Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Any Tips on Having A Yard Sale?

So part of moving is packing up your belongings. But as you start packing, you realize that some things have been hidden in the closets for 4 years. So you start thinking about having a yard sale.

I have a lot of books that teach me how to do something with the yard sale finds I have, but nothing about how to have my own yard sale.
Do you have any suggestions? I would love to hear about yard sales you have had or attended that you thought were great. I would love to hear about yards sales that did it all wrong too....
Welcome Home,


  1. No tips on how to have a garage/yard sale, but I am betting a lot of us would love to attend yours!

    Good luck,

  2. Advertise! Place your add the week before and have a rain date in mind...then list it! Price everything at what you would pay for it if you were at a yardsale...just because you paid 35 dollars for it five years ago, don't assume you will get 25 for it today. I say again, PRICE EVERYTHING!! don't make people annoys them. Then, try for shade or under a carport...maybe a pitcher or two of tea and paper cups with a trash can nearby...and have help! Hope this gives you some good ideas Penny...

  3. Hi Penny!

    Oh garage sales? Hmmmm, I am actually so bad at them, I tend to throw things out when I shouldn't. It takes so much effort to have one. :) Plus when you're moving, you might find new nooks to put stuff too :) But I can do one thing, I can offer you a huge Good luck! How exciting for you, it must be so much fun to be out picking a new dwelling , plus not to mention , your mind must spin with ideas in each one you enter too! I hope you have fun kiddo, keep us updated!

    Hugs, Cynthia

  4. May I suggest that you play your playlist? ;D

  5. I've had more garage sales than I care to think mother always loved having them so I guess I learned from her. I hated having them, myself. Lots of work but worth it if you get stuff moved out that you don't want.
    My best ones were when I tried making it look pretty. Not just piled on tables and in boxes. Everything needs to be price marked. Decide against taking personal checks; CASH only. Try to have it when the weather isn't too hot or too cold.
    If selling clothing, have a hanging rack to display them on.
    NEVER..EVER let anyone in your home to "use the restroom".
    Have plenty of change... sure doesn't hurt to have a good friend to help you and you can have munchies and drinks when you're not busy...:O)

  6. Hi Penny
    I'm so sorry that it's been awhile -- I just found out you are moving! I read back on your blog to the beginning when you announced it and saw all those pretty homes you've looked at. I wish you the very best in finding a new home ...I wpould LOVE one exactly as you described your dream house. Since you sold your present house the hard part is over, so I know you'' find the special new one soon.

    I never had a yard sale, but I've been to a few, and I think grouping things by theme helps and having the price maked on everything does too. Price things up a litle, as everyone loves to haggle down for a bargain. Unfortunately, books are hard to sell for a lot of money. I've bought some when there was a "buy two, get one free" deal. It helps if you can display them in a bookshelf outside, otherwise they get thrown around.
    Good luck! I wish I could come by and shop at your sale.
    Hugs, Pat

  7. Well I need to do some catching up, here!!! Didn't know you are moving!!!

    We had a very successful garage sale, a couple of years ago. We marked things to sell, set it up like a shop. A place for everything. Our neighbor owns a men's store, in town and loaned us racks and waterfalls that were invaluable.

    We love to barter and didn't mind coming down on our prices. We started at 7AM sharp. No early birds and none the night before. We finished by noon. Had a small ad in our little weekly throwaway paper. Signs at the front of the subdivision by the entrance and signs guiding the way back to our house.

    For several years, when we lived on the farm, our large family had a huge sale every spring. We always had return customers who eagerly awaited our sale every year.

    Get plenty of change! We usually start out with 25 to 40 dollars. Ones, Fives, coins.

  8. You are getting some good tips. I will add my 2 cents. Since you are out in the mountains it might be hard to get a good volume of people up your way so I would try Craigslist. Either way it is work but it is worth trying before you just give it away. Have a goal for where your newly "earned" money will go as a great incentive.

  9. I just get it all together and slap a price on it. I'm in the process of getting it all together now (lol). One thing I hate is when I go to a sale and there are no prices! I will not go around asking how much is this, how much is this? hate that! When i have my sale it will only be a Thurs. Fri. sale, I've done them three days before but nothing happens on Saturdays and you are stuck sityting there for nothing. Good luck with your sale! (By the way, I have also found that when I dont feel like messing with it I actually get a bigger write off on my taxes by donating it all to charity than I would have made in cash trying to sell it.)

  10. Penny, I am so behind om my visits and had no idea you were house hunting. I LOVE the house hunting part. The moving part is another whole ball game. I have moved many times and this last move was the hardest. I didn't have a yard sale but I should have. We had very little time to pack a 3000. Sq. ft. house after living there 13 years. I gave lots of my things to my children if they wanted it. After that I sent Good Will LOTS. I find I should have given them more!!!

    The homes you have shared all have charm. I know you will find just the right one. How far away are you going?

    Thank you for your many visits to my posts. You asked me how big the poodles are. Our puppy should be about 12 to 15 lbs. at full growth.
    I am sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. We arrived home Monday at 3:00am. We drove all the way from KC to NC. Bad traffic, rain an accident and construction was a problem. Sigh. I am finally rested.

    We are wishing you the best with your move and finding that special new home. You are leaving your wonderful working space. So many changes.

    Don't work too hard.

    Hugs and love...Jeanne

  11. Penny,
    Hi. I'm actually trying to plan for a yard sale myself. It is a lot of work! I'm going to use a big tent( My friend works at a bank and I am borrowing it from them)and I am using several long buffet size tables. I like to make it look like a little shop too. It helps with my sales a lot. I use old white twin size sheets for tablecloths. It makes it look more 'together'. I organize everything together and I make sure that there is a price on every single item! I price things a little higher because people always want to pay less. Also, I plan on letting the kids have a lemonade stand to make some money for themselves. I hang all clothing on racks by size. Have plenty of change and don't take checks unless you know them. I will probably play soft music in the background too. You can tell I've been in retail for a long time. Probably too long! LOL

    Good luck!
    Come by and sign up for my first giveaway!
    Lee Laurie

    Oh and you might even want to have a few extra chairs out for the hubbys that come along with their wives to use! LOL

  12. You've received great advice, and I can't think of another thing.

    We will be having a sale this autumn. I like it best when things cool off a bit.

    Good luck!!!

  13. Oh, I forgot to tell you. Cherry Ames was my favorite series of books, too. I read every single one.

    I kept mine until about five years ago, and then sold them on e-bay. I got over $200 for my set.

  14. Hi Penny, I have moved many times and I know how much work is involved with packing and organizing of a move. I've had many house and yard sales due to a move. I found the best sales make catogories with there items. Like kitchen items together, glassware, clothes, books etc. And taking the time to price items too. I have been to many sales and nothing had a price. Then you have to find the owner, ask, haggle, or wait while the owner is dealing with someone else to figure a price. Just too much when it might get busy.

    Some how I feel you will have a great sale. With your talents, it will just come natural. I sure wish I could come. I have a few of those books you have pictured.

    Good luck with the sale and move. I wish you a smooth transition. Thank you for stopping by too. It is always nice to see you.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  15. Hi, Penny -
    Make sure your signs are big enough and printed dark enough with big letters so they can be read from moving cars. Wish I could come help you - and shop.

  16. I've discovered I'm just not organized enough for a yard sale so I donate my stuff to Goodwill. I enjoy knowing someone else will enjoy finding it there.

  17. Be ready for the early birds, they are the ones with cash in their pockets and are ready do buy…
    Last tag sale I took in over six hundred dollars from the early birds in the first 30 minutes.
    Also, think ahead on what you want to do with things that do not sell…

    I pack up what was left and gave them to an elderly man who has weekend tag sales to make ends meet.
    He was so happy to add to his tables and I was happy because I didn’t have to lug them in again.

    Have fun,

  18. I hate having them but forced myself a few months ago! My one big tip is a pain - price everything! I hate going to sales where you have to ask the price of something. As you're sorting through stuff keep some stickers handy and you can either designate a certain price for a certain color or write the price on the sticker. I did the color method except for some large furniture pieces. Good luck! If you're selling books - Amazon and ebay are good places or you blog.


  19. Hi Penny,

    You've received such great advice here! The only thing that I can think of is directions. I've given up on many yard sales because the signs don't lead well. Other than that, I agree on the price everything suggestion. No one likes to ask. I have also found that it helped me to have a few big plastic tubs on hand because what ever does not sell I can quickly box up and take over to the local charity.

    Good luck :)


  20. Sorry if this was already mentioned but no matter what time it starts there will be early birds, be ready for them!
    good luck!

  21. Let me know..I'll come buy your stuff! lol Even though I'm supposed to be downsizing! heehee! I don't like having sales either but I put some things in LuLu's on consignment. That's really easy and everything sells quickly! Let me know if you want to do that and I'll go with you!