Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wicker White....

The wicker is all white and new looking again! Here is how we did it. We have a commercial grade paint sprayer and that is what we used. The paint was Olympic Fast Hide Exterior Latex, Commercial Grade paint that we purchased at Lowe's. We used a Semi-Gloss finish.

First we made sure to brush off all of the flaking paint with a soft wire brush. With a commercial paint sprayer the paint goes on thinly, but evenly. We (Mr Comforts of Home) applied 3 layers, starting with the underside first.

I am glad we had the commercial sprayer....we had a lot of wicker to paint!

Here is a close up of one of the finished pieces. You can click on any picture to enlarge for detail, but please excuse our messy garage.

We are letting them dry for a week before we actually use them. When we have closed on the house we will move them over to the front porch and I will show you a picture of them there.
Things are going along great and we are still scheduled to close on Friday.
Welcome Home,


  1. Hi Penny! How I love wicker and these pieces looks so fresh and I know they'll be inviting too. Glad to hear things are rolling along on schedule with the closing. Hope your day is a great one. This is my boys' last week of summer so we're trying to pack as much activity into it before they belong to school again, lol!

  2. Penny,

    Thanks for sharing your paint info and how-tos for your wicker! Although I'm not a blogger, I'm always picking up useful info and tips from the blogs - especially yours!!!

    Good luck with your closing and I can't wait for the next update!

    Thanks again.

    Debbie V.

  3. Penny,

    The wicker chairs looks lovely. I am sure they will be perfect on your new front porch!! I can't tell you how happy I am that you found your dream home and that everything is moving along so quickly. How exciting!!

    My husband just spray painted a wicker chair we bought at an antique store. It had been painted gray (ugh!!) He used the canned stuff and needs to do another coat~it still looks dingy. But it is the most comfortabe chair. It is deep and it has springs under the seat!!

    I am excited too, to see what fabric you choose for cushions.


  4. I have painted a lot of wicker in my time and just when you think it's done ---there is always a spot you missed! Changing colors is the worst! Yours looks fabulous. Can't wait to see it on the new porch!

  5. I like the idea of the commercial type sprayer rather than the cans like I used. Like I said, mine is chipping again. I think I'll spray again and then use the clear sealer coat. Yours look great!

  6. Thank heaven you have a sprayer! Wow, your whole porch is going to be filled. It will be wonderful.


  7. They are beautiful and will be perfect for your new home! Great job...Mr. Comforts of home! Very nice!

  8. Those are going to be gorgeous on your front porch! Can't wait to see what cushions you use on them! Hugs, Jen

  9. Your wicker looks fabulous, Penny! Just like new; all ready for your new porch!


  10. Way to go! You will be ready to move it right onto your new porch. I can just see it now. :)

  11. Your wicker looks beautiful...all fresh and white. It's going to look fabulous on your new porch. :)

    A paint sprayer is the ONLY way to go when you've got big pieces to paint, as far as I'm concerned. I don't have a commercial duty one but with all of the furniture painting I have done, I'd be lost without my little Wagner airless sprayer nevertheless.

  12. It all looks so wonderful….

    I bet you can’t wait till Friday…
    Do you feel like a kid waiting for Christmas?


  13. Great pictures & I love seeing how you painted them! Can hardly wait to see them on the new porch too!!! ☺ Diane

  14. cindymeguiar@yahoo.comAugust 25, 2009 at 9:39 PM

    Looking forward to seeing these on your new porch. Good luck with closing.

  15. Sure beats holding down those buttons on spray cans until your finger is numb!! Great idea and they look like new.

    Glad all is proceeding well and hope Friday will see you popping a cork and toasting to your lovely new home.

  16. So glad closing is scheduled for Friday - that's a very good sign. And I can't wait to see you gorgeous 'new' wicker furniture on the porch of your lovely new home. What a treat for our eyes! ~Adrienne~

  17. Very nicely done. Nothing like crisp, white wicker on a new front porch. Mimi

  18. The wicker looks wonderful-can't wait to see it on your new porch!

  19. It looks beautiful, Penny! It will be fabulous on the new porch.

    I really enjoyed catching up with you. I love your inspiration for the fireplace wall!

    I can feel your excitement.

    I had a note from Mary. She told me about your get-together. I wish I could be there. Sounds like fun!

  20. Morning, Penny. Your wicker looks brand new now! I love it. That sprayer must have been a life saver, well a tiny finger saver! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  21. I need one of those sprayers! You got a very nice finish and it would have been a very big job with little cans of spray paint! Excuse your messy garage?!!! What mess? Gee whiz, I can never post mine now:>)

  22. It looks fabulous. I should have sneaked the four rockers on our front porch into your line-up. ;-) They need a fresh coat, too.

    Friday! Wow!!! I am so excited for you.

  23. That anonymous is me. I don't know how I managed to be anonymous.

  24. How pretty and fresh looking! Hmmm..I should seriously think about investing in a sprayer like that!


  25. Beautiful, Penny! Can't wait to see them on your new front porch.


  26. Hi Penny :)

    I'm almost as excited as you are to get started on the new house! LOL

    I love all that gorgeous wicker. Your porch is going to amazing :)


  27. Hi Penny. I love your wicker furniture! It's going to look stunning! You did a great job on repainting. Thank you for sharing with us.

  28. Hi Penny
    The wicker truned out great! YOu were lucky to have a commercial sprayer. I'm sure it made the job a lot easier!
    Hugs, Rhondi

  29. Nothin' like white wicker is there.

    I have a ton of small furniture pieces i want sprayed. Hope my sweet fella will get our sprayer out this summer and do them for me.


    barbara jean

  30. Nothing is as pretty or fresh or sweet as white wicker. Yours looks so wonderful and is all spiffed up for the bog move! Your porch will be the envy of all!