Sunday, September 13, 2009

Little Things

It's the little things that really change a home. Small little itty bitty things. Take cabinet knobs. In my new home the cabinet knobs were bright shiny brass. Not something that I thought worked with the decorating direction I am going in. So today I replaced them with Antique Nickle knobs. In the picture below the new knob is on the left. And BTW if you enlarge the picture below, you can see my reflection in the old brass knobs I am replacing as I take a picture of them!

Here is a picture with the old brass knobs. You need to click on the picture to enlarge to really see them.

Below is a picture of the new knobs. When I get the new back splash on and paint over the red I will show a closer view.

Oh! And today I also ordered ONE SPECIAL is going to be different than the rest. It will be on the glass cabinet you see in the picture above. Wait till you see it!

Welcome Home,


  1. You're so right - it is the little details that count. Your new knobs look nice. I love the pendant lights and the little cabinet in the corner.

  2. Isn't it nice that you can get in and do all of these little things that cound - before you have to really move in? I like the new knobs very much.

  3. Lovely! Now I am curious about this "special knob!"

  4. Penny, I can see that you are making progress and having fun. Enjoyed our recent correspondence. Looking forward to receiving my planter. ~ Sarah

  5. Love the details and that was a great switch on knobs...

  6. That is much better……
    How is that bathroom coming along?


  7. Penny, my cabinets are about the color of yours. Mine are whitewashed. They are so pretty BUT I have brass knobs. I've wanted to change them out for the longest.I'm always stumped because my hinges show. I may paint them.

  8. Wow... what a huge difference that makes! Oh, and I can't wait to see your new special knob!!

  9. I was astonished to find this mmorning all your posts for Sept. I was only seeing Aug.30 each time I checked - figured you were just too busy to post!! Anyway dear, I'm overwhelmed by all you are doing at the house - just amazing. You do have help, don't you? Surely it's not just you and DH doing all this!

    Love what you are choosing - colors, tile, knobs etc. The porch looks fab with the newly painted wicker. Bet you sit there often to catch your breath!

    Looking forward to Oct., and you will be ready for that trip to France after so much hard work!!

    Hugs - Mary.

  10. Yours is the first blog I check in the morning I can't wait to see all the goings on in the new house....... I love the new knobs.... your cabinet look the same color as mine.... nesting is so fun..

  11. Love the new knobs! Is the special knob a rooster? LOL. Looking forward to seeing your house in person someday soon. Come visit me too!

  12. Hi Penny! I love the new knobs! You have an appliance garage! I love that!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. Love the new knobs & your picture in the knob is too cute! ☺ Diane