Tuesday, February 23, 2010


First, I had quite a few bloggers ask me about my area rugs.  Where they came from, name of pattern, name of company.  So in answer to all of the questions.  They were purchased from Rug and Home.  You can click on their name for a link to their website.  They are located in NC and SC, but they also sell from their website and shipping is Free.  We went to the local store here in Asheville, NC to purchase ours.  Some have asked the pattern or name of each one.  They are not on the label nor the receipt, so I can't answer those questions....

OK, on to the subject of today.  REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT

I have realized that I tend to repeat certain things while decorating.  Colors, of course, but also patterns.  In today's post for example, I am showing you pictures of a pattern that I have repeated through out my home.  It is the HARLEQUIN or DIAMOND pattern.

Here it is in the tile floor in the master bath.  See the black

While we are in the master bath, take a closer look at the leaded glass window, below.  See the diamond shaped pattern in the window?

Recently I showed you this table below, that I painted a harlequin pattern on.

The quilt in my guest bedroom has a red harlequin pattern.

My studio floor....

The tile back splash in my kitchen.

Black and white harlequin pattern on my plates in the dining room.

This is the table in my great room.  It has a diamond shaped pattern under the glass top.

Both the trim on the pillow and the fabric on the chair have a harlequin or diamond pattern, below.

The tassel hanging on my clock key...

The fabric on my dining room chairs....
Repeating this particular pattern was not really on purpose.  It is something that just happened over time.  I find I also repeat scrolls, checks and paisley as well.

Look around your home.  Is there a pattern that you repeat?

Welcome Home


  1. Well Miss Penny diamonds are a girl's best friend. I have the same exact material on my dining room chairs. I recovered them last year.

  2. It is neat how all your diamond patterns have evolved over time. Everything is beautiful and works so well together. Glad to know about that rug shop. Love & blessings from NC!

  3. Penny, that is amazing. I love harlequin patterns, but I don't believe I have it in my home. Now you have me wondering. I'll have to take a look around to see if I am a repeater.

  4. I think repeating is what pulls it all together. You can't have too much of a good thing especially when it's subtle like your diamond love.

  5. Beautiful post, Penny. Loved all the photos!

    Thanks so much for the rug info.

  6. Hello, venho acompanhando silenciosamente teu blog há varios meses. Hoje resolvi sair do silencio e declarar publicamente minha profunda admiração por seus trabalhos em mosaico, divinos!
    O quadro, o piso, a janela, tudo da postagem de hoje está magnífico, demonstrando ainda mais sua elegância, estilo e gosto refinado para o belo!
    Sinceramente, Dolly

  7. This house is going to be so exceptionally pretty, Penny! I tend to repeat checks, and dots too.

  8. Love all your diamonds. I have stripes in my house. Like you said, not intentionally but seems to be how it just happened. My tablecloth has a stiped design, my sofa and chairs are a wide cordoroy design and my bathroom has a striped shower curtain. My colors are South Western...I guess. Sage green, gold, red.

  9. Plaids... I love them. Checks. Stripes. I also love portraits of people and animals, seascapes, landscapes.


    Sheila (who will play catchup on your posts next week when I settle down!) :-)

  10. Hi Penny,
    I think it's just our nature to keep leaning towards the patterns or colors that we truly love. It's what makes us happy in our home. Everything looks is pretty, I am really enjoying seeing all the transformations.
    Take care and enjoy your day, we are having rain today.
    Big hugs, Elizabeth

  11. Hi Penny
    I love reds and the diamond shape looks amazing in the pictures you share.
    Pretty....I know you continue having fun putting your touches to your new home.

  12. Wow,
    That is so cool, but then again I think when you are a decorator, you select repeating designs naturally. I love this design. I love how Kathy's pillow looks in your bedroom.


  13. I just came from seeing BJ's polka dots and had to come see your diamonds! Everything is just beautiful! What a great bathroom window! Your house is gorgeous!


  14. where did u get that cute needlepoint Rooster pillow?? love it.

  15. Your home is beautidful and I think I have always loved your style partly because of your use of the harlequin pattern. I love it too although it shows up as more checkerboard in my home. I am also attracted to polka dots anad find them all over the housse:>)

  16. Repeating never looked so good.

    Beautiful EVERYTHING Penny!


  17. Everything looks so pretty...and I love repeated patterns..
    hugs, bj

  18. This is too much for me! I love the table and those dishes {which I also have} look great in your dining room with the rooster dishes in the front:) I love it all. We have the same taste, you just bring it to life better than I!

  19. You can't go wrong with diamonds and harlequin patterns - they are easy on the eye and classic. I have a side chair upholstered in that same green pattern - never tire of it!

  20. Hi Penny -
    Thanks for sending me this link so I could see the close-up of the coffee table. It's fabulous!