Thursday, June 17, 2010

Roses are Red, Yellow and White

I started doing this after my friend Mary, from A Breath of Fresh Air, posted a picture of hers a while ago.
Every week I buy roses at the grocery store.  When they are starting to have seen better days, I take them out of the water, attach a ribbon to the stems and hang them upside down in my studio, until they are dry.

I use them as decoration on wrapped gifts.

Happy Weekend!
Welcome Home,


  1. HI Penny! I love this look! Now what will you do with all the dried roses?
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Great idea Penny, plus it's a great excuse to buy yourself roses:)


  3. I love this. It sounds very simple. I'll have to try it.

  4. Now thats a good idea...they are so pretty dried too! Come say hi :D

  5. Hi Penny, Don't you just love to do that . . that's a neat idea to use on gifts. The apricot color roses are beautiful. Sandy:O)

  6. Morning Penny, I just commented on your previous post. I love your dried roses. I used to dry them too. I haven't in a while now. Using them on a gift is brilliant. I will be drying roses again.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  7. Dried roses have such an "atmosphere" to me. There's probably a better word but I'm sure you'll get what I mean.

    Great idea to use them on gifts.


    PS. Thanks for the squash blossom info.

  8. I love this idea, and I always tell myself I will do it, but then I don't. I have so many roses that the thought of choosing overwhelms me.

  9. Yes, I do this, too. The colors remain so lovely for a long time.

  10. Oh, now you've given me an excuse to buy myself some roses! Love the idea - and I wonder if I can do it with the roses from my garden (if the sun ever comes our to stay and the rain stopping beating them.)

  11. Penny,
    Your garden is getting lovelier and lovelier. Oh, and I love dried roses, I have hung them from my bakers rack from time to time. When I lived in Hong Kong I had this huge basket where I saved dried Hydrangeas and roses. Knowing that our shipment would be a month by ship I had to give them away. So, I painted the basket with the Hydrangeas and roses and gave it to my wonderful neighbor Maria. She made me lovely pearl necklaces by hand and gave them to me in a little silk pouch. Whenever I see dried roses I think of Maria.

    You always inspire lovely memories Penny.

  12. Great idea. Your garden is looking great too. Mimi

  13. Hi Penny, great post and wonderful idea to dry your roses like that. Check my last post to see what I did with some roses

  14. Fabulous idea, Penny. I love the look.

    Have a good weekend!

  15. Great idea Penny, I always feel so bad throwing them away!

  16. Penny, I love the look of roses when they are dried like this! They look almost like paper especially the cream colored one. Have a great weekend!

  17. Sometimes I Love the look of the drying roses more than the fresh! I do the same exact thing penny & use them just like you do! xo chris

  18. That's a great idea, Penny! Plus, I love the way they look. I may have to try that and pick some up next time I'm food shopping. I usually do my hydrangeas though and they always look pretty dried.