Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dreaming vs Reality

In the past view posts, I have been showing you pictures of my dream rooms for the new house we hope to buy. Now for the reality portion of this move.

Not only do I have to pack up a regular house full of furniture and dishes, but I have to pack up all of Lavender Hill Studio's furniture and dishes! You can get an idea of what I am in for in the pictures below.

First, these are the dishes in my studio. Not a lot you say?

Below are the dishes in the garage.....

Below are boxes of finished mosaics, waiting to be sold and shipped....

Here are some pictures of the barn that is filled with items waiting for me to paint and mosaic.

More items waiting for mosaics...

And some more below...OH! See here is some of the wicker I am going to be using on my new front porch...after it is scraped down and repainted.

Yep...I have my hands full. But I am loving every minute of it! Like Mr. Comforts of Home likes to say, "I'm loving life!".
Welcome Home,


  1. Hi Penny, I have been on a long break and really I am still breaking but I had to stop by and let you know that I have been following your move and the house looking etc...
    I can't believe all those dishes..WOW! That would be a reality check for sure! I know your new home will be beautiful and I can't wait to see all the beauty you create in your new space! Nancy

  2. Moving stinks, doesn't it? It'll be worth it... best wishes!

  3. It's all in the attitude! This will be a monumental task but thank goodness Mr. Comforts has a good attitude also! It's a shame we can't all pop ourselves in to help :) Good luck!

  4. OH MY! I am still dealing with stuff to take to our house in Florida! I don't enjoy you this task! But I know you will accomplish everything and be glad with the results!

  5. Hi Penny, not sure if I've left a msg before just want to say hi and say how much I love your blog! I have added your button to my sidebar. I don't envy the task you have ahead of you but do envy the home you are purchasing! It's gorgeous and look forward to seeing your journey and how you will decorate it. Take care, Maryann

  6. At least you don't have to worry about the dishes breaking :-) I couldn't resist teasing you. I hope it goes smoothly for you.

  7. Just remember - you're not just moving a household. You're moving a household AND a business! Two moves in one. It will be worth it when you're settled into your new place. I loved seeing all your 'stuff' that's waiting to make something new and original. I admire your talent. ~Adrienne~

  8. Hi Penny. Oh wow! You have alot of packing to do, lady. :) Take it one day at a time. Have fun too.

  9. OK...I did kind of envy that new house...not any more. That doesn't look fun to me.

  10. Moving is such fun! Wish I was there to help pack up all those dishes...
    Have fun!

    Bless you,

  11. Sometimes that whole reality thing is just a bummer. :) Good luck with all of it.

  12. Well, we could all give you a (virtual) day's help!!

  13. Looks like a lot of work but so worth it. It's going to be so much fun. My powder room is on display today over at my blog. Mimi

  14. A daunting task Penny! One that I can relate to!!! Rachael:)

  15. Hello, just wanted to leave you a commment to say how much I've enjoyed reading your posts today. You have great pictures too.

    Best wishes

  16. Wow Penny, can't believe I missed your 'search for a new house adventure'!!! Guess all the recent traveling made me forgetful and I was only checking your other blog!!

    This house is gorgeous - or will be once you put your stamp on it. What fun it will be to start from scratch and make it comfy and beautiful.

    Don't envy you all that packing though - hope you have help. Maybe I need to stay longer in the mountains and come help you!!!!

  17. I wish I could help. Maybe we need to have a rally, and meet at your house to give you a hand. I suspect we would all just end of chatting. ;-)

  18. Well that certainly explains how you always have the perfect dish for your projects! Those things are heavy too. You have a great attitude though and that is the key. If you have to do it you might as well look at it with enthusiasm and good humor. That was spoken like someone who doesnt have hundreds of pounds of dishes to move herself wasnt it? At least you dont have to worry about them getting broken!:>)

  19. Hi Penny,
    Oh how I wish,I could be home to create everything that's in my mind.
    I look forward to the day I do not have to work.But until then I will keep collecting projects like you and dreaming of new ideas and creations.
    I do love your wicker.
    Take care and enjoy your day,

  20. Oh My Gosh! I would have to hire some help! That's really a lot of stuff to move! Wish I was closer so I could help!


  21. I have having a huge case of dish envy........ dang girl .
    I say as soon as you have the keys..... put your work aside and only work on moving........ what a huge job.... Manuela is right lets all come and we will have you pack up in no time wouldn't that be fun..

  22. Hi Penny
    You've got your work cut out for you, but in some ways it's a fun kind of work! It also gives you a chance to clear out stuff that you don't want anymore!
    hugs, Rhondi

  23. Wow Penny, that is going to be a big job. Packing all those fragile items...I hope you've been saving your newspapers! Wish I could help, would love to see all the goodies up close and personal! Im really looking forward to watching the journey as give this new home your touch.

  24. Oh Penny, what a lot of packing for the studio. Wouldn't you like to be Samantha from Bewitched and just wriggle your nose!!LOL

  25. Moving is so hard but also so fun to start fresh in a new place! I hope you have help packing all those beautiful plates and furniture!

  26. I've got a terrific idea. Why not have a garage sale for all your really close friends (me, me, & me) and I could just save you all that packing. LOL


  27. Moving and packing is so hard…but like you said fun.
    The very first house we bought many years ago we moved into two
    days before Christmas in a snowstorm..
    Thank god, we were young because I know I could never do that again…

    I hope you get some help…


  28. Good Luck Penny. Be sure to ENJOY it ALL...NO rushing, just having fun. I STILL haven't finished unpacking and we've been in our new home almost three years.

  29. It will be hard, but so fun and exciting. I'm kinda jealous!

  30. Wow Penny. I know the feeling. Our move was overwhelming at times, but I am loving every minute of the transformation of a new space, as I know you are. We will get together before we return to Fla. Nov. 1st. You may be in your new home by then.

  31. Bless your heart!

    This is definitely the down side of Blogland...most of us are too far away to offer any help except moral support. :(

  32. Penny, I know it is a lot of work..and I know it is not me having to do it...and all that..but I am so excited to see what you do in the new place...and the wicker..:):)
    I just did this last year and I am still unpacking..and discovering things. I finally got my closet nearly finished. I need a couple more organizing things for looks so neat and nice.

    And your new studio. are going to be busy..but..what an adventure. Keep the pictures of the packing and move coming. Makes us feel we are right there cheering you on! :)

  33. Wow, this is allot of packing. My worst move was from Toronto to New Jersey. We were living in the house owned by Ned' employer, which was three floors and 9600 square feet.

    The problem was that we were moving back to the States, so some items had to remain in the house, some had to be shipped to Lawrenceville and some had to go into storage. Our old storage from ten years away from the States was due to arrive in Lawrenceville the same day.

    Lawrenceville was 2800 square feet and a tiny townhouse. Suffice to say it was a challenge.

    No matter how big or small, it all gets done. Having a sense of humor and stopping to rest is the key.


  34. Ha ha! Love it, Penny! Yup, you have a lotta mosaic stuff. I had waaaaaaaaaay more dishes than you do. But you definately win for more surfaces. The good news is that... if a plate or two breaks, it's not the end of the world. :-)

    Anyway, I enjoy reading the blog. Keep up the good work!