Monday, July 27, 2009

Still Hunting For That Perfect House

House Number 4...

This one looked great from the outside. Love the red door. It had a nice front porch too. It was in a nice neighborhood, with nice sized lots.

Inside, it was very dark in most of the rooms. It was nestled in amongst a lot of trees which kept the sun out. This is the formal living room below. I am not a big fan of carpet, since I have allergies to dust mites as well as mold. This would have to come out.

It was a strange house inside. There was a lot of small rooms. Funny thing - even though it had a formal living room, it only had an eat in kitchen. The eat-in area was small and not enough room for my red hutch and farmhouse table.

Here is the den or family room. I liked the built in book cases, but the mantel looks funny. It looks like they bought a ready made mantel and just slapped it on the brick. That can be replaced though.

Because of all of the small chopped up rooms, this was not the one. We have gone into homes before and torn down walls and reconfigured rooms. This time we would rather just deal with cosmetic changes like painting, flooring etc. We wouldn't mind updating a bath or kitchen, but we just don't want to move walls at this point.
A few people mentioned they thought I might be getting stressed or worried. I'm not. We don't have to be out of here until Nov 1st. And I actually love house hunting! I am so glad you are all coming along with me on this great adventure!
Welcome Home,


  1. Dear Penny,

    There is a house out there that will be perfect for you…
    if not perfect now, you will make it perfect….

    I think house hunting is fun…and I am so happy you are inviting us along
    on your journey…


  2. Hi, Penny -
    I love the way you are taking us along house hunting with you! Yes, you're right - you will find the right one and you will be so glad it was waiting there. Just for you. Wish you would buy a house in my neighborhood!!

  3. And we love househunting with you!

  4. Enjoy the process! I hope you are working with a great realtor. We lucked into getting the best!

  5. Penny, I'm wondering if you could find a brand new home with some of the older features that you like? That's what we did with this house. It has lots of molding and extras that we love. When it new, you don't have to deal with smells and mold. Just an idea.

  6. I'm glad you are enjoying house hunting. I'm enjoying coming with you. :) I'm sure you'll find your perfect house.

  7. Very pretty porch on this one! I enjoy looking at the homes with's something I've always enjoyed, even as a kid! You would not like my old's very chopped up due to the fact that it was built in stages...and each room has many doors and windows! Not much wall space at all!

  8. Penny! You are moving?! I cannot leave for a moment and everything changes!
    It's difficult but exciting and such an adventure, looking for a new home! I know you are enjoying the hunt! I cannot wait to see what your choice is!

  9. cindymeguiar@yahoo.comJuly 27, 2009 at 4:53 PM

    I love being along for the hunt! Thanks for having us!

  10. I love the front porch! But... I agree, you don't want TOO much work when you move it. The perfect house awaits you :)

  11. Oh Penny, it is so much fun househunting with you! I know you will find the perfect is out there,just waiting to be discovered!
    Have fun!

  12. I don't like this one at all inside. Pretty on the outside though.

  13. Penny,

    I think all of the houses you have looked at so far are really not for you and by now you are firm on exactly what you want and need. That is so smart!!

    I am having a blast looking with you...I wish I were in your shoes...

    One of these days we will leave our "starter home" that we have been in for 23 years!! lol!


  14. Oh I like that house Penny, but moving walls won't do and tons of light is a must indeed. I can't wait to see the next one! I'm having so much fun going with you.


  15. I agree, house hunting is fun! You should be on "House Hunters" HGTV! LOL! I'll have to go back and look at 1,2,and 3! I loved your mosaic table too!

  16. I don't blame you for not wanting to make major changes. Good call...

  17. I'm sure the perfect house will make an appearance soon! You seem to have plenty of time and if you're like me, I'd rather look at a 100 houses than settle because I'm tired of looking!


  18. That is so great that you can take your time and enjoy the house hunting. I am enjoying being on the hunt with you!

  19. I'll be happy to find you one around here, but oops, that wouldn't help the drive. And, then you wouldn't have your mountains. ;-)

  20. The outside is prety but I don't really like the inside. This is fun!

  21. I hope the next time you find the right door, it opens into the right house!

  22. Wow, have you ever thought of working for the CIA because you can really keep a secret! I have enjoyed the house hunting! The house on the lake was beautiful, too bad it was too small!

  23. This is pretty, but I'm like you I would rather paint and stuff like that but no wall moving.
    Good luck,

  24. My goodness - I step away from the computer for a few days and Change happens!
    First of all, congratulations on the sale of your house. That is the big hurdle out of the way for your relocation - you must be relieved.
    Now comes the fun part - and I do enjoy going along on the house hunt. I hope you find the perfect house, or at least the one that you can transform into the perfect house!

  25. It seems that you are looking at homes that ARE tucked in a lot of trees so I am thinking most of them will be a little dark. Just keep looking and you'll find one in a clearing of sorts, with trees away from the house itself and THEN you'll get the natural light you crave. I know you are having a blast...I love to look at houses. Lots of times, daughter and I go to open houses..just to see the inside of one we have always admired. 'tis fun!!
    O, and the peppers I stuffed are sweet...not hot at all. Hence the adding heat to your meat if you "like it hot"...:>) We love the pepper taste and I like them better than bells....

  26. Penny,
    I hope you find a wonderful place on a lake there. That would really be perfect. I'm with you, I just love looking at homes. I still do, I love and just looking at homes. My mom sold real estate for twenty five years, and I think it is in my blood. I am in love with HGTV's real estate shows.

    I found that the best part about looking at homes you don't particularly like, is that it really helps define what the most important criteria are to you.

    Happy house hunting.


  27. Hi Penny,
    I love to house shop too, I think thats why we have bought and sold 17 homes. I know it sounds crazy but we always buy one that needs a lot of fixing up and after its done we sale it and move on to the next house that needs our love. But now we must stay put since Gary will be retiring in Dec.
    Your perfect home will come up, but in the meanwhile its sure fun to house shop and I'm glad you have invited us all along with you.
    Take care and enjoy your day,

  28. Love the family room, minus the white mantel. Though very cute, I say keep looking till the perfect one makes you want to sign on that dotted line right then and there!


  29. Well, if you'd wanted that one, I'd have had to send Robert your way for that fireplace, Penny! But it seems it's not "the one." We shall go on this journey of finding it right along with you. So much fun!

  30. Penny,

    I'm loving your house tour and I'm actually hoping you don't find one for a while. My husband finds it hard to believe I actually have something I enjoy that doesn't cost him any money.