Saturday, March 6, 2010

Spring "Nesting"

This is the first weekend in over a month that the sun is shining and it is not snowing!

Spring is on it's way.

I think I am going to have fun using my side buffet in my dining room as a place to create vignettes.
I gathered some cloches, an apothacary jar, vintage garden books and some faux nests.

Along with a chippy bird candle holder and some fresh tulips, it is starting to look like spring.

Is spring arriving where you live?

Welcome Home,


  1. You have a beautiful vignette there, Penny. I love the nest and the tulips are a breath of fresh air. I love the side table, too!

    Have a great weekend.


  2. Love your spring decorations, Penny. I think cloches are great to decorate with, and the bird nest is so cute.
    The tulips are beautiful!


  3. Ah, yes, It's here - in all its blossomy glory!

  4. Great minds and all that today... Yes! Believe it or not, our temps are about the same as yours and there is spring in the air. Your buffet is going to be a wonderful place for you to have lots of fun decorating. It looks great. Now I have that very same sweet birdbath thingy and I never knew that it was for a candle. It's being used to stage a dresser at the "other" place and now I'll have to tell John that I want it back! Today! :D

    Enjoy this sunny weekend now...

  5. I love the glass cloches so much and tulips are always a favorite of mine...very pretty! Come say hi :D

  6. The vignette looks beautiful Penny! It is sunny and 47 here right now (I'm hoping for 50 before the day ends!) The snow is melting, the birds are singing, I'm so happy I could float:>) Happy Spring!

  7. oh yes Penny all this is certainly a welcome Spring calling card!

  8. Hi Penny!
    Love your pictures! I am glad to say the sun is shining brightly here in Ohio today, melting away all that awful white stuff we've had on the ground for two months! Your blog is how I feel inside today

  9. How great it is to see "brown"!! still have a lot of snow to melt!
    The tulips are definitely a sign of Spring!!! awww, sweet spring! robins! birds chirping in the morning!
    Pink Hugs,

  10. I just put away the last of the winter decorations today. I need to get ready for spring now! Your buffet is lovely!

  11. Don't you just love tulips . . love your Spring display, as usual everything is always so tasteful. Enjoy the rest of the weekend . . Penny thanks for stopping by and come back again.

  12. Love Love Love your spring vignette!!!It's staring to feel like spring here to I live in New York and the temp hit 53degrees today! Martina

  13. Hi Penny
    We definitely had a spring day. I worked out in the yard and we ate lunch on the deck. It was wonderful!
    Hugs, Rhondi

  14. Penny,
    All so pretty.

    Spring Blessings

    barbara jean

  15. Love it all Penny but especially the sweet nest and eggs, the tulips, the books.......well as I said ALL of it!!

    Beautiful weekend here and today I spent a couple of hours working in the garden for the first time this year!

    Hugs - Mary

  16. Hi Penny
    It does look like spring doesn't it? Isn't the sun beautiful...
    I love your vignette with the bird's nests. Thats a great place to set up a special display..
    enjoy the lovely day

  17. Hi Penny; I love your side table,, how pretty it looks dressed up in it's Spring dress.... I am so in love with you bird candle
    We are having some wonderful sunny spring days here,,, hope it lasts...


  18. I love how the one bird nest looks so great on those green books!

    Your place looks lovely.

    Isn't there just something so sweet about nests and birds. They just make me smile.


  19. I have that same chippy bird bowl. I use it all the time for a photo prop! ::Jill

  20. I'm just getting started too. Had plans of starting early BEFORE hubby got sick. Can't wait to get the rest of WINTER put away...Love your pretty spring touches.

  21. I cannot wait for my nest to arrive! And YES Spring is here..almost. Birds are everywhere fighting for nesting's wonderful! My flowers out front are in full bloom. Isn't it great?

  22. Very springy, Penny. We've got more snow coming this week. Mimi

  23. We are still in the middle of snow, but your pictures are lovely and give me a springy feeling!

  24. Your buffet vignette is gorgeous, Penny! I love the bird nests under the cloches.

  25. What a beautiful spring look…
    I am so happy that our days are getting brighter and warmer...


  26. Well, we still have snow on the ground here, but it is promising! Only a few more days! Love your vignette with the cloches and bird nests!

  27. Penny,

    It's 67 here today and I'm praying this is the beginning of Spring.

    Your house is looking great!

    Hugs, Gretchen