Sunday, April 25, 2010

Playing in the Dirt Part Two

Well, playing in the dirt, became playing in the mud as we had a weekend of rain and thunderstorms.

Saturday morning started out partly sunny and dry, so Mr. Comforts of Home started building one of 4 raised beds.

Mr. Comforts of Home is an engineer.  So we never, ever, ever, ever, ever just plop raised beds willy nilly in the yard.  It takes stakes, string, levels, measuring tapes etc to even begin the process. 

Though as an artist, I do pick on him for his "everything has to be square and aligned and level" outlook, for my Potager, I think he is absolutely right.

Things were moving right along, until the thunder, lightening and rain started.

It will be a few more days before the French Kitchen Garden gets done.

In the meanwhile, here is a picture of our recent trip to France.  This is the gardens of Versailles.  Courtesy of one of our friends (Ron S.) we traveled with. 

Talk about engineering and making sure everything was in line and level....

Welcome Home,


  1. The rain was God's way of making you move slowly. As someone still aching from hauling dirt last week, believe me when I say the rain was a blessing!!!!

  2. Looks like a lot of work, but will be so wonderful when you have it planted and are enjoying the fresh garden produce. I've been at work in my garden all day. Don't have vegetables, but there is plenty of work to do. I could spend every day there and still have more to do. :-)
    Have a great week!

  3. We have had terrible weather all weekend long, Penny. Your raised beds will get done and they will be beautiful!!


  4. Penny, I just have to get on and get to your "site" asap ... everyday! Sometimes, twice! Just to see what you are up to!! and you never disappoint me! I am so stinkin' excited to see your French Garden, I can hardly stand it!! and I am so itching to get at the table I told you about!! the one that you have faith in me to do!!! I will not disappoint you! I will do it! There, I've said it!! I am claiming responsibility of getting it done! and I have you to thank. I'll be watching you!!

    Pink Hugs,
    Dee @

  5. We had an absolutely gorgeous day today but after church we gave up our planned playing in the dirt, part two day, picked up my dear mother and drove about an hour north of our home to spend the afternoon at a historic lilac garden and Victorian home we've always wanted to see in the Spring. No regrets - except now I want the smell of lilacs everywhere in my yard! They were gorgeous!!! I did buy a small one and hope to go back for more as soon as I can decided where to plant a couple of fabulous species.

    I totally understand the stakes and measuring and lining it all up. My sweetheart is a machinest and he works all week with measurements to the millionth of a centimeter, or something like that, so that's what he does at home. Even when he hangs a big picture for me. But we have to love these men who want it done right. They're doing it for us, what can we say?

  6. My darling husband is just like that! Sometimes it's frustrating cause I just want to get things done but I've learned that it's usually way better just to let him engineer the project to his specifications. If you know what I mean...Mimi

  7. Penny, you are going to love your raised beds when hubby gets them done for you. Hopefully the weather will clear up and he can get them finished. The next fun part will be picking out what you want to plant in your beds. Enjoy! Love & blessings from NC!

  8. What a blessing to have a husband who likes helping you accomplish your dreams.


  9. Oh dear, Penny! The Great Dane is also an engineer and has also been working on raised beds - in fact he got them all done while I was away on business last week. I can't say that I'm sad to have missed the fun!

  10. Penny, this is going to be wonderful. And, it always helps having your very own engineer.

    We don't have a garden because of squirrels. They love us. I even have a hard time getting my flowering plants started. They leave the plants alone after they have grown some, but they pull up and gnaw so many when they are first planted. I do grow herbs in our sunroom.

  11. It's coming along just great! Too bad about the rain slowing you down. Hopefully the weather will co-operate for you from now on!