Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I've Got The Blues.....

Today I went antiquing with a good friend of mine. I wasn't looking for anything special. I walked in the door of the first shop and looked to my left. Look what I found. This wonderful original, chippy blue painted watering can. I have been slowly adding blue to the color scheme in my house. I love the way that blue and red look together.

I think this watering can looks great with the rooster grain sack I bought the other day and featured in this post. No, I haven't made the pillows yet, but you can see what one might look like (I temporarily just wrapped it over a pillow form). Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Yes, I have the "blues" and I am loving it! I found something else fun today and will feature it in my next post.
Welcome Home,


  1. Oh, Miss Penny!
    I've missed your beautiful blog!
    (Been without internet access...)
    I'm off to catch up -- and be inspired -- on all that you've been up to!
    I have GOT to tell you first, however, that I love your profile picture! You're just so pretty and you're dressed so stylish! ***Whistles!!!***
    Many Blessings,

  2. I have blues sprinkled throughout my cottage, too, Penny. There's no way a Country French cottage can go without touches of that marvelous French blue.
    I love your old watering can...
    Now..I am looking for that black and white you mentioned at my place..?

  3. Penny,

    I love old water cans. And old metal buckets (I like to plant flowers in them). I think it is fun when we get hooked on a new color. I'm finding more yellows that I like!

    I'm excited about the grain sack pillows. That is very popular now. There is a website that sells them, the fabric or grain sack is fresh over from France and these pillows are over $100.00!! At another site I was recently at, the girl is making burlap covered pillows and they are being ordered like hotcakes!! People are pillow crazy these days and are looking for different texture and fabric.

    You are obviously on track!!!

    Happy Wednesday! :-)


  4. OH yes! Perfect! I do love watering cans...and this one is wonderful! And blue. We all need a bit of blue...even if we don't decorate with it...and this one looks so great with your red! LOVE it, Penny.
    My beautiful pot is just wonderful on that little wicker table. The fern overpowers it but this weekend it will be repoted with several types of flowers including a bit of ivy. I JUST had to get it out there...I couldn't wait for the weekend! :)

  5. Great find & love the blues with the red! ☺ Diane

  6. Very cute! That will look darling together! :)

  7. Hi Dear Penny! Oh, I'm so glad you're getting the Blues! LOL What a cute little watering can! I thought you had made your pillow! It's going to look great! Keep getting the Blues, Dear One!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. Hi Penny - It looks like you're getting into the spirit of the fourth of July! That watering can is very sweet and I love the grain sack rooster about-to-be-a-pillow.
    I'll be back to see what the next item is........

  9. What a darling watering can! I have never seen one like it. I am adding touches of blue here and there too, do you think we are influenced by our blog friends:>) The rooster feed sack looks like it was MADE to be a pillow. It's going to be wonderful!

  10. I'll be blue with you any day. I looks fabulous "on" you.

    And, I do love that watering can. I've been on the hunt for one for our sunroom.

  11. Penny,
    It all looks so pretty together. I'm starting to add blue to my cottage a little bit too. Especially in my kitchen which is mostly red and yellow.

    I love your geraniums!

    Lee Laurie

  12. Hi Penny, You are so lucky to have found the perfect accent for your pillow to be. I enlarged it and it looks fabulous. Isn't it fun to find a wonderful treasure that fits right in your decor without doing a thing to fix it up? Your lucky day!!!

    I also love the bird house. it turned out awesome. I so love what you do Penny.

    Yes, we are off again and I am running around getting ready. Life is full of things to do here. I really like it but do get tired. Then a nap perks me up.

    Have a wonderful week.


  13. It seems everyone is getting the blues, in a good way! I started with red, green and yellow but then my son bought me blue and white salt and pepper shakers so I had to make them work...found a set of 4 rooster plates with my original color scheme...and they each had a different graphic border done in took off from there. Love your style, Penney.

  14. Hi Penny
    Of course you know I like that blue watering can and you're right about how good it looks with the red. The pillow looks great too even if it isn't sewn together yet.
    Hugs, Rhondirh

  15. Oh that pillow is going to be didn't have to say that you hadn't gotten to making it yet as that photo would certainly fool me. I love your chippy blue watering can...great find.

  16. What a great addition..... looks lovely with that sweet red bench..... I adore the rooster pillow.... cut cute

  17. I like the red and blue too! So cute. I think once you make it the pillow will look great!

    All the best,

  18. Hi Miss Penny,
    Oh you do find some cute things! I love that old watering can...and I LOVE the chicken feed sack! I also LOVE the new black and white mosiac planter. My you sure are a busy gal!

    Enjoying my visit and the music!

  19. I love the blues!! I am still in love with that feed sack though! That pillow looks great and I love all the color!

  20. Great find, Penny. I can see how you fell in love with that watering can. It's wonderful! So is your cute pillow.

    I fell in love with a chair that had a feedsack cushion, and it was sold. I've still got my eye out for a feedsack that looked like the one that got away. I think they are cute as can be.


    Sheila :-)

  21. Hi Penny,
    The blue watering pale is perfect!. What a great story about the two Penny's. How fun for the both of you and what a glorious day you had.
    Take care and hugs,

  22. Love the blue watering can...

    It looks great with the pillow...


  23. Hi Penny,
    I love the blue watering can, I agree red, white and blue looks great together.
    Cheers Linda

  24. Oh Penny, I'm so glad you've got "the blues." Cause those are my colors too and now I can watch you decorate your special way! I love that can. I love old watering cans in general. I have the watering can fountain! And benches! I can't ever seem to pass them up. That pillow is going to look wonderful!

  25. Thanks for the tip about getting the stains off the dishes. I will try it this weekend. I'm so happy you came by.

  26. Oh blues are so cool... Love anything with rooster designs on. And your porch (is it a porch?) looks really lovely and inviting.

  27. That all looks so pretty together! What a great find! That feedsack is going to look just wonderful when you make it into a pillow!