Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New Home Part Three

On to the second story of the home. Remember you can click on any photo to enlarge. Here is the main staircase leading upstairs.

The view from the mezzanine down into the family room. If you click to enlarge you can see crayons the kids of the previous owner must have tossed onto the top of the built in cabinets.

Standing on the mezzanine looking towards the stairs. You can see two doors down at the end on either side. Those are two bedrooms. Closer on the left is the door way that leads to my studio.

This is the view looking out one of the guest rooms windows. You can see some mountains in the distance, as well as some neighbors homes.

Below is one of the guest rooms. They both have walk in closets and their own full baths.

Here is part of one of the baths.

The tub/shower in the guest room bath.

This is the second guest room.
Below...the door on the left is a closet. The door on the right is another bath, this one also opens into the hall that connects my studio.
And here is my studio. It is really large. But only has one small window. We are looking into some great track lighting or maybe some skylights to brighten it up. There are some great built ins in the studio.
Below is the back stairway that leads into the laundry room I showed you yesterday. That makes it really convenient to bring finished mosaic pieces in and out.
This pink room below will be Mr. Comforts of Home's office. For some reason he wants to paint it a different color - lol.
So...there you have it. Upstairs and downstairs of my new home (hopefully). Next post, I will show a couple of pictures of the back yard and tell you the ideas I have for it.


  1. What a beautiful home. Love the floors and the built-ins! I know you will love that big studio once you get some good lighting in there!
    Can't wait to see the backyard!

  2. I really like your new home. Looking forward to the backyard. I am envious of that view of the mountains! We love North Carolina and that particular part of NC is our favorite!

  3. I love it Penny! Looks fab and like it needs very little cosmetic work at all. My fave bit is your studio and those built ins, yay!!! A skylight would be great, we have one in our kitchen and it made an enormous difference xo

  4. Wow! So much room and I knew that you would have a pretty view! Can't wait for the new updates.

    Debbie V.

  5. Oh, Penny, I'm in love with your new house! It's so big and your studio is wonderful! Oh,I'm excited! Hurry up now and get in there and put your Penny Touch of everything! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia :)

  6. I've had so much to catch up on. While I was away you sold your home, looked at dozens of prospective new homes, found the right one and had your bid accepted!

    It's really lovely and I'm sure that you and Mr. Comfort will be very happy in it. I can't wait to see you transform each and every nook and cranny. When is move in day?

  7. I think Mr. COH should keep it pink. Doesn't he know that Men in Pink are very attractive? :)

  8. Your new home is so beautiful, Penny!! The view out of the window is fabulous and it looks like you are in a wonderful neighborhood!

    I love your new studio!! You must be entralled with it. Track lighting is the key. You will need a lot of light for your beautiful creations.

    I also love all the hardwood floors. And I think if Mr. COH lives with that pink awhile, he may grow to love it!! :-)


  9. Oh Penny, that studio space is wonderful. It looks so big! You certainly have your work cut out for you. That is a lot of home to overhaul!

  10. Wow! Wow! Wow! This is so beautiful, Penny! I love the layout and the rooms seem HUGE! Oh what fun you are going to have decorating it just the way you want it. I am eagerly waiting to see all the wonderful changes you will be making. :)

  11. Hi Penny,
    Just lovely! and what a great neighborhood. Your work room is huge and the builtins are perfect for you. I can see why you purchased this home.
    I'm with you, I wonder why Mr. Comforts of Home wants to paint his room. Does he not like "Pink". LOL.
    I think he should start a blog or add a post to yours about decorating and painting his new "Man Room".
    Take care,

  12. Wow, your guests will be so pampered with their own full baths! The studio looks like a great space, especially if you get some more natural light in there.
    Imagining the possibilities is so fun!

  13. Penny...the things YOU could do with this wonderful home! The studio...I can see it with a wonderful skylight..
    I had one in my kitchen and nearly every room in our home when I live in Bakersfield. They are fantastic and I would love to have on in the kitchen in this home. Perhaps one day! Skylights are just amazing...What a wonderful studio you will have! I cannot wait to see the yard!

  14. Congratulations Penny and Mr. Comforts of Home!!

    Woohoo!! Oh you must be over-the-moon thrilled! It is a beautiful home Penny! Waiting to be loved again... and I can't wait to see it bloom with you as its First Lady! Gorgeous bones too!

    Now - what about your studio being painted the most beautiful shade of LAVENDER????

    Much love,

  15. Beautiful house…
    Love that studio; I would give my eyeteeth for a room that large to work in.


  16. Oh, I love this house, and those built-ins for your studio. How convenient too that there are back stairs leading to outside. You have found a beautiful home, and I can't wait to see what it looks like as you transform it with your hand prints.


  17. It's just so wonderful, Penny. I love it!

    We had three sun tunnels put in my studio, plus three sets of track lighting. I rarely use the track lighting. People walk into the room, not knowing about the tunnels and believe the lights are on. Very good for painting or any other sort of work you would want to do, including mosaic. There is only one window in my studio that is a dormer type, so the sun tunnels have been a great addition. If you like I can get a photo of them on the inside and outside and the track lighting and e-mail them, let me know.

  18. Penny, I can't wait to see what you do with that gorgeous home.

  19. I want that house! The nigborhood looks very nice from what I can see out the window. LOVE the studio space.

  20. Your new home is beautiful. I cant wait to see how you put your touches in it. Congrats!

  21. Hi Penny
    I know you're my blog friend and I appreciate your friendship.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  22. Wow! What a gorgeous house Penny! I just know you will be showing us all kinds of wonderful things you do to it!

    Hugs, sherry


  23. Penny! Where have I have a new home!!Wow...what you can do with this gem!!!Great features!!Wonderful space!!

    Thank you Penny for all the encouragement that you continually send my way!
    love and light Anna xoxox

  24. Hi Penny, busy day today and I am late commenting. I am posting it for tomorrow.

    I scrolled down and saw part two of your new home tour. I really like the pantries for the kitchen. I am lacking in storage like that. The upstairs is terrific. It sounds like it is everything you wanted in a home. Your workroom looks spacious and the built ins are very nice. I like the stained glass window in the MB. I can see why you loved this house. I am looking forward to your decorating ideas and made over rooms. It will be wonderful, I am sure of that.


  25. Gorgeous, gorgeous. You could turn it in to a bed and breakfast. Where do I make my reservations? Mimi

  26. It's beautiful, Penny! The neighbourhood looks very nice too. With a studio for you and an office for Mr C of H you'll be happy as clams (a little coastal culture, here!). I look forward to the decoration posts!

  27. It is so big and beautiful and has such lovely views. I just know you will be so happy there! Your new studio space is perfect!
    You are just aching to get your hands on it aren't you? I can close my eyes and inagine how gorgeous it will all be once you have Penny-fied t!!

  28. Good morning Penny, you caught me on my computer. My table is nine feet long and it is not an antique. It is a copy of the old harvest tables on the farms. My son had it custom made for one of his homes. It didn't fit his home when he moved. It went into storage for a few years. When I realized this house could easily fit a long table I asked him to give it to us. The chairs are mine. I bought them for the table. I LOVE this table. With our big family gatherings, it is perfect. This table is solid pine and VERY heavy. The drawback is how narrow it is (32 1/4 inches). We always have to have a buffet style dinner on the island. At least for the entrees. I don't mind though. I hope this helps you with the purchase of a table.


  29. What a perfect room for your studio. I don't blog much any more but I have been following you on your home search from day 1. Now I will keep following you so I can see the finish touches, however long it may be.

  30. Ooohhhh, it's wonderful! Love the neighborhood!

    Sun or solar tubes might be another option for your studio. I really like ours. ☺ Diane

  31. I am drooling.....I love all of the wood floors! The studio is just amazing! I can see you there working away making all of the pretty things you make. LOL about the pink office.....ha!

    love it all!


  32. What a beautiful room for your studio! Can't wait to see what you do with it.

  33. Great studio space, but I agree that you need to add some light with tracks and sky lights. Now I'm off to see the backyard. ~ Sarah