Sunday, May 30, 2010


I am playing in the garden today.  Planting some more lavender and some Nandina.

Above is a picture from France.  I couldn't believe all of the beautiful outdoor flower markets there were. 

I have planted sunflowers next to my Potager and they are about 4 inches tall now.
Welcome Home,


  1. I love made weeding fun, I loved to brush up by it and just sit and smell it..Heavenly! Come say hi :D

  2. Last night I fixed all my pots on my deck and got them ready for the summer. I tried lots of new things that I had never tried before and I hope they will do well. My deck gets full sun, so I have to use things that can tolerate the hot sun. Enjoy your day. Love & blessings from NC!

  3. I NEED to be working in the garden and your post makes me feel guilty! Instead I'm playing a bit and taking a break...

    Happy weekend!

  4. That's what's missing from our garden - sunflowers! I'll have to find a sunny place for them, which can be difficult with all the trees. Every sunny inch has been taken by vegetables.

  5. UMMM...Lavender is so so sweet...
    my vision of France is always the beautiful flower markets....:)
    My header today has a flower market in it....

  6. Enjoy !!!! That's what I was doing yesterday .... today, I'm helping the guys open the pool - not nearly as fragrant as planting lavender !


  7. I love the sunflowers in the crate. Gorgeous! I can only imagine how beautiful all those Paris flower markets are.

  8. Penny enjoy your time in your garden! I love gardening it is so relaxing for me! Enjoy!

  9. I plan on bathing in mosquito repellent tomorrow morning and doing some gardening before it hits 90 degrees and starts storming. We,(Earl) planted sunfloweres next to the fence by the chicken house and they seem to be doing very well. I think they will look beautiful. I can't wait to see your potager all full grown and lovely. I always seem to enjoy other peoples gardening more than my own! lol:>)

  10. Oh Yes weeding, It's sort of an on going thing isn't it. Not much planting to do each year as I tend to do perennials mostly but I do have a pack of delphinium and Lupine to plant. Should make a nice show next year.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  11. beautiful, penny!

    enjoy the long weekend