Friday, November 27, 2009

Lighting Up My Life

Remember the post here, where I showed you our new dining room chandelier? We had purchased a whole grouping of lighting for our first floor. Normally, I don't buy things in "sets", but I did this time because every room on the first floor flows into the other and you can see each room from the next. So I wanted a little continuity.

Here is the old living room ceiling fixture. It was a verdigris finish. Nice, but not the look I was going for.

Here is the new living room light. It hangs from the ceiling about 7 inches. The glass has a old golden cast to it. The iron is finished in a old brass patina look.

Standing in my dining room you can see a part of the new dining chandelier, the foyer light (which is an exact copy of the living room light) and the living room light.

On the the kitchen. These are the old pendant lights that hung over the counter. They were silver with white glass shades.

Here are the new lights. They have the same vintage brass iron look, with old golden glass shades. I love the way they blend with the tile back splash.

Across from the kitchen is the eat in kitchen area. Below is the old chandelier. It was silver with white glass shades also. (Ignore the mess on the table - this was about a month ago when I was still unpacking).

I mentioned one of my sons is here visiting and he and Mr. Comforts of home installed the new chandelier over the kitchen table.

It is a smaller version of the one over our dining room table. This one only has 6 lights instead of nine.

This weekend I am going to do a little Christmas decorating. What are your plans?
Welcome Home,


  1. I love all those lights, especially the ones over the bar. I think you picked the perfect ones and were smart to have them all in the same finish. Your kitchen is just gorgeous! Love the table and hutch!

  2. I love your lighting choices. Perfect! They go great with your Country French home. Very very nice! Enjoy your Christmas decorating. I'm finished except for one more live tree. Then I'll be sharing it on my blog. Blessings!

  3. The lighting looks really lovely Penny - I like how they all tie together when you can see them at the same time. The pendants are beautiful for the kitchen.

    Hope your Thanksgiving was great with your son - he deserved his dinner after helping K with the work!!

    I'm home again now - nice trip but always good to be back.

  4. Oh what pretty fixtures! Your new home is looking just penny! I know it is stunning.
    Grace went to the big tree lighting and parade in Daytion tonight..went with her BFF's family. Bill and I went with friends to check out some pretty. I also did some Black Friday shopping but from home in my PJs! I foound 3 HUGEdeals on Amazon and got free shipping I am thrilled! *laugh*
    I hope your Thanksgiving was sweet!

  5. Love all your new chandys Penny! I also love your red china cabinet as well!

  6. Your lights are all so pretty; my favorite ones are the ones over the bar! Okay, now I want new lights!

  7. Penny, I just love all your light fixtures. I'm not much of a matchy-matchy person either, but I think you were absolutely right to go with a set this time. It looks beautiful.

  8. Gorgeous fixtures. They look so great in your new home. My plans for this weekend are to finish digesting my Thanksgiving dinner! Next week I'll be dragging out the Christmas decorations. Mimi

  9. wow Penny, i just love the color paint in your living room!! mind giving up the name and brand. its lovely. :)
    hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving

  10. The new lights are beautiful! I especially love the kitchen pendants, wow! This weekend I plan to do a little Christmas decorating but we also have to remove everything from the dining room so the plasterer can come next week to fix the "skylight", lol. It's going to be a busy week. After the ceiling gets fixed I will need to paint the dining room so I'm also thinking about a new color there. I sure wish this had happened a different time of the year, because you know if I put another color in there it's going to mean new window treatments and, well I may paint the kitchen too. Hoooboy:>}

  11. Hi Penny,

    Your lighting is perfect and flows from room to room in perfect harmony. The beautiful North Carolina Christmas tree farm makes me homesick for the mountains. I decorated my garden yesterday and today plan to decorate my house for Christmas.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  12. I love your light fixtures. It's amazing the difference something "little" like a light fixture makes in pulling a room together, isn't it? I was wondering... and thought you might know... have you ever used a red lampshade? I've got a fairly boring but nice brass lamp in my living room and have thinking about throwing caution to the winds and buying a red lampshade to replace the pleated white one. I don't want it to look like a bordello at night, though. What do you think, o lighting guru? Lol.

  13. What a pretty look…
    And so much better…


  14. Well done! I like the view of the three lights in a row, as it perfectly illustrates what you aimed to achieve.

  15. Penny - Your light fixtures are p.e.r.f.e.c.t!!! You chose just the right ones and I love the way they all coordinate. I've always felt light fixtures can make or break a room. Yours certainly add something special to your gorgeous new home. ~Adrienne~

  16. Amazing how much a change of a fixture can do for a room. They are all beautiful.

  17. Hi Penny! We just walked in the door from our Thanksgiving trip to Texas. We are pooped and ready to have a little normal now.

    Your home looks just gorgeous! It's so much fun to see your progress. Looks like you and Mr. Comforts are enjoying it too.

    I can't thank you enough for the darling pillow!

  18. I have the same plans as yours! Penny, this house has sooo much character. Of course you two are giving it that character! I love the way those lights in the kitchen have that metal work that looks scrolly and sort of like plant hooks. Never seen any like that before! Happy decorating in your new home!

  19. Great job, Penny. I love that the look flows from one area to the next. It all looks stunning.

    I've been busy decorating since Thanksgiving. Still more to do.

  20. Catching up......enjoyed all the pictures! I love your new header and photos.

  21. Your lighting is lovely,I love your chandeliers, and the kitchen lighting the best.


  22. Beautiful lighting, Penny! Your home is coming along beautifully!

  23. I love your new light fixtures! Where did you get the one over the kitchen table? I've been looking for one like that but haven't been able to find one.

  24. Penny,

    Your home is coming along soooo nicely! You and your husband are pro DIYers! My husband and I have been looking for a home to renovate as well. We just finished a "flip" and are ready to do it again- this time for ourselves.
    I love the lighting choices! I have a thing for light fixtures. My husband said we need more rooms just for all of the fixtures I want!! LOL!!

    I also love how large the photos are on your blog- you can see so much more detail. How do you get them so big? My setting is on large but they aren't even close to this!!

    Your garland looks amazing! Adore the vintage ice skates!!!