Thursday, September 17, 2009

Painting Closets and the Fireplace Redo

When you are painting a room....say a you paint the closet? Sometimes I do, sometimes not. But moving into this house, I wanted it to look spanking clean. As you can see from the picture below, this walk in closet had a budding Picasso as a resident. You can click on any picture to enlarge.

So here is a before shot....

And here is the after below. This room is an extra room, that we will probably use as an exercise space. We have both put on some weight and tend not to exercise, so we are going to get a treadmill or something for this room. The color of the room is Lowe's,Olympic Paint called Dancing Light. So the closet was painted the same color.

I promised yesterday to show you the progress of the fireplace. It is looking pretty good. This picture was taken from the upstairs loft. The faux fireplace chase has been covered with drywall,, mudded and taped.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I will be working on the house...What will you be doing? I would love to know your plans!
Welcome Home,


  1. Your fireplace looks just like your inspiration photo and I love the color of your paint - it looks so light and airy! I'm sure that ya'll are working hard on getting your new place ready to move in, but I bet you're enjoying every minute of it.

    We have been updating our house - paint, etc. and had to take a break from painting because of all of the rain here in Arkansas. So hopefully, this weekend I can get back to it again!

    Looking forward to your next update.

  2. I love what you are doing with the fireplace and the closet looks great! We are starting a big garage sale tomorrow! Don't you need some more stuff? lol

  3. Hi Penny. I had to laugh at the little artist's renderings on your closet wall! I had a couple who did this same thing long ago! :)
    That's a nice soft color you painted on the walls. Your fireplace is coming along! How wonderful it's going to be.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. I'd be painting closets too, given the luxury of an empty house and the time to do it. You'll be so happy, once they're full, knowing that they're clean, clean clean!

  5. Oh, yes. I always paint my closets. I love the paint color.

    And, the fireplace chase is going to be so awesome. I am having so much fun with you.

    We have a busy day ahead. My husband is at the dentist right now. And, we have to take my mother to the DMV. She can't find the title to her car.

    Thank you for the good wishes. We have been blessed with thirty-nine years of wedded bliss.

  6. The fireplace is looking so good! I can't wait to see it painted! Your closet looks lovely!

    We're installing a new toilet downstairs. Something we've never tackled before. Everyone says it's super easy...we'll see. Plumbing projects in this house never seem to be as easy as in other people's homes!


  7. You are building the kind of fireplace that most of us just swoon over in magazines. Keep it up!

  8. WOW! Your fireplace is looking awesome!!!! I can't WAIT to see it completed!!!!!

  9. Well, since you asked....we will be going to Ogunquit Maine for a long weekend of R&R to celebrate our 18th Anniversary.

  10. I just had my bedroom painted and had the closet done as well. It was 22 years since the last painting so I figured it was due. I don't paint. The last time I painted I got green paint all over my white ceiling so I thought it best to retire!

  11. You are leaving no stone unturned! It does look better.

  12. It just is so exciting Penny! I know you are so busy with it all but what a joy it will be to see completed! I can't wait to see the results!
    I need to send you an email about the BD trip...


  13. Love the paint color! I tend to paint the closets too - they look so fresh after a new coat of paint.

    The fireplace is coming along so quickly! It's fun to "watch" your home come together!

  14. My closets so need painting. The hardest part is taking everything out. Putting things back in would actually be fun though... so many things wouldn't make the cut.

    Love the calm color choice.

  15. That must have been a wild child that lived in your home...... goodness. Love the color..... and the name perfect for an excise room.
    That fireplace is going to be so awesome....... things are taking shape.
    I am working this weekend also. Getting ready for First Monday. This will be our busies time.... all year so I am working on having a huge inventory....
    Don't work too hard..

  16. The fireplace is going to be stunning, and with that cathedral ceiling, it is the perfect height. Have a great weekend Penny. I am building a blog for a friend tomorrow. I just started teaching blogging and setting up blogs for people. I want everyone to move into our the land of Blog.


  17. Looks like things are coming along nicely. You are so lucky you didn't have to move in before the projects are finished. That's always such a mess. Mimi

  18. The house is coming right along! I need to paint my closets too but I have too much to do so I just quietly close the doors on them for now:>)

  19. Great color, I love that name Dancing Light.

    Enjoy your weekend,


  20. That fireplace is going to be just gorgeous! So elegant and dramatic. It sounds like you are really enjoying your new projects, Penny! Thanks for sharing it with all of us. And now I have to go paint my closet, LOL, cause I just looked in there and it's BAD.
    Cheers, Andrea

  21. Hi Penny,
    I am back again. I just wanted to say that when I set out to visit blogs, I always say to myself (wonder what Penny has posted), you have such a way of inviting people into your life. When your home is comfy cozy complete and you have settled in your lovely abode, you should think about writing. Writing because we all love the comforts of home, and you have such a special gift of making us all feel right at home.

    Well, now don't thrown that shoe at me, because you are probably exhausted after painting closets, and cleaning up a storm. Yet, your gift is really really special.

    Have a beautiful weekend.


  22. The fireplace is going to be fabulous!

  23. Penny
    Great job on the closet. It looks very spankling clean! Good choice.