delicious apples, and a peek at two of my favorite places.....Chimney Rock and Lake Lure!

  22. Hi Penny....what beautiful pictures...we drove back from Jersey down I-81 through Virginia and the trees were just changing colors...I love to see the mountains off to the left for miles and miles...it's so beautiful...

  23. What a fun trip! I did a fall leaf train trip when I was a child and I still remember it like it was yesterday. It really made a big impression on me. Your pictures are so beautiful. Glad you had a great day! Love & blessings from NC!

  24. Thanx for taking us along for the ride Penny! Oh how I miss the changing leaves. This time of year both The Hubster and I get homesick. The boys would have loved the train ride!

  25. So beautiful! My husband and I live near the Blue Ridge Mtns, and LOVE to drive the parkway! Recently the leaves have been changing and we feel so naughty to have something so beautiful so nearby. What a blessing!

  26. Glad the trip turned out so well - I remember you telling us about your plans. Looks so pretty there.

  27. Beautiful pictures! You certainly live in one of the prettiest areas of the country...especially during the fall season. What a fun idea to leaf peep via train. Fabulous!

  28. Beautiful! Makes me want to go to the Smoky Mountains. Gorgeous fall color. ~ Sarah

  29. What a beautiful day! Your pictures are gorgeous! I would love to take a train ride like that and just be able to see sites that you don't get to see from your car.

  30. What a wonderful way to enjoy the autumn scenery!

    We like to drive upstate NY or CT -- jsut a few hours away and a whole different world :)