Friday, September 11, 2009


Today's post is all about choices....

Do I stay with this mini fridge? Or get a new one? That is an EASY choice! We ordered our new appliances and they will be delivered October 2nd.

See the red paint chip in the picture below? That is going to be the front door color. Not on the window trim. Just the front door. It is called Stolen Kiss from Sherwin Williams. I don't think I have ever had a house that I did not paint the door some shade of red.

What color is your front door?
Welcome Home,


  1. Good choice replacing the mini-fridge!
    Although... it might be a good diet plan in my case! LOL!

    Can't wait to see your front door!!! LOVE the color!!!

  2. Penny, tell us what appliances you ordered. This is so fun.

    My front door is white. I've always had a white front door. Just call me plain Beverly. (Ask Jeanne. She'll tell you.)

  3. Ours is a forest green as our house is a pale yellow with off-white trim. Your front door will definitely tie in with your red of your wicker cushions, etc.

    Loving the updates and would love to know what color of appliances that you're going with.

    Debbie V.

  4. Hi Penny! I can't wait to see your new appliances. Wow, great choice for the door and as a matter of fact, I bought a sample paint for my front door. lol It's called Posh Red from Valspar (from Lowes) Have you ever used this color? Have a great weekend. :)

  5. I'm so glad you are finally upgrading that fridge! :)

  6. Love that door color choice! And good idea on that fridge. Now what will you do with that mini fridge?

  7. I painted my white door red just this Spring, and I will NEVER have any other color again! Have a blessed weekend.

  8. I love that shade of red! It looks similar to our kitchen here in the condo. I want to paint the front door of our house in Fl but right now it is white. The house is lavender though so we will probably go with navy.

  9. Love the red. Can't wait to see it!

  10. A neighbor down the way just painted their front door what has to be the very same color (at least the way it reads on my monitor). It's really striking :-)


  11. Ummm, this is getting embarassing, my front door is red. I sewed an apron today and it's, red. I try to use other colors, but I seem to go into a trance and when I come out of it something>)

  12. My door is Red...
    to say welcome please come in...


  13. Ours in boring white. Our last house was red and I loved it. Yours will look beautiful too!

  14. Great choices - but I just don't understand why you need to replace the mini fridge! ☺ Diane

  15. Hi Penny....why would you want to replace that little's so European!! just kidding.
    I love a red painted front door....
    I have one myself and love it....Can't wait to see the house all finished...

  16. I have double front doors and they are red. My backdoor and outdoor utility room door are also red. I just love red!

  17. I LOVE.LOVE.LOVE red doors and have had one for years. My front door is black at this house. Wanted red but just did not look good with the bricks. The shiny black pops. Now my garage door is another story...that will be red and I want to put a red screen door on it, just as I had in the last house. It is so much fun moving to a new place! Enjoy the journey!!

  18. Great color Penny!!! Love the hue!
    Oh you must be having so much fun.... I'm thrilled for you and your new home!!

    Happy Nesting!


  19. There's something very welcoming about a red front door. After six years in this house I've yet to repaint the front door - and it was the first thing I said I'd do. The house is local stone, with some areas a dark raspberry vertical cedar siding. Can you believe the doors are all pale turquoise? Apparently it has something to do with Feng Shui.......don't know if I want to mess with Feng Shui!

  20. I bet it's going to be beautiful!! Our front door is white. Boring white! I'd love to have a dark colored/stained door with stained glass, though!!
    I can always dream!
    In God's love,

  21. it's red but not a great red and it needs to be repainted.

    happy weekend!


  22. I have always wanted a red front door :) I can't wait to see it when it is painted!


  23. Hi Penny,

    My front door is red - it is a dutch door and I love - love having it red. It was red when I bought my house and I fell in love with it. I was told that a red front door brings happiness, peace and harmony to the home and I wish you and your family much happiness, peace and harmony in your new home.

  24. I have a white, french door on the front of our house.
    This looks like a beautiful shade of your favorite color....
    Tell me, did you go with stainless steel, white or black fridge??

  25. My front door is red but my back door is periwinkle! Yes, I think replacing the mini fridge is a marvelous idea LOL!


  26. Hi Penny; I love the name of the paint it is a beautiful Red, it will be great on your front door... And since we live in a apt. complex I can't paint my door, but it is a dark maroon color which I do like... Have a great weekend..


  27. Hello Penny, a large fridge would be a good choice. I love red for a fron door. My choice is some shade of green. Mine are green. I have two doors on my deck which serves as my front doors. My back door is white. The lower deck has double doors to the crawl space under our house. they are also green. You can walk in the crawl space. I chose not to have a basement.

    I know your door will be stunning. with the color, Stolen Kiss, how can it be wrong? BIG smile.

    Come over this week I am having a giveaway. I think you will like it.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  28. I giggled out loud when I saw the color you are going to paint your door! I can't wait to see it all finished! FANTASTIC! :) You have GOT to be having the greatest time!! :)

  29. Love the mini-frig! Everything looks beautiful! K

  30. I love that color! Gonna be so pretty on your door!