Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Schedule

I ordered the black and white toile wallpaper today for my powder room. Remember, I got my inspiration from the picture below. The wallpaper will probably arrive this Friday. But I am thinking that it won't be installed until after we move into the house. We have so many NECESSARY things to complete first.

So many things are going to be happening soon at our new home. It is hard trying to juggle all of the contractors. Today the hardwood floor is going to have the final sanding and buffing.

Here is what the rest of the schedule looks like. We are cutting it close!

October 1st - Phone Turned On

October 2nd - New appliances delivered and installed.

October 3rd and 4th - Painting contractor is painting the 2 story living room and both stairways.

(I don't have a ladder tall enough to paint those spaces)

October 5-7 - Carpet is being installed in all of the bedrooms and upstairs hallway

October 12 - Movers come and pick up and deliver our furniture.
In the middle of all of this, I am still painting. I have the baseboards, doors and windows to paint crisp white in two more bedrooms, before the carpet gets installed.
Then I have to paint my studio (including the floor - more on that later).
Things I still have to do that can wait until we move:
Paint living room
Paint dining room
Paint kitchen
Install tile back splash in kitchen
Install tile back splash in the laundry room
Tile the fireplace with the travertine tile and build the mantel
We are not sure if the master bath will be done before we move. But we have another bathroom that we can use, so that is not a priority.
I have to remember to BREATHE too. :-) Thanks for hanging in there with me!
Welcome Home,


  1. Wow - I'm worn out just from reading your schedule! Hope everything goes smoothly for ya'll. Love the wallpaper and the inspiration photo for your powder room and can't wait to see how you make it your own!

  2. Hi sweet Penny~~
    Goodness gracious! You have been one busy gal. Wow! I have caught up with your posts and am amazed at how much work you have done in such a short amount of time. Sorry to hear about the leak, too. Insurance companies can be so disappointing. They want your money, but won't back you when you need it.

    Keep up the good work. I am sure that you will have everything just perfect when all done.


  3. Please do remember to breathe and if you can enjoy it!!I know it will be beautiful and worth the labor and love put into it! Can't wait to see the toile paper up and all the rest!

  4. I'm glad that's not my schedule! I'm worn out just reading it! Problem is, I have moved so many times myself that I remember all too well how hectic and tiresome it can be. The bathroom photo is handsome. I'm sure your room will be beautiful too. Have a wonderful week.


  5. Omigosh what a schedule. My dear In-Laws had a fire in March and are still waiting to move back into their home. They've been staying in a hotel all this time, poor things. Can't wait to see more of your progress!

  6. I'm so glad you are using the black and white toile - and I'm glad you are going with wallpaper. I've been thinking of updating the wallpaper in one of my bathrooms. 9 years is long enough!

    I hope you are enjoying the process. We are glad you include us. :)

  7. Love that new wallpaper. I am working this week to take off some that has been on one of our bedrooms since the early 80's. YUCK!
    In hight school, I used to attend a church camp outside of Hendersonville. It is a beautiful place and I am sure you will miss the area. We all look forward to all of the excitement in your new home.


  8. Yes, breathe and enjoy it! You new home is so beautiful, and with your good taste and talent it will be breath-taking. But it's not a race, so yes...breathe!

    By the way- the wallpaper you picked out for the bathroom is so pretty!

  9. Breathing is good! The toile bathroom is going to be fantastic. I love wallpaper!

  10. Hi Penny
    So much to do! Just keep in mind how great it will be when you get settled in.
    Don't overdo it.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  11. Wow..........I'm exhausted just reading it. It will all fall in place though so take it as easy as you can and enjoy!

  12. Yes, Penny.......breathe!!!
    I'm heading off on a slow boat tomorrow, (see my blog post) and will hate to miss the unfolding schedule. I'll have a big catch-up when I get back. Good luck with all the work - it'll be gorgeous!

  13. You have a lot on your plate, Penny, and I agree, Breathe!! And remember, even with the headaches, someday you and your husband will be sitting on that front porch and one of you will say, "Remember when we moved in?". And they will be fond memories, I'm sure of it!


  14. That is a lot! Just remember to breathe like you said. It is going to beautiful! I love the wallpaper!

    Take care,
    Lee Laurie

  15. I'm pooped sitting here on the couch just reading all the stuff you have to do....God Bless you and your endless energy...

  16. i love an action list! i have even put together an itinerary for my boys' birthday party. i'm not crazy-rigid about following it but it helps me to sort everything out and know what i need to have and do. looks like you might relate!

    happy fall and way to go on the moving and grooving!


  17. Love the toile wallpaper! Your blog is lovely & your mosaic work is beautiful!

    Take Care,


  18. I did the chair rail in our first house dining area. I loved it. I love toile. But it was half a wall. otherwise i do not have very good luck doing full walls. Wallpaper is becoming really hot again, but i am scared to do it. It never works out for me. But i bet you will do a great job. your house is going to be glorious... mishelle

  19. Penny! You've worn me out! You've got a lot to do on your list, but I'm just so excited for you! You'll be in your new home before the holidays and you'll have so much fun putting it all together! Can't wait to see it all Pennyed up! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  20. WHEW! You've made me tired just hearing all that you've got to do. It's so rewarding when it's all done. Have fun. Mimi

  21. I'm a new visitor and follower ... I was jumping from blog to blog & somehow I ended up here! Glad I did. Sorry I missed the whole house hunting saga, but look forward to see how the new house takes shape! Love the toile! What a crazy schedule you have; good thing you don't plan to do it again anytime soon!

  22. Oh my, things are piling on aren't they? Remember to take a deep breath and try to find some time for yourself in all this work. Black Toile in the bath? I can't wait to see it, because you know I love black toile:>) I can't believe you are finding time to share all this with us!

  23. OH~~~ The wall paper is so beautiful. I'm sure your bathroom will be just a beautiful as inspiration picture.

  24. Good golly! That quite a crazy schedule! I can't wait to see the toile bathroom!


  25. Oh I am so glad this is you and not me...now I would like to buy a house from you!

  26. OMG Penny - please keep breathing! I love the updates - I can follow along with you. My knees hurt already with the mention of painting baseboards! ☺ Diane

  27. So much to do and so very ambitious, but I know it will look gorgeous when you and Kent are done. Enjoy the process and take photos all along the way, not just for us but to remind you how far you have come on the adventure.

  28. Hi Penny,

    You are a very busy girl these days! I'm tuckered just reading that list! Oh but just looking at that pretty wallpaper can give a girl strength ;)


  29. Hi Penny ~ You are going to be one busy lady for quite a while! Good luck with everything - and I can't wait to see how that wallpaper looks. :)

  30. Wow! You are so ambitions and talented!!!!! I had one room to paint and I hired it done. I so do not like to paint, therefore I am so bad at it. When I paint it looks like a five year old did it. Pace yourself so you don't wear yourself out.

  31. Woo hoo...I love your schedule. I just had a flash of memories of when we arrived in Hong Kong, we were living in the Suites hotel at the complex where our flat was. Not an ordinary flat, 2700 square feet of nothing but a dark box. I got the keys early, so Ned and I went and ordered furniture, and drapes to be installed. We had to go and buy every new appliance because of the different voltage there. Then we had to arrange for delivery men (who often only spoke Cantonese). I had to learn about Sarah's school, outfit her in her little uniform and find things we needed at the market. Then our shipment from America was due to arrive. I still get a thrill when I remember the fun of organizing everything, facing the trouble shooting and the sense of accomplishment I felt, when it was complete.

    I love your schedule, and I wish I were there to deliver a basket of popovers and a spot of tea on moving day. I love reading what you are up to now, my favorite thing to do, moving. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to share this adventure.

    P.S. take notes, or refer to these, hmmmmm maybe tips for your book.


  32. Wow Penny;;; I hope you do take time to do a little breathing...lol that is one huge list,,, I love the black and white Toile wallpaper,,, it is going to be gorgeous... I love you taste in decorating... can't wait to see more photos.... how exciting!!

    take it easy....

  33. That's a busy schedule! I bet you can't wait until it's all done and you can sit back and relax! I know everything is just going to be beautiful in your new home!

  34. I think you and Kent will definitely be ready for a break when we arrive.......at least I hope so! Please be careful, with so much happening you certainly will need to stop and breathe.
    Hope all goes to plan....one beautiful home is underway and I'm going to love seeing what you've done Penny.

    Hugs, Mary.

  35. The toile wallpaper will be gorgeous! You definitely have an eye for decorating in your home!