Friday, July 24, 2009

I Love Farmhouses

I have been showing you houses this past week that I have looked at with my realtor. Here are some homes I have NOT looked at.

I love old Farmhouses. But since my husband is the one that would have to crawl around in the unfinished dirt basement to rewire and replumb the house I haven't added any of these to my list of potential homes.

Look at this great porch.....

This one has a great porch too...

So does this one!

Wouldn't it be great to find a new "old farmhouse"? One with a porch all the way across the front? One that didn't need rewiring or replumbing? One with wide molding and wood floors? That's what I am looking for.
Have a great weekend!!
Welcome Home,


  1. Those are my kind of houses. :) Good luck on the hunt.

  2. Yep, it would be great to find all of that in a new home, but the older homes just have so much charm. Maybe you can find a older home like these that the previous owners have fixed all the can dream right?

  3. Hi Penny,

    I absolutely love old houses but at this point in life do not want to crawl around for anything..LOL I'll take my nice finished basement that I have now...our new home isn't brand new but it has the flavor of a big farmhouse with three different levels. We knew the moment we stepped into it that it was our new home!

    Good luck to you..I know you will find the perfect place....oh, and I wanted to invite you to come look at my "studio in progress" for the Where Bloggers Create party.

    Have a great day,

  4. I hope your search proves fruitful. Sometimes we have to turn our back on compromise to get our dream.
    Cal x

  5. What great homes...I have always loved farmhouses and am very fortunate to live in one myself.

  6. Love all those…

    I too love antique homes.
    Our first house was a 125-year-old federal style home.
    I loved that house, but boy did it need a lot of work, so we worked and we worked.


  7. From someone who has owned six antique houses, think long and hard about this, Penny. If it has been redone and done well, then it's worth it. Redoing one (unless you have an excellent contractor of set of subs or can do it yourself) is not always a picnic. I loved all three of these, but parituclarly the first one.


    Sheila... who will see you when I return!

  8. I'm with you Penny. Old Farmhouses are my favorite kind of house, with all their sweet nooks and crannies and those wonderful porches! At this point in life I feel like we have been fixing up this old house we live in for almost 30 years, I would have to find a farmhouse that had already been redone. Someone needs to start building new ones!

  9. You know houses are like husbands, none of them are perfect, but some get pretty close. Hope you find your almost perfect house. Mimi

  10. Oh, I hope you do! I love these old houses and they are building some near us that look nearly the same. Only trouble is - they have other houses just a few feet away. I think someone didn't understand the meaning of country home! ~Adrienne~

  11. My husband grew up in a farmhouse in New Jersey that some parts of it dated back over 200 years. We're always on the lookout for something like that, but no luck yet and we've been looking for a mighty long time.

    Thanks for taking us along on your house hunting adventures. It's going to be fun to see where you end up.

  12. Hi Penny...your porch is out there somewhere just waiting for you. I have enjoyed seeing all of your potential and not so potential homes with you. Thanks for sharing!

  13. We love these old homes, too. In fact, I flew up here to look at an old home built in the early 1800s when we were house hunting. It was gorgeous, but I just wasn't up to all of that work.

  14. I had no idea, Penny, that you were looking for an old home! You certainly have some fine-looking homes to enjoy looking at! I love them all...good luck in your search. I know you're going to enjoy letting us know when you find your dream house/porch!

  15. I'm with you there, Penny! I love old farm houses; they have so much more character than most of the new ones being built today. Can't wait to see what you find next. Have a wonderful weekend.


  16. I love old houses too. They have so much charm! Maybe you will find an 'old looking' new one somewhere! I hope so!

    Lee Laurie

  17. I vote for an old farmhouse! I always wanted to live in an old house since that's one of my favorite things to paint. Eight years ago we finally did it and I love it! You'll find the perfect place.