Thursday, August 13, 2009

So Many Choices

I am day dreaming about creating a bedroom in the new house, we hope to close on soon.... Here is my current bedroom below. I really love it. But I am think about moving all of the toile into the guest room and starting over in the master.

If I do decide to keep the red toile in the master bedroom, I am going to bump it up a notch and try to create something more like the picture below...

The following pictures show master bedrooms I am contemplating trying to recreate. They all have different looks.

I like the one below because of the reds and blue used. I am trying to incorporate some more French Bleu into my decorating.

This all cream room below, just looks so elegant and relaxing. And shouldn't the master bedroom be relaxing?

Here is another cream toned room. I love the iron tole chandelier...

The room below is beautiful! Way to grand for me I think. But I love the vintage mirror, the crystal chandelier and the blue grey walls...

Which one do you like the best?
Welcome Home,


  1. Hi Penny. The second picture is to die for! You would be incorporating your toile but on a much grander level. That mirror! Where would you ever find something like that? The room is so elegant and timeless. That room definitely gets my vote.

    But...I love that painted headboard too.

  2. They are ALL such beautiful rooms. I think it's awesone that you can move your current bedroom to the guest room and start all over. Then you never have to lose all the beautiful work you put into it... and you can share it with your guests!! It's so exciting to start fresh with a new design and you have the perfect opportunity. I can't wait to see what you do!!!
    Hugs, Jen

  3. Oops.. my favorite is the first white/cream image from BH&G.... it's so serene!

  4. I love your current red toile bedroom just like it is! But I do like the idea of adding the french blue! Yummy!

  5. If I'm being totally honest Penny, I like YOURS the best! My second fave is the one right below yours. I'm a huge fan of red/yellow. I also like a monochromatic scheme too like the all-cream. I'm no help at all am I?

  6. I like the first one with the red and blue! I love those curtains with the puffs! The bedroom you have now is gorgeous but I totally understand wanting to try something new!


  7. I like the first one best...without the blue. But it's the style that I like best not necessarily the color. I'm sure whatever you decide, Penny, it will be gorgeous like all of your projects.

  8. I really love yours, but the one below it is just a bit more you want to be more sophisticated, lol??


  9. Oh, they are all gorgeous!!
    My favorite is the white-on-white from BH&G, and also the one below it with the touches of black.
    Isn't it so much fun to be starting with a clean slate? And you get to *keep* your pretty bedroom too?!

  10. They are all gorgeous. My tastes change ALOT based on my "frame of mind." Since I am just starting back to school and a tad stressed.....the very calming white on white room is my favorite (of your new choices.). I really like your current bedroom....just like it is.

  11. Such hard choices your giving us! I would have to go with the red and french blue. It's peacful but has color too. I'm a color girl! The red toile rooms are still fabulous. I'd love to stay in either of them!

  12. Hi Penny,
    Well since you asked.
    I love toile and bumping up the toile you already have would be so pretty and cost effective.
    But; the french blue curtains are so beautiful. The blue room is very quite and you seem to be more in tune with happy, brighter color, and so I would say bump up the toile and add blue,maybe in your area rug or lamps. Maybe a throw pillow or afgan on the bed.
    I am redoing my master bedroom right now, just waiting for the curtains to arrive.
    Take care and I love to dream too.

  13. Hi Penny. I've just caught up on your home search. I love the house you chose! We're doing the same thing - we've looked at four houses so far and love #4 the best (it's a short sale), so we put in an offer and are waiting for the bank to accept it. My fingers are crossed!

    I also really like the bedroom idea in the second photo with the creams and reds - it's very soft and pleasant.

    Have fun with all this! ::Jill

  14. Oh I knew your move to a new home would be fun! You know I love your bedroom as it is, but being someone who constantly loves to change things I understand that this is too big an opportunity to pass up. I love the second photo (surprise!) but I think I like the third photo with the blue curtains and touches just as much if not more. They are all so pretty but I know I would never be happy without some bright colors:>)

  15. I like the red toile!! I say go for it!!

  16. I'm into tone on tone. So peaceful and serene.

  17. It is fun to dream on what to do...
    I love the bump up toile...
    One of your mosaic tables would be wonderful in that room...


  18. Your present room is so pretty, Penny.

    I love the inspiration photos. The creamy rooms are what I want to achieve in our master redo. Ours will have a touch of blue, with the little chest. But overall, creamy neutrals is the look I'm going for.

    I love the photo under the photo of your room. I could see your toile incorporated within this look.

  19. Penny,

    I have always loved your red toile bedroom! Im my own home, blue has been my primary color and since following your blog, your decorating style has been a big inspiration to me as I have now incorporated the toiles, tole trays, reds and yellows into my home as well.

    So, I'm really torn between your room,the first and second inspiration photos because I can see all of these rooms in your home. You will have so many bedrooms in your new house that I think that you should have one each of them in it!!!

    By the way, my husband's vote was for your exiting bedroom and the second inspiration room.

    Keep up the inspiration!!

    Debbie V.

  20. Hi Penny,
    I think your current bedroom is just divine!

  21. Hi Penny,
    I love your red toile bedroom! Of course, I'm a big fan of red toile anyhow. And I LOVE the red one in the second photo. The creamy neutrals are nice too. I'm sure your new room will be lovely whatever way you decorate. You're going to fun, in any case. Have a wonderful weekend.


  22. I love them all but my favorite is the one you're living in now. I love the second one too. We have such similar tastes, my bedroom is yellow walls with tole trays and black and cream toile. Are you my long lost sister? Cousin? Mimi

  23. I like the first option if ya wanna use some of what ya already have. So chic! I also love the second option but not digging the headboard. All beautiful rooms and is it not so fun to daydream! I do it all day!

  24. I like the first one best, although they are all gorgeous. I know you are excited about getting to decorate a new space. I know I would be!

  25. All beautiful rooms! I love toile and the creamy toile is so serene and relaxing. How fun to be able to decorate a "new" house. have fun.
    P.S. I use my pasta bowl as decor mostly. I have used it for pasta and when I have my bunco parties, I usually pull it out and use it for rolls of bread or something soft.

  26. Either way, I know you will do a fabulous job. I really like the antique black headboard. Really pops. Once I heard an interior decorator say .... each room should have something black in it.

    You selected some gorgeous rooms all around!

  27. Just found your blog and enjoyed visiting it,
    I like the one after your bedroom or the first one you want o do. It is more homey to me .
    Wish I could decorate better but not one of my better gifts.
    Elsie <><

  28. Envy is a I'll just say, wish I could be there to ohh and ahh!

  29. Penny, I love every single one, and I love your room as it is now.

    But, my vote would be for the neutral rooms. I have creams and whites in our bedroom with just touches of other colors as accents. And, I love our room. I'll have to post pictures sometime, but I am terrible at taking pictures of rooms.

  30. Good morning Penny, I know how it feel to dream about decorating. I have been doing that with every home we have owned. We have built 4 new homes. Only because Bill's job kept moving him all over Florida.

    The first bedroom after yours is my pick. I am not happy with too much creams and whites. I love the red toile. However, French bleu is a lovely touch just not the whole room. French country is always so delightful. I know your decorating wheels are turning. So are mine, I have decided it is time to tackle my master bath. You are motivating me with your decorating challenges ahead. I do love to create a room.

    Have a wonderful day.

    Hug, Jeanne.

    PS: If I had a room to do over, I would love to use lavender and green. I adore that combination of colors. Green is my favorite color.

  31. Gosh they're all gorgeous! I'm more partial to the cream rooms, but I do love love love the French blue curtains in the Better Homes pic :)

  32. Hi Penny, How exciting for you and I hope you get to follow thru with putting a waterfall in the backyard. That would be stunning. Lots of work ahead of you but will be so much fun. We have been busy this summer too working on the landscape and adding a hen house. It's the cutest hen home you ever saw and I hope to post on the blog sometime early Fall. We are still waiting for the "girls" to be delivered. :) I look forward to seeing lots my photos of the new abode. xo Lynn

  33. Hi Penny....ooooohhhh, I wish I were starting over on my master bdrm! I personally love the red toile! I would take what you have a bump it up a notch! Take the comforts of what you have now and give them a new look to make the new room a bit more sophisticated...

    Just a thought!
    Be blessed,

  34. So many choices! How lucky you are!! I like the one with the french blue. It's soft and elegant but not too formal. I'm sure whatever you choose will be beautiful.
    Hope you have a great weekend.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  35. No doubt about it - your current room is the one I'd pick, but I do understand the yen to change. Our old blue and white toile is now in the guest room - great solution (guilt free re-decorating!)
    My second choice - a close second, I might add) is the one with a bit of Bleu Francais!
    The chandeliers are lovely - but we wouldn't dare do that here in an earthquake zone.

  36. All of your 'dream' rooms are amazing. I would not know which one to choose. I have wondered what to put above my I am wondering how a vintage mirror would look. Great ideas! You'll have FUN!

  37. If you have to change, I love, love, love the bumped up red one!

  38. So many great choices! I do like the room w/ the blue added to it! Can't wait to see what you decide to do!

  39. Hi Penny
    Oh fun! I bet you are getting anxious. I would choose either the 2nd or 3rd one. Now you say you want to bring in some of the blue you would definately be doing that. It would be a slightly more different look than what you have now....but...having said that I would choose the 2nd one because I love the romantic softness of it...

    have fun dreaming...

  40. Hi Penny :)

    Congratulations on finding the right home! It's beautiful and I'll keep my fingers crossed for you to get it :)

    Besides your bedroom, my favorites are the second pic and and the fourth. I'm loving creamy white bedrooms right now.


  41. What ever you decide, it will be beautiful!
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia :)

  42. I still love your yellow and red but also love the red and blue! How exciting to start over doing a whole new room!

  43. Penny,
    They are all beautiful and I love the french blue. Dreaming is the best part of decorating I think.


  44. I can't wait to see what you decide on for the master bedroom. I love your old room but some of those others are dreamy, just as they should be for the "Queen of Mosaics".


  45. I love the top one, which is your own if I understood you right. I LOVE the next one down also...but I think the lamp shades and the mirrored headboard..(is that what it is?) plus the additional layers of bedding. The matching chairs, checked pillows and little footstool with the tray add also.
    Perhaps a lovely mirror similar to the one below in addition to your plates! LOVE those plates.
    I have that red quilt also and it is one of my favorite things...

    My bedroom could use a workover too.. a HUGE one...wish mine looked even close to yours...YUM!

  46. Hi nice to be moving into a new home!! I love the French Bleu's very "You"......