Saturday, September 19, 2009


Today, the hardwood floor refinishers were at the new house sanding the floors. So no painting for me. Today I started packing.

Did you ever notice that once you start removing pictures from walls and books from the shelf, that it starts looking a lot less like a HOME and more like just a HOUSE?
And did you ever notice how much 100's of decorating books weigh?
Welcome Home,


  1. HI Penny; I know what you mean,,, I still have quite a few of our things back in Ind... I hope your moving is going smooth,, I have been enjoying seeing the progress of your new home.. I can't wait to see it all done.. I bet you can't either,,, lol' have a great weekend...

  2. I have noticed that, Penny!

    Your packing looks so organized! You inspire me!

    Happy packing and happy weekend!

  3. Being a military family, we have moved several times but now after living 15 years in our present house I can't even imagine having to move again! It would take us months! Good luck with yours. Can't wait to see your newly finished floors.

  4. You seem so organized and deliberate in your moving, I can tell you have done this before:>) I would be all in a dither about it and probably would need to just throw a great number of things away! After living in this little house for 28 years (!) I do sometimes look around and wonder how difficult it would be to move everything. That is when I usually start filling boxes for Goodwill.

  5. Oh, Penny...yes, remember when we had our carpets cleaned a few weeks ago and I moved almost everything out of my living room? It looked so stark and bare and uninteresting. Then, I realized I had moved out all the personality!! :O) Just imagine how beautiful and full of personality your new home is going to be...very soon. Will you be all settled in by Christmas? How exciting!!

  6. Good luck with your packing. I know you are excited to be moving soon. Love & blessings from NC!

  7. It is amazing how much all those little pieces of paper weigh when you get them all together,isnt'it?

    Then again, I bet all those mosaic supplies and finished projects are pretty heafty too!

    I hope you've got someone to help with all the lifting!


  8. Yep, I know what you mean! AND how many times have you asked yourself, "why did I buy this again?!?"
    ☺♥☺ diane

  9. You are so organized! Even your packing boxes look artistic. Yes, I do know how much those books weigh. When we were newlyweds and making a major move I decided to help out my sweetheart by packing ALL of my books in ONE box - a huge toilet tissue box from the grocery store! I didn't want him to have to make millions of trips back and forth with all of my books! It didn't take long for him to explain to me that he couldn't begin to lift the box and it wouldn't fit on the hand-truck! Lesson learned. Now, if I can't lift it, it has to be downsized! Can't wait to see more of your new home and the process to move in. You inspire me to get going with my projects here in my little home. ~Adrienne~

  10. I dreaded leaving our home of 20 years. As we took our dreaded final walk through the empty house with our now grown sons, we all concluded that it was no longer home. In January my husband and I moved 450 miles away to a new house which is most definitely now our home. We have driven by our old house several times since the move. I am amazed that I am not at all yearning for that loved place. (Despite having planted every plant covering that earth with my own two hands.) I get great joy seeing someone else caring for and calling that spot home now. Enjoy your move and your new home!

  11. The amount of work is amazing... well worth it just hope you have a quite place to go afther a day of work!

  12. Books and china are always the worst to pack. I told my husband next time we move I am selling everything and starting afresh. No packing then!!LOL

  13. Oh my! It's a daunting task! But we love our books, don't we? And you'll be happy to have all of your favorite things in your new home!

  14. Hi Peny
    You look very organized! Hope you had a chance to rest this weekend.
    ((hugs)) Rhondi

  15. Just take care moving those heavy boxes Penny! Yes, books weigh a ton and often people put too many in a large box - fewer books, smaller cox is safer!

    Things are moving so fast - you are painting even faster - you are making me tired thinking about it! Don't think you'll need a treadmill after all this hard work dear! When we meet you'll be what my dear mum always said regarding slim gals......."she's just a rasher of wind"!!!!

  16. Yes, those books are heavy, so I hope you have strong-backed helpers!

  17. Oh yes!! Our movers always hated all of my books!
    I kow this is a lot of work now but it will all be so wonderful...soon you will be able to just relax and enjoy it all.
    SO glad the floors look amazing!!