Sunday, May 23, 2010

Let's Go Out to Lunch and Do Some Shopping!

On Saturday, Mr Comforts of Home and I went to the Biltmore Estate.  They just opened a new section called Antler Hill.  It is a quaint shopping village, that includes a village green with old fashioned bandstand and shops, museum and a restaurant.  The restaurant has indoor or outdoor seating.  We sat outside.

First we ordered an appetizer and a couple of local draft beers.

Guess what the appetizer is?

Fried Pickles!! I have never had fried pickles before.  They were delicious.  Mr. Comforts had fish and chips and I had a smoked beef brisket sandwich.  We ate them before I remember to take a picture.

After lunch we wandered around the little village.  This flower cart reminded me of France.

Next we went into one of the shops in Antler Hill.  It is called Traditions. 
 Look at this great lamp with a screened shade over a chandelier!  How about the wonderful red velvet chair?

Here are some more goodies in the shop.

Isn't this shop Divine?  I did buy something here.  I will show you on Thursday.  I plan on joining Susan at Between Naps on the porch for Tablescape Thursday.
Welcome Home,


  1. are so lucky to live close to Biltmore! I'd have those season tickets if I live closer, too! Thanks for telling us Antler Hill! :-)

  2. Antler Hill sounds awesome! That shop is beautiful. I love Biltmore Village too. And do you ever eat at Chelsea's Tea Room. My favorite!!! Love their desserts. Glad you had a nice weekend. Love & blessings from NC!

  3. Penny, looks like a perfect outing. I've been to Biltmore years ago. Would love to go back sometime. I spied some wonderful black and white ceramics! Want to share the name of the shop? :-)
    Look forward to seeing the tablescape on Thursday. ~ Sarah

  4. Sounds like a great day! Fried pickles, I have never heard of that, there is a place here that makes pickle pie though.I loved all the things in the gift shop, the lamps were beautiful I have a chair in my bedroom the same color as that red velvet one. Can't wait to see what you bought! :D

  5. Oh Penny, just love the beautiful pics you shared . . fried pickles, that's interesting. Love that chair with the peacock pillow . . too pretty. Looks like you guys had fun, looking forward to Thursday to see what you bought. Sandy:O)

  6. GREAT shop!! Looks like you had a great time too. Love the new chandelier. Perfect for that spot. Mimi

  7. Gorgeous pictures Penny! Thanks for sharing your visit to Biltmore! I love pickles of any kind, and those fried ones look delicious! ~Vicki

  8. Is this the shop at the entrance? I have happy memories of that shop. Just gorgeous.

    I love the looks of Antler Hill!

  9. We have been discussing Antler Hill, and I am so glad you gave us a tour. Everything looks charming, and that gift shop looks like a place that would definitely require a purchase.

    I've had fried pickles - and they are yum!

  10. Thanks for taking us along for the outing.

    Sadly, I love fried pickles and even worse, in some places when I've ordered them, they serve Ranch Dressing as the dip!!! It can't be good for me but I just love them!!!

  11. Oh my goodness! First of all, I can't imagine living so close to the Biltmore that you can just run over for the day. That would require airplanes and hotels for most of us. Second, that shop could get most of us in trouble I'm sure. Everything you showed is to die for! Those lamps are the prettiest ever!

  12. Good morning Penny, I love the gift shop you shared today. I am looking forward to a visit to the Biltmore to see the new Antler Hill addition. Our days seem so busy all the time.

    Our garden club plant sale was a great success. I bought a mature rhubarb plant. I am so excited about it. It takes a couple of years to get a harvest from a new rhubarb plant. I paid $4. and I just bought rhubarb for four dollars at the store. Five little stalks. I love rhubarb pie.

    I scrolled down to see what I missed and the chandelier looks so wonderful on your tall ceiling.

    Happy day to you today.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  13. Penny....I had my first friend pickle a couple of years ago...they are so good! Tasting that is! I have always wanted to see Biltmore Castle and want to plan a trip there one day soon. Thanks for the info on Antler Hill! I seen on the travel channel that they have an extraordinary McDonalds near by too. ~Hugs, Patti

  14. Yum....fried pickles. I've never had them before but I love pickles so I know I would love them.



  15. That was a fun trip, Penny! And fried pickles sound good to me. Never had them, but definitely worth a try.

    And I am wildly in love with that chair with the writing on it. I wish I knew the fabric! SO neat.


    Sheila :-)

  16. What a fun time! I love those lamps!

  17. Sounds like the perfect outing. GLad you had a nice time and thanks for taking pictures for us Penny!

  18. Oh, Penny! I've always wanted to go to see The Biltmore! What a marvelous shop and I see so many gorgeous pretties.
    Oh, I love fried pickles. I used to eat them at Sonic Drivein! I don't believe all Sonics have them though.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  19. That looks like a wonderful shop! I have never been to the Biltmore, but hope to one day!

  20. Beautiful! I've lived in upstate SC for 16 years and still have not been to Biltmore. I've always
    wanted to go and hope to one day soon...preferably w/o kids :)

  21. Looks like fun! I can't wait to spend some time there this summer! Hope I see you there...we could have so much fun! ♥

  22. Well that looks like my kind of outing - delicious food, great scenery and a visit to an interesting shop!

  23. We went to the Biltmore about 11 years ago, and the kids still sometimes ask "what was that castle that we went to?" My younger girls called it the "Belle" house.
    How lovely to be so close. It must be so inspiring, as is the wonderful shop you visited. Thanks for sharing with us!

  24. What a great shop, Penny. I love that red chair! I like the chandelier too. I wish I lived closer to the Biltmore, you're so lucky!


  25. Oh Penny, that shop looks like fun. I've never been to Biltmore...maybe someday :)

  26. Looks like a great store! Fried pickles...that I am not too sure of!!!

  27. I would love to browse that shop! The chair with the script? Want it!

  28. I live in California but got to visit Biltmore Estates last September. What a thrill. I want to go back and spend a longer time there. I really didn't get a chance in one day to see the area. Loved your post.

  29. Hi Penny
    I am having fun catching up withwhat you have been doing!W hat a wonderful looking store %he plates you bought there are so cute with the different colored birds. You're lucky to live close to the Biltmore.
    ((Hugs)) Rhondi