Monday, June 1, 2009

Busy As A Bee

I am busy as a bee this week! (Click on the picture to see the honey bee)

Working in the studio, playing in a golf tournament today, getting ready for a dinner Friday night where I bring the dessert. Plus the usual laundry, gardening, cooking, cleaning etc.

What are you up to?

Welcome Home,



  1. Hi Penny!
    Slaying the laundry beast, doing household chores and after visiting all the blogs that were part of the porch party, I've been sprucing up our own patio area. My hubbs is taking off Thursday for a golf trip so I'll use that time to do some painting. I've got an old oak set that has been used outside and it's weathering badly. I figure I can sand it and paint it all a creamy white and that will give it a new life for this season :0)

  2. You don't even want to know! LOL!


    Sheila :-)

  3. Being busy here, too...
    I didn't know you played golf..Bill plays but I don't..
    May I say, I LOVE your new are a cute chick, Mizz Penny!!

  4. you are a busy bee, but we knew that by your prolific posts! it all sounds like a nice balance of creativity and activity and of course, around the house stuff.

    today i have been a busy bee, too. working on things for my etsy shop, running to ICKY walmart for mason jars (inspired by amy's recent post), ping-pong at the picnic table with my boys, and now making dinner while laundry spins ...

    boy did i ramble! {thank you}


  5. Laundry just keeps on coming! Seems you take a breath and look around and in that instant something else is just begging to be done.

  6. Two college kids home equals more laundry …

    Friday my granddaughter graduates from preschool.
    My other two grandchildren test for there next lever belt in Tae Kwon Do tomorrow and I have a gymnastics
    performance to go watch …busy grand kids means busy grandmother.

    I hope we hear more about that golf tournament …


  7. Hmm lets see...watering outside garden area and ran into a lizard. Yikes! It was about 5 to 6 inches. It just sat there playing like it didn't know me.:D Took a bunch of zucchini to a senior centor down the street and they were all over it, exercised 45 minutes, sewed a little and right now I'm just made some zucchini with onions, corn, and tomatoes. I do have a lot planned for this month. Have a great month Penny.

  8. Today it was too hot to do much of anything outside. We went out for breakfast, Target and then home to do nothing. I've been catching up with blogs, reading and eating all day. Oh I did mow the backyard at 7:30pm when it was finally decent enough for humans to venture outside! I'm going to watch the BBC version of Robin Hood now.

    Golf - is that how you stay so trim!


  9. Tonight I had a board meeting with a group and we were all saying the same thing ITE aka in this economy. On the work front we are all carrying twice the work we used to handle but still being thankful to have jobs!

  10. Blogging, blogging and blogging. I guess maybe after a while, you eventually get the hang of this blogging business and settle into a groove but as a newbie blogger, I feel like every waking hour (and some that I should be sleeping) is spent blogging. Don't know how you do all that you do and manage 2 blogs. Whew! :)

  11. Hi Penny! I'll be giving the rattan furniture a fresh coat (if it EVER stops raining!) cleaning the basement:>P, doing the daily chores and looking for good garage sales:>)

  12. Playing catch up seems to be my new name these days...but that's what I'm up to!

  13. Wow, you are busy. I'm catching up on all the usual stuff too!

    Enjoy your day,

  14. Hi Penny! What am I up to? Visiting blogs that I have missed so much. I have been busy, busy and busy. Lots going on but I figured it was high time I did some blog hopping. You have a new look and I like it very much. As much as a tennis lover as I am can you believe I did not see one bit of the French Open. I see where you are in a golf tournament. Have fun! xo Lynn