Sunday, October 18, 2009


What makes a house a home? A lot of love....a little bit of soul and some personal touches. Here are some pictures of the home we just recently sold, before we moved out.

The living room.

The eat-in kitchen.

My studio.

Today we went to our old house and cleaned it. We vacuumed, dusted, cleaned the bathrooms, spackled the picture holes and painted. We wanted our house to be ready for the new owners to make it their home.

Our old house is not our home anymore. We have taken the home out of the house and brought it too our new home.

What makes a home?

After we moved out the furniture.....
Master bedroom
My studio

Eat in area of the kitchen

A home is, heart, soul and a little but of "comfort". Don't you agree?
Welcome Home,


  1. Hi Penny. :) I've been out of town a few days and I'm just trying to catch up with everyone.

    I do agree about what actually makes a home. Once you move the people you love and the things you love out, it's just a shell.

  2. Hey Penny; What a lovely post, I really enjoyed reading it, and the photos.... When we moved here, and only had a few of our things, it still made our new place our home.. just can't wait to get the rest


  3. So very true. What do they say? A house is made of brick and stone, a home is made of love alone. That and memories. Mimi

  4. So very true. What do they say? A house is made of brick and stone, a home is made of love alone. That and memories. Mimi

  5. You've been invited! Come celebrate your home with us in "Show off your cottage Monday"!


  6. I so agree! Soon you will be all settled and loving your new home! Can't wait.

  7. I've moved out of many, many homes and each time I'm a little sad to leave. I hear the echos of happenings from months and years before. So glad you have a new and beautiful home to create new sounds!!
    Ladybug Creek

  8. Yes, I agree, and a home is about the kindness of people like you and your hubby who took the time to spackle the holes, clean the house, and make it so nice for the new owners to enter it with a smile on their faces to make it their own nest. I always try to do that, too, Penny, and one time, the people who bought the house actually moved in and then invited us for dinner that night. It was that clean and immaculate. That felt GOOD! :-)

    I know your home's new owners are going to be singing your praises!



  9. Hi Penny,
    Yes in deed, I very much agree with you!. Its all about the love and family. I have been away from my computer for a few days, Gary and I had them unpluged due to the new office cabinets we were having made and installed. We had to move everything out of the office. Boy or boy did we have a lot of junk in one tiny space!.
    I thought about you pack and unpacking as I was moving everything out and back in. One good thing about moving, we were able to get rid of three large bags of old papers and stuff.

    Take care and enjoy your week.


  10. A home is certainly ll about the people who live in it and share their love. It looks like you left the old in good hands and will make the new one glow!

  11. Well said! Its the people that make a house a home, not possessions X

  12. Your old home was beautiful too. I remember when we moved to this house from our old one. We were there for over 18 years and raised our kids in it. When I went back to clean it up for the last time it was so cold and empty, but full of memories for us. It was sad leaving the old house, but we have and are making new memories in this one.


  13. I'm not at all surprised that the two of you would be so generous with your time in fixing up your previous house. You are definitely kind-hearted and always keep a beautiful home - my goodness, your new home is immaculate already......and you're still moving in!!

    How fortunate the new owners are to arrive and find what will become their house already on the way to being a beautiful home.

    As I've said before, "home is where you make it", no matter the size, the location, the furnishings etc. It's the people who live there, the love they bestow on the bricks and mortar, and the warm welcome they offer when a visitor crosses the threshold.

    Again, Penny and K, thank you for welcoming us that way.
    Warmest of hugs - Mary

  14. Hi Penny
    I always feel sad when I see an empty house. The house has no heart anymore. A house needs people to live in it and give it life. It is ready to give a full life to anyone who will live there. I hope the next owners put life into your old house.
    I'm glad I saw it when you still lived there.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  15. I do agree with you about a house vs. a home.
    However, I must add that my house that I am in now will
    always be my home if I live in it or not.
    We built it, we planned it, it was a dream of ours to build a house/ home.
    The molding in our house my hubby did and was copied from a very old house on Cape Cod.
    The outside doorframe that surrounds the front door was copied from yet another antique house also done by my hubby.
    I can remove all that is in it but so much of us will remain…
    We do plan to sell it soon, but I know it will always have a wee bit of my heart left inside.


  16. Oh so very well said Penny! Thank you for the reminder. Blessings to you in your new home that's not just a house any longer.

  17. cindymeguiar@yahoo.comOctober 19, 2009 at 3:27 PM

    I agree! I have certainly discovered that is the case since we are a "parsonage" family. No matter what house we move is our family that makes it our home. Beautiful post!

  18. Hi Penny, you are so right and I agree with Mary that it doesn't matter what size or location it is. A house is what you buy, a home is something you make and the wonderful thing is we all like to make our homes a reflection of who we are. Looking forward to seeing your new house becoming your new home! take care, Maryann

  19. Penny, I could feel you holding back tears...but that's how it is with us women...we tend to love and you had so much to love the new owners will have a great space to work with, thanks to you and your DH
    can't wait for more pics of the new heartthrob!

  20. I agree with you. Family is what makes a house a home. An empty house is a sad one indeed.

  21. I agree, Penny! A house isn't a home until a family moves into it. Your new home will bring you many years of bliss and contentment, I know. Have a happy day.


  22. Good evening Penny, I know you will have a wonderful new home as you arrange your furniture and make it your own. I am sure there were a few pangs when your previous home was empty.

    Your new home will definitely bring you comfort, love and all the things that make a house a 'home.'

    I left a comment on your post when you met Mary and her dh. I was envious of your wonderful time together. I did have a wonderful weekend with our children.

    Hugs xoxo, Jeanne

  23. This is a very touching post,Penny.
    So true~

  24. Yes, I agree with all comments about the home! So happy for you! Kerrie

  25. I know you'll enjoy making your new home pretty and comfy! I can't wait to see photos with your furniture!

  26. I left a comment down below...just wanted to say once again how thrilled I am for you both. Welcome Home.

  27. For the last hour I have been "touring" your new home! Congratulations, it looks wonderful. I just found your blog and after I read your post I went back to follow your journey. Good luck with all the future projects. I look forward to seeing what is to come!

  28. I so agree, Penny. It's sad to see the empty house but I'm sure someone else will make it their "home".

    Enjoy your new home!


  29. A home can be made anywhere. I totally agree with you Penny. A home is all of what you said, but mostly family and a whole lot of love.

  30. I'm thinking..."Did she leave those cute buffalo check panels for the new owners?" They are so cute!