Saturday, October 31, 2009

Oops Paint, Cactus and Shopping!

Yesterday I painted the primer on the master bathroom walls.

Today I started to paint the actual color - Dover White by Sherwin Williams. As I started trimming the walls, I could see that this paint was just toooooo creamy for the room. It almost looks pale yellow against the white subway tile.

So I stopped painting and drove to Sherwin Williams with a piece of subway tile. They came up with a pretty good match and I will start painting again tomorrow.

In the mean time, I snapped a couple pictures of my Christmas Cacti...I think they are really Halloween Cactus :-). They are both blooming beautifully!

OH! And yesterday, I took a few hours off from working on the house and went shopping!

I bought some more goodies for the master bedroom and bath. As soon as the tile is grouted and the walls painted I will show you what I bought.
Welcome Home,


  1. Penny, thanks for sharing your progress with all of us! It's inspiring. I've had all three of your sites bookmarked for ages, but I don't think I've ever dropped by to comment. LOOOOOOVE your work!--Cheryl

  2. The light can make such a difference in color. I just brought my christmas cactus inside for qwinter, so far no buds but I think mine don't usually start to bud and blossom until the end of Nov. Now, what could be in those tasty bags? Hmmm?♥

  3. Don't you just hate to have to stop a job and run to the store for supplies? Especially when the color is wrong? It usually ruins the momentum I've had for the project and takes a bit to get going again. My Christmas cactus is full of blooms and I'm enjoying watching the 'show'.

  4. Oh, Penny, it's great seeing the progress going on in your new home. But I'm a little ticked! You're a little tease! I wanna see what's in those bags! :) I'll wait patiently, shoot! :)
    Your cactus is so pretty.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  5. C'mon Penny - open up those bags!!!
    It's a good thing that you are within driving distance of the paint shop - imagine if you'd had to wait for a week or so to remedy the paint situation!

  6. Penny,
    You got me inspired to paint my kitchen yellow last week. Now I have to decide what other changes I want to make. Whites can be difficult to match up. Good luck!

  7. Oh Penny, your house is going to be gorgeous. I love the bathroom and the progress you've made is amazing. I think the pieces you chose for your dining room are prettier than the designer pieces.

    Hugs, Gretchen

  8. White is such a hard color to get right.
    I am looking for the perfect white for my kitchen…

    The one we used had too much green in it so I will be repainting next spring.

    I really love the look of your bathroom….
    Cannot wait to see what you bought.


  9. Penny, I had to laugh at Shelia's comment about being "ticked". Just imagine - our Shelia ticked. She is so funny.

    Now hurry up and paint so that we can see more, more, more. ;-)

  10. OH NO! :) YOU know how I hate being in suspense! New curtain? Rugs? Other goodies? Yikes! HURRY!!!

  11. Oops! I meant to comment on the Christmas cactus! I need to get another one as I left mine behind when I moved. Accidently! It was hanging in the tree and doing beautfully and when I think of it, I hope the new owners appreciated what they had. sigh....

  12. And it's sitting on that beautiful red and white mosaic table I so love!

  13. Once I had a halloween easter lily. It was a little confused. Things are moving right along. Mimi

  14. Looks like those cactus are happy and healthy. Can't wait to see what's in those bags.

  15. Hello Penny, I have a Halloween Cactus too. It is in full bloom. I am not at home to take a photo. I think I mentioned I am visiting our dtr. Jax, FL. For a change, I AM THE COMPANY, and loving it. BIG smile here.

    I am thinking about your white bedroom. I know you love color so I am patiently waiting to see the finished room. Knowing your sense of the perfect decor, I know I will love it, even the white!!!

    Have a great time shopping. I intend to shop like crazy here. We DO NOT have shopping in my little corner of the mountains.

    Love and hugs, Jeanne

  16. Hi Penny,
    I love seeing the progress! Can't wait to see what's in those bags.

    Your cactus are beautiful!


  17. Beautiful plants - you have a green thumb as well as creative mosaic making hands Penny dear!

    Paint colors are so hard to choose - they change color with the light in the room. Hope the new choice works out with the tile.

    I painted the chair and at first thought it too white however some of the wood stain seem to leach through in places giving it the perfect worn look I wanted, so along with the distressing on the edges and then a nice polish with clear Briwax part is done! Taking it back to the upholsterer tomorrow - hope they do a good, make that great, job!

    Hugs - Mary

  18. My Christmas cactus are all blooming too...they are so pretty