Tuesday, August 18, 2009


What to do with the front porch on the new house? How about white wicker? I have in storage about 6 white wicker chairs, a love seat, a coffee table and a planter. They all need some wire brushing and fresh white paint.

I love both of these looks below. The best thing is you can change the look with new cushions and plants.

As soon as I know the house is ours, I am hauling those wickers pieces out of storage and giving them a makeover. And of course I will bring you all along with me!!
Welcome Home,


  1. Your porch is a great place to start in your new home. Not only does it WELCOME vistors, it gives YOU a place to relax, dream and scheme between all the work going on inside. Have fun and good luck.

  2. Oh Penny~~I do LOVE a big front porch with wicker and hopefully one day will have one!!
    So romantic and relaxing...

    Have fun!

    ~Let Freedom Ring~

  3. Hi Penny. Oh yes! I love your idea of having white wicker! I'm so happy you will include us all during your move and decorating your beautiful home. :)

  4. Hi Penny, you know I love wicker since I have it on my deck. Because we are in the mountains I have painted them a kind of taupe tan color. I actually love white the best. The cushions can bring in a whole new look. When will you know for sure about the inspections etc.? I will cross my fingers and say a little prayer too.

    Hugs, Jeanne.

    I left you a comment on the powder room.

  5. Hi Penny
    Isn't that a coincidence that we both wrote a post about wicker! We really do think alike!
    Hugs, Rhondi

  6. Penny,

    I love the wicker looks you've shown. How lucky you are to have all of that furniture stored. I can't wait to see it.

    I noticed you and Rhondi both posted on wicker, how ironic. I mentioned to her that cushions are the hardest thing to choose. Can't wait to see what you have and what you do with it!!


  7. I love white wicker, and I have it on my front porch. I'm so excited for you.

  8. Love the front porch idea! We are missing our front porch at the new nest. Our dream home has a wrap around porch with a swing and fans. A porch full of southern charm.

  9. Love, love, love the second picture with red check cushions!

    Debbie V.

  10. Nothing fresher than white wicker and colored cushions. I love the red. You will enjoy your new porch so much!

  11. I love the red and white cushions! (surprise), I think wicker is just the best thing to have on a porch, lucky you to have a set ready to go on your new front porch!

  12. hi penny!

    i can just see that you are having the best time visualizing and imagining all of the possibilities of your new home. it's such a fun process -- kind of like a long christmas eve.

    i have found some great ideas in good ol' pottery barn catalogs. inspiration is everywhere!


  13. cindymeguiar@yahoo.comAugust 18, 2009 at 10:38 PM


    I can't wait to go along on the front porch "journey". I am loving following your move and can't wait to see things as they progress.

  14. The white wicker will be beautiful on that gorgeous new front porch, Penny!

  15. Is there anything that looks as good as white wicker on a porch? Nope! 'course not...and I am looking forward to seeing all you do to this new home...I am about as excited as if it were me getting a lovely new home to fix up! Ok..I have one...but...with you it is an adventure to anticipate!!

  16. Yes and punch them up with some great cushions. i will post my bathroom for you by the end of the week. i tried to go back to find an old post , i swear i have posted it but can't find it. lol mishelle

  17. It is time to get that wicker out...

    what could be better than a porch full of white wicker ...


  18. I LOVE wicker! That front porch on the new house is going to be one lovely place by the time you get done with it! It already is lovely, too! :)

  19. White Wicker... 2 perfect words :-)

  20. Hi Penny -
    Yes, by all means, get your wicker out and get it ready as soon as you know the house deal is a 'done deal'! It would be a wonderful addition to your new home and such a welcoming part of your life there. I would love to have a porch and just the other day I got an idea - and my sweetheart likes it!! Now I can't wait to start working on it - and I do mean WORK. It will be just right and I'll share it when it's finished. You have inspired me today to do it.

    Off to shop for wicker or whatever for my new porch!

  21. Of course we would love to come along and help!

  22. Hi Penny,
    I love the "RED" cushions along with the white wicker, it so pretty. We have been working on our back yard as soon as its done I will post some pics.
    Take care and enjoy your day,

  23. Wicker will look beautiful on that porch! You know me, I like the red cushions!


  24. Wicker looks so great on a front porch with ferns and flowers. I can't wait till you get settled and start redecorating.


  25. Penny, I love wicker too. Especially white wicker. Can't wait to see what you do with yours.

    Lee Laurie

  26. They are both beautiful but the red really pops...

  27. I lonh for such a porch!! How pretty it all will be!!