Monday, December 7, 2009

Black and White Studio Floor

Guess what's happening today? My studio floor is going in! I know I talked about painting a harlequin pattern on the floor, but realized that was not the most practical application for a studio floor that gets a lot of abuse. So were are laying vinyl tiles instead.

The chalk line has been snapped and a few tiles were placed down to establish the pattern....stay tuned!

Oh! And all of the toile wallpaper has been finished in the powder room. As soon as the toilet and sink are installed (hopefully in the next day or two). I will show you completed pictures of that room.

Welcome Home,


  1. It's going to look great Penny! I love that floor pattern and know that your studio is going to be such a beautiful place to work in! :-)

  2. The floor tiles in your studio will look great. Can't wait to see your completed powder room!

  3. Oh, I am so glad you found a way to put this design on your studio floor. It is going to be fantastic.

    And, I can hardly wait to see the bathroon.

    You are an amazing lady.

    Did you receive my e-mail the other day?

  4. I'm loving the floor. I think you are will be way more durable this way.

  5. Oh, Penny, the tiles are going to look great! Love them!

    I also love the toile wall paper. Your decorating style is fabulous!


  6. That's going to be perfect for your big studio! Enjoy the week!

  7. That looks and sounds like a terrific idea.

    You are just moving right along, getting things finished. Before you know it, you'll be done!! Then what? Re-decorating? LOL!!

  8. Love the harlequin floor Penny. You are moving right along. It will be good to be back in NC. We aren't coming until Dec. 21st but will stay for a week after the holidays. Will email you to see if we can get together.

  9. Oh I love it already! Can't wait to see the end result.

  10. Everything looks like it is going along smoothly. I like your studio floor. Can't wait to see the finished powder room!


  11. Penny,
    This is going to look amazing. What a fun idea for your floor, and practical too. Love seeing all that you are doing in your new home.
    Thanks for the visit. Fun to know other couples use their Christmas stockings for gift giving. It's a fun tradition! ~ Sarah

  12. I'm loving everything you are doing with your home. This floor is going to look super. Great choice. I can't wait to see the finished Toile Wallpaper.

  13. That's going to look sooo good when it's done Penny!

  14. Now Penny, your home is beginning to look like one of those Designer Homes on HGTV. That powder room looks so dreamy with that wallpaper, and I love the decoration on the front of the house. This floor, OMG what inspiration for your studio!! Penny you are amazing, and so is your home. You even have time to decorate for Christmas. You must be in heaven.


  15. Penny,
    Do you two ever take a break!?! LOL!! Everything is looking fantastic! I can not believe how quickly things are getting marked off of your to do list!

    I just know that we are going to be seeing your home on HGTV someday! It is beautiful and you have such an amazing eye for design!

    Thank You so much for "stopping by" the other day and explaining how to enlarge the photos. I know you are busy so I am so grateful. And you explained it so well I was actually able to do it myself!

    I can't wait to see the finished floor and the powder room.


  16. I cannot wait to see what it looks like finished :)

  17. It looks so pretty and it will be much more durable than paint! I have a teeny back entry, about 4 x 6 feet, that had some pretty tattered old vinyl on it. Ugly! Earl just replaced it with some black & white tiles from Home Depot and every time I go to that door now I smile. I love it so much! Black and white checked floors look so good!

  18. Good morning Penny, I just caught up with your projects and how they are coming along. It all looks beautiful. You have wonderful taste and I love everything you are doing. Love the toile paper in the powder room and now the black and white flooring. A wise move and it is looking great. I especially like the Mark Roberts Santa. So jolly.

    You should see CC. She is sleeping by my feet with her head on her stuffed toy like a pillow. She always like a pillow for her head. She is the best little girl, most of the time but chewing on things is her passion. One more month of chewing, according to the book. Sigh.

    Our cookie day was fun. I will post it on Friday.
    Hugs xoxo, Jeanne

  19. That is a nice color and design on your tile floor. After walking on the carpet, the carpeting color flows to the tile floor.

  20. I can't wait to see your house when all is finished, Penny!

  21. Penny it looks amazing and I know the finished room will be glorious and speaking of gloriouos...ohhhhh that toile wallpaper in the other post...ohhhhh glory that is just beautiful!!!!!!! Love it.. love it.. love it! Merry Christmas to you sweetie! ~Picket~

  22. Great solution! I have always loved those tiles and wanted to use them somewhere.

  23. Hi Penny,
    Oh, I love the floor and the toile wallpaper in the bathroom is just divine!. I am so excieted for you, everything is really comming along and soon will be ready for you to enjoy the fruits of your labor. I can't wait to see it finished.
    Big hugs,

  24. That's going to look so great! My studio is black & white, too, for the most part. I was going to change it when we moved, but somehow black & white seems to be its "look", wherever I am! ::Jill

  25. Penny~we've used the same times in our beach house & in another piece of property we own in the kitchen & it looks fabulous!! I know your studio will look the same & I think it was the smart way to go!!!
    Now wehre is that fabulous bathroom with all those subway tiles on the wall??LOL! lots of hugs-chris

  26. This idea for the floor is great Penny - I know you will love it!